I have a blog, I’m on twitter, I was once on Monty Python, now I’m on steroids, I live in California and my dog is for sale. Only kidding. It’s not my dog. It’s my daughters. She’s not for sale either. I have one son, and a wife of 35 years. Ask Me Anything!

EDIT as of 12:45 PM PST: Thank you very much, I very much enjoyed it. You're very very bright. But I need tea. Perhaps I'll come back soon if you buy Dick sufficiently. my latest project

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jaaski2188 karma

In Secondary School, my class did a version of "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life". We even swore, in front of all the teachers. We lost to a terrible rendition of "Two Little Boys".

My question is: Were we robbed?

ericidle2791 karma

Shit yes

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ericidle1960 karma

My kids

[deleted]1273 karma

No, I am not asking you anything.

ericidle1828 karma

And I am certainly not answering

Frank_Lloyd_Wrong1905 karma

So he's clearly not a false Idle.

ericidle2119 karma

That's Billy Idol

TreyIrby1219 karma

Hey Eric. The "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" tribute at Graham Chapman's funeral always puts a tear to my eye. What inspired using that funeral as a celebration of his life?

ericidle1822 karma

It was his favourite song. Very hard to do without breaking up.

Blobbin13371152 karma

After watching all of the Monty Python movies as a child, I can safely say that you've made childhood a hell of a lot better. I really loved your performance at the Olympics (even more so of the fact that you got away with saying 'shit' to millions of people), and I really appreciate your work. My question is, now that you've been through every possible achievement in movies and entertainment, what are you looking to do in the future?

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aydogdu211125 karma

How was the Pythons' relationship with each other? Was it just business or were you good friends or still are?

ericidle1894 karma

We are Brothers. Sibling rivalry. But close.

[deleted]1062 karma

Just wanted to say thank you.

My dad died in 1994 when I was 14 and one of my enduring memories was sitting with him, when I was probably too young, watching Monty Python with him and him educating me in comedy.

Thanks again

ericidle1662 karma

That is very sweet. I'm sorry. It's a tough thing to lose your Dad then, but nice to have shared happy times with him. I'm sure he'd be very proud of you.

Yooklid900 karma

I just want you to know that I grew up in Ireland, and the Life of Brian was banned there. I got into a lot of trouble with my teachers and my parents for watching it, and the parents of other kids I showed it to.

Worth it.

Edited for clarity.

ericidle1136 karma

Ask yourself why they banned it.

thefragi1e880 karma

I really have no idea what to ask you. You are amazing, so I thank you for everything you've done. Everything.

Also, is your wife for sale?

ericidle1771 karma

No, I'm afraid only for rent.

gingergenes865 karma

What did you think of the Holy Flying Circus mockumentary on BBC 4? Were you offended when they called you a money grabbing bastard, or did you find it quite funny?

ericidle2314 karma

No. I was flattered. I am a Money Grabbing Bastard.

FistyAnn817 karma

You are my Python crush. Will you adopt me?

A very flexible, natural redhead. xo

ericidle1354 karma

I'll check with my wife. If she has no objections I suppose I shall submit.

sprawld777 karma

If you had to eat one historical figure, what flavouring would you use?

ericidle1343 karma

Napoleon. With Brandy.

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ericidle829 karma

Where have you been. Ask Santa

Maragil742 karma

Who do you see as the 'missing python' - which comedian do you think would have been part of Monty Python?

ericidle1997 karma

Graham. Not missing, just late.

jefficator734 karma

Do you get Terry Gilliam's animations? I sure as hell don't.

ericidle2015 karma

He's American

MrBorr686 karma

What's something you enjoy doing that isn't particularly well known? A hobby or such?

ericidle1227 karma

Guitar. Reading

Walter_Burns637 karma

Do you miss doing projects with the rest of the Monty Python gang? Will there ever be a reunion??

ericidle1008 karma

Yes and No

I_Am_The_Walrus_AMA630 karma

How close were you and George Harrison? I've always enjoyed his pirate sketch on your show. :)

ericidle1118 karma

A lovely wonderful friend. Ten years dead this Thanksgiving. Alas and alack

panicjames613 karma

You're the only surviving Python not to be featuring in Chapman's memoir film A Liar's Autobiography. Why?

ericidle1723 karma

Because I'm not dead yet

52Hz_Whale555 karma

Mr. Idle, are you the voice that says "Time to goooo!" in Pink Floyd's Bring the Boys Back Home (from The Wall)? If not, you have an audio doppelganger out there somewhere.

