My dad has worked at Nickelodeon for my entire life, and once when I was a kid I happened to be at the studio at the right time and was invited to take part in the theme song for a new show, Spongebob Squarepants. I was about 8 at the time (now 21) and I had no idea what the show was. I thought the concept of a sponge for a main character was ridiculous.

My Dad also directed Hey Arnold and has animated for Family Guy, Rugrats, The Simpsons, Spongebob, and the Fairly Odd Parents. I asked him to do an AMA, still waiting on it! As for me, I have also worked as a movie extra and intern for Nickelodeon, so feel free to ask about that, too.

I don't really have proof, but here is my dad's spongebob wiki page:

And this is me with my dad:

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LittleCucumber327 karma

Favorite spongebob quotes?

"Hey Patrick, what am I?" "Stupid." "No I'm Texas." "What's the difference."


Here is my whole list of my favorite quotes from the notes on my phone!

Spongebob Quotes:

Chocolates! Striped sweater Squidward Torttallini Hey all you people! Krusty Krab pizza Bye squidward! Cereal box - Bran flakes Texas is dumb How may I take your hat, Sir? Handsome squidward Is mayonnaise an instrument? Mr. Krabs, I have an ideaaa Sea-bears Snaps fingers meow NO Move Patrick, I'm claustrophobic! Anchor arms- big, jerk, hairy The power within! Patrick paints mr. krabs' house F is for fire that burns down the city Happy Leif Ericsson day! Hurda durda hurda Oh silly me, I got the diet shampoo

"Great, now I'm late for band class. I tell ya, that instrument salesmen couldn't tell an oboe for an elbow. Ha ha, band humor."

"People talk loud when they want to act smart, right?" CORRECT


"the inner machinations of my mind is an enigma" -- cuts to spilling milk

Squidward: " Don't you have to be stupid somewhere else?" Patrick: " Not until 4"


"Let's use the Orb of Confusion!"

Rev up those fryers, cause I am sure ready for a kra-hey HEY! My leg!L

You lost your name tag?! HIHEEHIHEE

Some guys have all the luck. I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs and every afternoon I break my arms. At night I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.

Think, if you can have anything in the world, what would it be? More time for thinking.

"Hey Patrick, what am I?" "Stupid." "No I'm Texas." "What's the difference."

slap "Spongebob, you gotta ask him a question first." "Oh, yeah. What color is my underwear?" slap

He's just standing there... MENACINGLY!!!!!!!!!

whatthespicy430 karma

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Dormant123215 karma

Why did the newer spongebob episodes stop being funny?

whatthespicy479 karma

Mostly because parents were complaining and Nick had to crack down on the innuendos

magickhours158 karma

I recognized you in the picture with your dad but I couldn't remember where I knew you from... I just realized we go to UCLA together and I'm roommates with a friend of yours! I LOVE REDDIT

whatthespicy40 karma

hahaha which friend? hint?

magickhours11 karma

red hair, initials CR?

whatthespicy13 karma

ah yep, I know her! curly

strawberrybanana21687 karma

Favorite spongebob episode?

whatthespicy241 karma

Hooky! The one where they ride the fish-hooks edit: actually Band Geeks might be my favorite, as a band geek

totesmagotes22555 karma

Since you say you're a band geek, are you a fan of the Phantom Regiment Drum Corps?

whatthespicy55 karma

Unfortunately I never got into drum corps, but I was in the UCLA marching band for a few years!

AllyBeth80 karma

When the show got big did you brag at school about being a voice? Did anyone not believe you?

whatthespicy140 karma

My dad would come into all my elementary school classes and do a presentation about how to draw Hey Arnold, so I was already pretty well known for having cartoon connections. Spongebob didn't really get big until about 2 years after I did the theme song so I almost forgot about it for a while. I didn't put 2 and 2 together until middle school.

gnarlybeluga64 karma

Holy crap. I recognized your Dad's name immediately from "Hey Arnold!"-- that's my all time favorite show!! You both are awesome! I'm also a huge old school Spongebob fan. Tell your Dad thanks for being a large contribution to some of the best shows ever!! On a side note, what's your favorite HA! episode?

whatthespicy78 karma

Haha he has a very distinctive name. Our dog's name is Tucker, too. Go figure.

