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Thank you.

Thank you for posting here originally to share your sorrow.

Thank you for fighting through it after receiving positive reinforcement.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for never giving up.

Thank you.

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Of all the shows you've created, what is your favourite scene/moment?

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I watched the new Graham bio last month in 3D. Did it do justice to him and the other Pythons?

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The biggest convergence I foresee happening with the Singularity is an interconnectedness of the world: eliminating international barriers of language with instant translation and access to data; exponential scientific breakthroughs like magnetic-levitation for bullet trains, for international trips in a fraction of time; and a great social harmonizing (for example: my friendstream has my English and Japanese friends on it, which I can translate real-time and reply to the same).

With the Singularity, how possible is a global unison, in your opinion?

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No need to reply. Thank you for making such awesome and memorable music. That's all.