Also, just wanted to say hi and thank you for everything, especially Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

ericidle903 karma

It's possible. I was hanging out with them at the time of The Wall, and actually was in a small Porvencal village watching Roger recod the vocal for Only A Brick in the Wall. Weird huh?

tonysandwich520 karma

Is there anything you miss about living in England?

ericidle1203 karma

The beer

lomoeffect499 karma

What is your greatest achievement?

ericidle1504 karma

Staying married.

blackthorne83473 karma

What is your favorite movie?

ericidle1075 karma

The Producers

RuskyM432 karma

How much fun was being shot out of a cannon?

ericidle897 karma

It was a stunt man

Serplat416 karma

Do people ever call you Bruce?

ericidle1264 karma

I call my wife that

ShiftyJ411 karma

Hey Mister Idle! You're one of my heroes, and therefore you must answer me these questions three:

  • How is Dick Day faring you so far?

  • Do you still communicate a lot with the other Pythons these days?

  • What is your favourite colour?...

ericidle1237 karma

My favourite colour is Michael Palin

QuantumPenguin390 karma

Did you ever hook up with Carol Cleveland on the set of Monty Python?

ericidle847 karma

Are you asking did I screw her? Answer no. I won't speak for others...

sesuadra361 karma

What's the Next Big Thing?

ericidle675 karma

calger14359 karma

Do you now know what the capital of Assyria is?

ericidle830 karma

A swallow?

rushmore23344 karma

Hi Eric. I know that you were one of two pythons who generally worked alone so when you did collaborate with another python who was it usually with?

ericidle589 karma

Occasionally with Cleese

boredlike324 karma

What was it like working on and performing in the Olympic Closing Ceremony?

EDIT: Video.

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adilu317 karma

Would you rather fight one Killer Rabbit or 100 European swallows?

ericidle465 karma

Do I have to punch them on the nose?

LLBee303 karma

Fondest memory with the Pythons?

ericidle898 karma

Who are they again?

dr_fox303 karma

What inspired you to use humor as dry as you did? And did you feel that you needed to keep using that humor to keep the audience happy, or did you keep that style because you enjoyed it so much?

ericidle940 karma

I hate wet humour. You need towels. Remember Python's Battle of Pearl Harbour, real pigshit and freezing....

windowlicker42295 karma

Who inspired you the most in life and why?

ericidle848 karma

George Harrison. because he befriended me when I needed a pal, and encouraged me, and discussed the very basic questions with me.

joinks291 karma

One of my absolute favorite films through grade school, into college, and now in adulthood is the Adventures of Barron Munchausen. Thank you for your outstanding role in such an important movie in my life. I have two questions about it.

  • From what I’ve read the movie didn't fair too well financially, yet critics seemed to love it, as does just about anyone I’ve ever talked to. Why do you think there’s a disparity between the critical reception and the box office? And, despite the numbers, did you/the cast/Gilliam feel good about the final film?
  • I would love if you could share an anecdote or story from the set... but understand if you … can’t remember.

ericidle544 karma

Munchausen the worst experience of my life. I'd rather go back to Boarding School....

PiqMi288 karma

Which other comedian could have been a member of the MP troupe (then and now?)

ericidle745 karma

Dan Aykroyd

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ericidle619 karma

Palin was always the funniest ad libber. Cleese always the funniest sketch writer.

froggie007245 karma

Have you ever had voice lesson? or are you just naturally talented?

ericidle489 karma

Yes I have had voice lessons. For The Mikado and for Not The Messiah

RichardMegara243 karma

So, the Olympics. How much did you want to ACTUALLY be the human cannonball?

ericidle926 karma

I wanted to ACTUALL BE the Spice Girls.

johnnyb84236 karma

How do you feel about today's Australian table wines?

ericidle439 karma

Amazing that I was so snobbish as to write amusingly about such great wines...

Ikimasen233 karma

It's not really a question, and I suppose all of you hear this a lot, but you've always been my favorite Python. I love the quick pace and clever dialogue, as well as the out-and-out weirdness of your sketches. I realize that in British English it can be pejorative, but you are the very picture of "cleverness" to me.

Wait, I do have a question: were you getting laid the most (of the Pythons) when Flying Circus was on the air? You looked the coolest of the bunch.

ericidle713 karma

I had way more ass than any of them...

ctborder218 karma

Loved your interview on The Nerdist Podcast, the whole group was amazing.

What was it like working with that amazing cast on What about Dick?

ericidle570 karma

They were the loveliest and finest and cheapest I have ever worked with

TaffyCrones216 karma

How hard was it to memorize the "Man who speaks only in anagrams" sketch?

Revy chum so?

ericidle472 karma

No Thard

chronox21209 karma

After reading your responses, you seem to be a man of few word. How many words precisely?

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kamitsukenu198 karma

Where has been your most unlikely place to find an Eric Idle fan?

ericidle620 karma

Under my bed.

robbiekomrs193 karma

Hi, Eric! I have this stubborn soy sauce stain on my favorite t-shirt. Any tips on how to get it out? Or should I just buy a new one?

ericidle788 karma

Pour the rest of the bottle of soy sauce over it, and have a brown tee shirt.

lightningusagi188 karma

My 10th grade World History teacher had the class watch The Holy Grail as part of an assignment, and I can say that without question, those were my 3 favorite days of class ever. He opened my eyes to the world of Python, and I haven't looked back since.

I was reading earlier today about a Python project with Benedict Cummerbatch, but it said that you would not be a part of it. Can you tell us why?

ericidle600 karma

Because it is NOT a Python film, it is a Terry Jones film and they are trying to raise money for it by using our name. So what do I do? Ah, I know: punch them on the nose.

the_glitch180 karma

What are your thoughts on beards?

ericidle783 karma

I think if gay men want to go out in States where it is illegal beards are essential.

yetteh175 karma

Out of all the Monty Python gang, you are by far my favorite. The Universe / Galaxy song is my favorite, how long did it take you to learn that song off by heart and do you happen to sing it quite a bit even now a days?

ericidle355 karma

New version for Professor Brian Cox coming out soon on the BBC, or Jim'll Nix It, as it will now be called.

Lethe_Hevn173 karma

If you could define yourself in one sentence, what would it be?

Kind regards from Belgium.

ericidle743 karma

Non Belgian.

Snowbank_Lake168 karma

You've been in lots of crazy stuff-- which scene did you have the most fun acting in?

ericidle337 karma


ebbv165 karma

Eric, thanks for many, many laughs. You've written a lot of great funny songs, some also quite touching ("Always Look on the Bright Side", "Galaxy Song"); I wonder what are some of your favorite comedy songs written by others?


ericidle276 karma

Mad Dogs and Englishmen Noel Coward Don't Put Your Daughter on the Stage

d3d4lu5154 karma

If I were to order an Eric Idle at a bar, what would I get?

ericidle385 karma

An old meatless bubbly drink.

TWBush149 karma

Hey there, Eric! I have a couple questions:

Of all the songs you sang during your years with Monty Python, (Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, Not the Noel Coward Song, etc.) which was your favorite?

And were those really Graham Chapman's ashes at the Aspen reunion?

ericidle352 karma

Yes they were. Biggest laugh he ever had.

travelinaddy149 karma

My dad and I get each other Monty Python and the Holy Grail gifts every year- I love it, and all the others! I'm also going to see Spamalot Saturday, finally!

Question- Are you ever in London, and do you ever do any autograph sessions? I guess that ended up being 2 questions

ericidle264 karma

I'll be in soon to support Spamalot.

tenuousnesss129 karma

How often are you mistaken for Gene Wilder? Love you both in deep, physical way.

ericidle221 karma

Only in Willy Wonka. And oddly in France. He married the very lovely and wonderful Gilda.

