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Eric, thanks for many, many laughs. You've written a lot of great funny songs, some also quite touching ("Always Look on the Bright Side", "Galaxy Song"); I wonder what are some of your favorite comedy songs written by others?


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Tim, I seem to remember that a long time ago before you guys got famous you posted on the Something Awful forums sharing your videos up to that point. Is this correct or am I imagining it? I seem to remember that I didn't get it and probably posted something saying this shit isn't funny. I would like to apologize and say I was completely wrong and I was probably just grumpy that day.

Also I am looking forward to finally watching the Comedy.

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Having David Icke as your first "featured on" citation makes me 100% sure you're a lunatic.

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Thanks for your seasons of Dexter, they were definitely the best (as everyone seems to unanimously agree.)

For some reason I have never really watched Nurse Jackie even though I was always a major fan of Edie Falco on the Sopranos. I'll have to start watching it now.

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Have you reviewed any silent films by having someone describe what's going on to you?