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Best answer ever.

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When the show got big did you brag at school about being a voice? Did anyone not believe you?

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Is it creepy that I find albinism to be kind of a turn on? (I'm not hitting on you, don't worry. I'm a lesbian!) Have you met other people who feel this way? What have relationships been like for you?

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After volunteering at a few local animal shelters, I've noticed that large percentages of animal abuse and neglect seem to come from the reservations. I mean, LARGE percentages. I don't work with those cases as you need to be specially trained, but have you seen issues like this on reservations? Also, on a cultural level, do you think there's a way to make reservations more comfortable with animal cops checking in on them? My coworkers are not very liked by some of the reservations, although we try very hard to keep animals with their current homes if we can. Most of the time it seems to be poverty and lack of education, not straight up abuse.

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How about Batman's reaction to Nightwing inviting the Teen Titans over for a New Years party. Please let this happen!