TwoPhonesMackabee129 karma

Which of the Flying Circus sketches do you think was the most fun or challenging to film? Love your work by the way.

Also, how many times a day do people come up to you and quote Python?

ericidle374 karma

I have dogs to keep them away. Trouble is they start asking me Python questions.

Purpose2121 karma

You're the reason I got into comedy, thank you so much - you're brilliant :)

When did you first realize you could make a living from making people laugh? How did it feel? Does it still feel the same after so many years?


ericidle615 karma

I like making people laugh. Except my wife. She always laughs at me in bed...

JeetSouter116 karma

Do think there is a supreme being/universe-creator or is it all just happenstance?

ericidle422 karma

I think the existence of Life in the Universe is the most interesting question, which I have been pursuing with Professor Brian Cox. I don't believe at all in the Conjurer theory. The fact that we literally are made out of long dead stars is far more mind boggling.

ledmachine114 karma

Just wanted to start by saying that Monty Python changed the way I look at comedy, and now I have become a cynical, fickle bastard who doesn't laugh at anything.

Funding always seemed to be an issue when making a Monty Python movie, and I know you guys had a lot of people supporting you along the way (Harrison). Who was the person (people) you least expected to support the movies?

ericidle294 karma

The point of comedy is to turn us all in snickering, cynical, fickle bastards.

SannaO109 karma

How much do you love Michael Palin??

ericidle377 karma

Just enough to not embarrass my trousers

DarkMacek102 karma

How did you go about doing the Imagination Ride at Epcot?

ericidle181 karma

They kep asking me for more.

Blind_Baby101 karma

What is your favorite tree?

ericidle353 karma

Larch. No Spruce, shit

kingoftherobots98 karma

So, you went to Cambridge in 1965. Why didn't you become a doctor?

ericidle677 karma

Because I studied English. However I can help with basic gynecological questions.

ltpaine4493 karma

Do you still support Wolves? If so, I'm sorry.

ericidle186 karma

No. Not since 1961

Nelstone85 karma

I bow before thee, sire.

I have a 19 month old son. He laughs in his sleep. Any parenting advice?

ericidle252 karma

Try and teach him to do that after you fart.

dellwho84 karma

What are you reading at the moment?

ericidle179 karma

The new book by Ian McEwan

ozzkozz75 karma

What are your thoughts and feelings on Spamalot? Also, do you still maintain a friendly relationship with the other Python's?

ericidle223 karma

I love Spamalot. I try and maintain friendly relationships with the others despite the effing Daily Mail's attempts to sabotage them

Fixitdoc71 karma

Congrats on "What about Dick" I was honored to be there at the show. Going to Download it now! Question.... When is the sequel?

ericidle302 karma

You mean what about Twat?

TaffyCrones70 karma

What was your favourite alternate title for Python?

Terry Jones' had one which was simply "You Can't Call A Show Corn Flakes". This made me laugh for a few days.

ericidle80 karma

Me too

TonyLeMesmer66 karma


ericidle115 karma

We play(ed) guitars, drink, laugh and sing

Pumpkinpopkin64 karma

If you could give me one piece of advice for surviving the rest of my life, what would it be?

ericidle156 karma

Remember how fortunate you are to be you. Do a bit of Cosmic research into the Galaxy and the Universe. It's so awesome that you soon learn to put yourself in perpective.

RoTTaaX63 karma


ericidle124 karma

Its the country where I quite want to be.

It's Palin to blame. That's right. Mr Nice guy...

yeropinionman52 karma

You have done great work throughout your career, but are most widely recognized (by a large margin) for work from a long time ago (Python). What's it like to have your present greatness living the shadow of your own past greatness?

ericidle154 karma

I am happier and kinder than I have ever been. There are no shadows. Tomorrow I return to the obscurity of being a husband. Just below the dogs.

MonaMonzano43 karma

Always loved the Rutles and you were absolutely hysterical as Dirk McQuickly. Any truth to the rumour that McCartney didn't take too kindly to the film?

ericidle67 karma

No he was kind of generous. Linda loved it.

tethercat36 karma

I watched the new Graham bio last month in 3D. Did it do justice to him and the other Pythons?

ericidle56 karma

Very much so