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As someone who deals with depression that can become borderline suicidal I've explicitly told my loved ones to try to hospitalise me if I ever get as bad as I was at my worst. I don't have much faith that I would be, but no doubt they would try.

It's sad. I know so many people who suffer a lot from mental health issues, and I know how little people seem to care. I think partly it's because mental health issues challenge some of our ideas about free will and responsibility, they "muddy the waters" so to speak, and people don't like to think about these things. I can kind of understand that, I get a bit obsessive about it when I'm depressed, and it's really tricky to know where to draw the line, or how to draw it. But even so, we fall way too short in how we treat the mentally ill.

That's not to say things haven't improved. I've heard some real horror stories, and psychiatry famously has a pretty dark past. But we still have a long way to go.

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That's 10 whole bananas though.

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Ah yes, Thomas Szasz, who genuinely believed that mental illness had no corresponding differences/symptoms in the brain. It does, by the way; we have proof now.

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Relax. I don't think OP needs your protection lol.

Also nothing wrong with having a job, don't be a dick.