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Hi, Gary! I’ve always enjoyed your work, going as far back as your portrayal of Stu Redman in The Stand. My question is, I have a daughter who’s just a fantastic actor, but she gets very discouraged when she doesn’t get parts she tried out for. How do you stay positive in the face of rejection for parts?

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Hey there, Eric! I have a couple questions:

Of all the songs you sang during your years with Monty Python, (Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, Not the Noel Coward Song, etc.) which was your favorite?

And were those really Graham Chapman's ashes at the Aspen reunion?

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You were one of my favorite parts of Mystery Men. Has there ever been any discussion in dong a sequel?

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Eddie, I've had the luck of seeing you in concert once, in Austin, on the "Stripped" tour. In the front row there were a couple of women who had placards printed up which had some of your old bits on it, as if requesting you to do those bits, and they were holding them up in the way of the people behind them and blocking the view.

I know that's not really a question, but it pissed me off.

Anyway, question: I appreciate that you're always trying to bring new material into your sets so you don't repeat yourself. What was the one joke you had that in one city tested phenomenally, then in the next city totally bombed?