Favorite Hey Arnold episode: Haunted Train

squishysalmon50 karma

Holy shit. Your dad is Tuck Tucker. That is freaking awesome. Who is the nicest person you've met via Nickelodeon? Biggest disappointment?

whatthespicy77 karma

I've met a lot of celebrities because I used to get to go to the Kids Choice Awards after party! For instance, I've met Snooki:

But the nicest person was probably John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite). He was pitching a show a while back with his identical twin brother (I met them both) and I showed him how I knew the dance from Napoldeon Dynamite. He was impressed :P Can't find the photo right now but I'll try to find it.

gonzoleroy47 karma

Where to start, well...Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

whatthespicy214 karma

My whole family, pretty much. Spongebob is our life.

rajondurant45 karma

How many kids were there? What part did you sing, if not all?

whatthespicy79 karma

We all just sang the whole thing, screamed it more like! I remember doing it a million times because we weren't screaming loud enough!

rajondurant63 karma

Lmao! How many kids were there? Is it weird knowing your voice is my ringtone?

whatthespicy115 karma

About 15. And that's my 8-year-old voice, so yeah a little weird

BoozeoisPig25 karma

Did you do anything for Invader Zim or Avatar The Last Airbender? Those are still my two favorite shows on Nick (no offence). Also, what was the sense of humor of the staff over at the studio? Did any of the voice actors tell any off color raunchy jokes in the voice of show characters, for example? Also, Viacom: Great evil, or The Greatest Evil?

whatthespicy105 karma

I never had anything to do with those shows, but I can vouch for the sense of humor. These guys have dirty minds. Some of the animators would have topless drawings of sandy on their walls, or graphic pictures of patrick's butt, etc.

IOnceSuckedAPigsDick19 karma

Some of the animators would have topless drawings of sandy on their walls

or graphic pictures of patrick's butt

Please tell me you have pictures of this

whatthespicy32 karma

Well here's an example of something my dad drew for my sorority:

2_da_resQ23 karma

Well? Tell your dad to AMA!

P.S. you are pretty.

whatthespicy22 karma

I have told him! He doesn't have much free time. You can ask me questions about him and I'll do my best.

ghostdomo20 karma

Who was your favorite character?

whatthespicy74 karma

Always been a fan of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy! Also Kevin from the "jellyfishing" episode.

EnderCow20 karma

Do you plan on joining forces with nickelodeon in the future?

whatthespicy34 karma

I'm still in college ATM, but I probably won't go into entertainment. Too unreliable.

Epiculous16 karma

Do you still know or talk to any of the kids you sang with?

whatthespicy37 karma

Not really, many were showbiz kids whose parents were trying to push them into acting, I was just a lucky kid that happened to be at the studio that day and got invited to participate.

Porkon16 karma

what do you feel when you hear the episode starting on TV

whatthespicy94 karma

I think it's hilarious. Another fun fact, for some of the halloween specials my dad got to wear silly dentures and play the "mouth" of the pirate

Kongo20413 karma

So there was just you? Have you been a part of any other shows?

whatthespicy36 karma

No, there were about 15 of us. I also did some background voices in Hey Arnold once! It was the "It Girl" episode where Helga becomes a model.

[deleted]9 karma


whatthespicy7 karma

not sure if you stalked my reedit comments or you know me in real life... but yes Bela Lugosi and Haley Joel Osment both live on my street

aiptek78 karma

I'm currently seeking internships, any advice from a Nickelodeon intern?

whatthespicy14 karma

They have a great internship program! Best if you're an artist or interested in animation.

tuckman4967 karma

Your dad's last name is my first name and his first name is my nickname. Seeing his name on the credits of these shows was quite the treat as a child. For this I say thank you, Tuck Tucker.

whatthespicy7 karma

Tucker Tuck? Interesting..

edit: NVM, I read "nickname" as last name! "Tuck" is just a nickname, too. His real name is William but nobody calls him that.

Kongo2047 karma

What is the internship for?

whatthespicy15 karma

Human Resources... not the most exciting thing haha

Kongo20411 karma

At Nickelodeon it could be more exciting as anywhere else. Do they treat their employees very well? As a kids company with very little threatening competition, I have to hope that they are generally a kind, friendly company

whatthespicy16 karma

Oh they are awesome there. The studio is amazing, they go all out with the slime theme! It looks like this: