I [22f] was born with 2 clitorises! This is very VERY rare and uncommon. There has only been a few reported cases ever. I’m keeping myself anonymous as I am just starting to accept and embrace what I was born with. Ask me anything!

Medical document proof for verification: https://imgur.com/a/jnCPRkM https://imgur.com/a/7TOfzwu

❤️🥺I just wanna say thank you to everyone. I never thought I would feel this accepting about this topic but you all have made me feel so accept and comfortable and it feels so liberating to be open about this. Thank you everyone, I truly mean it. I promise I’ll reply to all of you, just give me sometime! My fingers can only type so fast❤️❤️❤️❤️

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slackmaster6426 karma

Is it... fun?

1girl2cl1ts6939 karma


AnonQuestionMark5385 karma

I dont wanna google image this. But are they like directly next to each other? Above each other?

1girl2cl1ts5818 karma

One above the other!

SignalEducator3621852 karma

Serious question, do they rub against eachother? Does it limit you in any way to have two?

1girl2cl1ts2423 karma

No they do not. Physically it does not, mentally somewhat.

printers_rock625 karma

How close to each other? Do that have separate hoods? Are they both pronounced ends of the same nerve that continues up to the G-Spot or are they separate nerves entirely? Which would lead to a follow up that I believe has already been asked but not answered about a second G-Spot.

1girl2cl1ts1001 karma

They are basically touching. Under the same hood. We haven’t gotten that far in imaging yet. I haven’t found my first g spot so I’m not too sure lol

PoopPhorPrez4192 karma

What’s one benefit and one annoyance of the condition?

1girl2cl1ts8131 karma

One benefit is it’s a really great having 2 orgasms at once. Annoyance is it can be overwhelming sometimes or that it’s kinda embarrassing

Minuted3607 karma

it’s a really great having 2 orgasms at once

Wow. Is it like... double the pleasure, or one after the other or they sort of overlap?

Just the words "two orgasms at once" sound overwhelming lol

1girl2cl1ts4913 karma

That’s the fun thing about it. I never know what ‘rhythms’ I’m going to get. It’s different almost everytime.

The_Dark_DongRises525 karma

Well, it's not like she knows what one clit feels like, to compare it to

1girl2cl1ts1051 karma

Once in a while I’ll have an orgasm without the other orgasming but that’s rare. Or they could be spread apart but only usually by like 5/10 seconds

InterestingUnit0424 karma

Wait you get two at once? I thought that they‘d sort of „combine“ but then again, I‘m no doctor

1girl2cl1ts1159 karma

They can combine. They get be on sync or off sync. One can go off and that will set the other off.

Neutronova343 karma

wait, so both clits work towards separate orgasms? so you can layer them? I don't know why I figured they would both contribute to the same orgasm.

1girl2cl1ts723 karma

It can be different everytime. But usually more of the time they are sync and orgasm at the same time or a couple seconds apart. But sometimes one will start orgasming and that sets the other over the edge to orgasm. Does that make sense? Lol

dutch9494196 karma

Damn that’s so dope. What are the odds of this? Being born with two clits, I mean

1girl2cl1ts532 karma

Honestly less than winning the powerball probably. Me and my doctor have only heard of a 4 cases ever.

Commercial_Koala_9953173 karma

Do you know double dick dude?

1girl2cl1ts2235 karma

I don’t! Should I look him up?

The_Big_Peck_19842543 karma

any weird reactions from romantic partners?

1girl2cl1ts5778 karma

I’ve hid it from most but recently have been open about it. Last guy I was with was so weirdly obsessed about it that I had to break it off

KeberUggles154 karma

how did you 'hide' it? is one below the skin and hard to see?!

1girl2cl1ts315 karma

My hand would be over them rubbing them.

RogueYet12148 karma

Does having 2 make it easier for men to find or twice as hard?

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thebestyoucan2079 karma

Do you have two sets of the internal clitoris anatomy or do they connect to one internal piece? Wasn’t sure how to word this question lol

1girl2cl1ts3120 karma

My doctor is assuming 2 since I can have separate orgasms. We are working on getting to know more but have to wait from my insurance to proceed bc I can’t afford to front thousands in imaging bills 🤦🏼‍♀️

notavegan902627 karma

Considering the rarity, I’m surprised there aren’t doctors out there that would want to study pro bono for research purposes.

1girl2cl1ts1691 karma

I’ve turned down one offer so far. I get very uncomfortable with one doctor looking down there, the first time a room full of doctors were looking traumatized me lol. I’m not comfortable doing much down there rn. So for the time being I just want to find out if my insurance will cover the medically necessary tests!

undervisible1966 karma

Is it visually obvious? Would your partners know if you didn’t tell them?

1girl2cl1ts1690 karma

I think so. Yes they would know.

alfred_deamonreach1654 karma

Wow! Do they both have the same feeling?

1girl2cl1ts2615 karma

The extra one is more sensitive. I believe because it’s smaller

Lovv2728 karma

It's the power clit

1girl2cl1ts1376 karma


KittenPics148 karma

How do you know which one is extra?

1girl2cl1ts414 karma

Bc it is significantly smaller and does not line up with my original anatomy!

alfred_deamonreach14 karma

Any guy that gets to go down on you gets a double dose of sexy!

1girl2cl1ts22 karma


FabricHardener1437 karma

Do you have a favorite?

1girl2cl1ts2311 karma

I love them both equally lol

TophMelonLord964 karma

When did you find out?

1girl2cl1ts1908 karma

Not long after I turned 18. I was too embarrassed to ask my parents about it so I waited until I could see a doctor alone.

Jtwil2191559 karma

Were your parents and previous doctors unaware of it? Is it not visibly obvious? Or your parents just never told you?

1girl2cl1ts1097 karma

The second clitoris is a fraction the size of the normal one. So I can’t imagine how small it was when I was a baby, it might of been hardly recognizable. Plus my parents were the type to brush stuff off. I rarely went to the doctor as a child.

Background_Ad5815837 karma

how has having two clitorises affected your relationship with your body? it sounds like you’re on a journey towards acceptance and self love, I’m happy for you :)

1girl2cl1ts761 karma

I honestly didn’t know anything was wrong with my body till I was around 16. So my relationship with my body has been okay.more so I was just mad for the longest time at my vagina for being different.

1girl2cl1ts315 karma

Thank you ❤️

drysushi752 karma

Have you thought about being a spokesperson for DoubleMint Gum?

1girl2cl1ts524 karma

I wouldn’t mind if they reached out🤷🏼‍♀️😂❤️

sendutooblivion633 karma

How did you first discover it?

1girl2cl1ts1265 karma

I thought it was normal till I was 16 and watched porn and noticed no other girls had what I had.

a_spoonful_of_ipecac476 karma

Individual hoods, or both under the same?

1girl2cl1ts529 karma

Same hood!

AngryWWIIGrandpa421 karma

Have you named them?

1girl2cl1ts533 karma

No! But I’m open to suggestions!😂

Lovv372 karma

That's pretty cool actually.

What does it look like? Over/under or side by side?

1girl2cl1ts357 karma


JollyRancherReminder162 karma

Under the same hood?

1girl2cl1ts144 karma


squirrelchips357 karma

Are any complications to having two clitorises?

Also had no idea the plural of clitoris is clitorises.

EDIT: Apparently the Greeks could find multiple of clitorides before I could. The plurals are clitorises AND clitorides!

1girl2cl1ts343 karma

There’s little known or research but so far nope! If I wanted to have the second removed then there would most likely be complications

FluffyNevyn284 karma

That is so interesting. Other than the increased sensitivity would you say there are any other downsides? Medically or daily?

1girl2cl1ts402 karma

Medically and daily no. But it has affected my self esteem and my ability to be fully comfortable with myself down there.

Elowyn253 karma

I was reading recently about how they mapped out the clitoris, and it's not just the glans in front but a big organ that wraps around. So, do you know if you have 2 glans that are both part of one larger organ, or do you have two totally separate organs, each with their own glans? I'll try and find a source for what I read.

Edit: Ok I can't find a source for the exact article I remember, but the Wikipedia article pretty much covers the idea: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clitoris

1girl2cl1ts190 karma

I don’t want to say forsure so I’m going to request my medical documents and see what they say but I believe it was 2 glans of one larger organ.

Redrainman217 karma

From my wife; what's it like.... walking? From me: what's the plural for of clitoris?

1girl2cl1ts227 karma

Lol! It’s normal. They are above another so normal. And it’s clitorises or clitorides

5socks217 karma

Is that like a mutation thing and can be passed on? Or how does it work

1girl2cl1ts416 karma

Since there’s so little info on this it’s hard to tell. My doctor said just think of it as if I had an extra nipple or toe.

ursois157 karma

Is it easier or harder to get off?

1girl2cl1ts265 karma

Usually easier

Atomsteel80 karma

What is the plural of clitoris? Clitorises? Clitori? Cliterati?

1girl2cl1ts274 karma

Clitorises or clitorides. Everytime I use clitorides tho it makes me feel like a jedi or something lol

MunchkinsOG74 karma

How have partners received this? Do the orgasms differ depending on which is stimulated.

1girl2cl1ts214 karma

Before the last man I was with I use to hid it. (Different positions and stimulating it myself so they wouldn’t touch). The last man I was with got so obsessed over it it started to feel unhealthy so I broke it off. So not good so far🤦🏼‍♀️

myyusernameismeta66 karma

Do you ever accidentally only orgasm from one at a time?

1girl2cl1ts68 karma

It can happen but usually not

iDOlovemyhorse20 karma

Did your parents not notice when you were smaller (e.g. changing diapers etc.?)

1girl2cl1ts41 karma

It’s smaller than my normal size clit so I couldn’t imagine how small it was when I was a baby. It probably would of been hard to tell at a young age. But even if they did my parents were the type to just brush it off. I barely went to the doctor as a kid.

Twoflappylips6 karma

Do you have two G spots?

1girl2cl1ts9 karma

Honestly I’m not sure. I’m gonna be completely honest, I’ve never found it🤷🏼‍♀️

Nixplosion2 karma

If you could, instead, have an extra of some else on your body what would it be?

1girl2cl1ts2 karma

Im not sure! Maybe a toe. I heard those can be removed surgically

SweetPockets512 karma

Is one harder to find then the other?

1girl2cl1ts2 karma

Their right next to each other so I don’t think so. One is about quarter the size of the other tho

Noroii-17 karma

Obvious only fans promo, why is this allowed?

Noroii3 karma

Besides it is clear to see based on her post history that she is desperate to reach out to more people/get more of subs

1girl2cl1ts2 karma

Yes I use my Reddit to promote my only fans. A lot of creators use their reddits to promote their onlyfans. There is ALOT of other subs to promote my OF on. I’m making a conversation about the abnormality I was born with🤷🏼‍♀️