Apparently I need to add this at the top. the pictures right below this ARE NOT ME. I AM A FEMALE in the pictures that are lower down near the bottom of the description. haha, all I'm saying is this males post inspired me to post my story on Reddit. (only clarifying because people are accusing me of domestic violence and things completely unrelated to the situation).

I got more responses than I anticipated when I commented about my accident in this thread. . Our incidents were so similar I decided to share my story.

My pictures are below. If anyone has questions I would gladly take the time to answer. But I will give some background to the accident first. As little as possible so there is still room for questions :)

In 2008, I got into a fight at a party on May long weekend. I started the fight (I have never denied this nor will I) because I found out my boyfriend at the time was cheating on me with a girl. Being 16 and all I aimed my anger towards the girl. I hit her once, next thing I knew I felt a powerful smash against my nose and then a hot sensation all over my body. I looked down and there was blood pouring out of my throat. That sensation and image will stay with me forever. I later found out that she had told people that night that she planned on bottling me. (I should have clued in since she doesn't drink and was carrying two half empty cooler bottles with her). To anyone saying I deserved what I got (in advance because there are always trolls), I would have deserved to get punched in the face a few time, not my throat slit, being pronounced dead, and everything I went through afterwards. Basically I got 70 stitches, my facial nerves were cut so I was left paralyzed on the left half of my face. I had to quit sports for a year due to the increased possibility of having a stroke. I also got my throat slit by the bottle which nicked my jugular and was the cause of most blood loss. It would have been fatal had the cut gone even 1/2 cm farther or deeper. And I have recently (about a year now) been diagnosed with PTSD. I am attending counselling sessions and I can confirm that if ANYONE is nervous or considering going to a counsellor- DO IT. It DOES help, talking to someone you trust is the best thing to do in any situation.

If you guys have any questions about the situation/questions about PTSD/ my facial paralysis or how to overcome a traumatic event feel free to ask :) This is the first time I have ever opened up about this so openly, but as nerve racking as it is... I know my counsellor will be thrilled, as its taking a step closer to recovery.

Attached below is an album to start to finish. Thanks in advance for taking the time to look through it! If it can help anyone or make a difference, than I am glad to share.

Again this album is me, not the one above- possibly NSFW, as there is blood and an open cut (Gore).

Edit: Ok Guys, I was NOT expecting this to get this much attention- Let me say thank you a million times! I have been replying for 6 hours now and I'm going to take a small break. You have no idea how much every comment means to me, and I will take the time to go through them all and reply. I'm sorry if its not soon but you WILL hear back from me :) (unless its negative then you will hear nothing). Your support and kind words mean the world to me, and I am extremely happy I did this AMA because I can tell it is helping me by sharing my story. I have always been so quiet about it but opening up for the first time to people everywhere really feels great. One more thing- if you take away one thing from this please let it be to never risk being in a fight. it may not seem like anything at the time but you have no idea how quickly your life can change. In a second everything you know can be flipped around because of one bad choice. You never know how someone else will react so it is NOT worth it. Thanks again guys!!

Edit 2: So I didn't take a break the first time, Im still so overwhelmed with how much attention this got. I couldn't leave my computer because I want to reply to everyone! (And I will). But its been almost 9 hours now and my head is starting to hurt from staring at a screen constantly. I am off to bed for the night! If you haven't heard from me tonight, you will soon!

Final edit: I am not claiming- oh boo hoo look at me I'm a victim give me sympathy. I want to make the intentions of this post clear. From this post I am trying to get people aware of two things. 1- fighting is not ok, I want everyone to be aware that one tiny decision can change your life drastically. Next time anyone sees a fight about to start I do hope you remember this. Not even once. (same with drinking and driving!!) 2- counselling does help. Or even talking to someone. I didn't believe it at first and I truly believed I could help myself. My first experience was so bad it scared me off for two years. I found someone I could trust and confide in who offered me help and its changed my perspective so much. So if you're on the fence, I suggest go!!

Again, thanks for everyone who took the time To read this, all of your advice and comments have meant a ton to me! I can tell already this was yet another step towards my recovery and I'm happy I decided to share. I have a few new perspectives and I am grateful for that, I even wore my hair up today. I am going to try embracing both my scar and my smile much more now that I've read so much positive and meaningful feedback :)

I thank you all!!

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aaronaqua11117 karma

No questions, I just want to say you're gorgeous.

chandelmetcalf503 karma

Thanks very much! That means a lot to me :)

WingedDefeat315 karma

One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen was a burn victim I met at a festival. Apparently she pulled a pot of boiling water on herself when she was about 3 and the entire left side of her body was covered with pretty dramatic scarring. However, this scarring didn't detract from her beauty, it intensified and brought attention to how lovely the rest of her face is. I know this sounds pretty odd, but a lot of other people I met that day kept asking if I had seen the "beautiful girl with the awesome scars."

I don't think it matters much whether or not you have physical scars, it's how you wear them.

chandelmetcalf178 karma

What an inspiring story, that made me very happy to read. obviously not the fact that she burned herself, but that people can truly see past scars and appreciate someone for being themselves and not judge them solely on something that has happened to them. thank you for your comment!

Stinkfingers78 karma

aaron was right, you are beautiful.

chandelmetcalf66 karma

Thank you!

goneshocking84 karma

I'm not sure if you will appreciate a bunch of anonymous people telling you this but i second this - you are gorgeous.

Do you try and hide the story/scarring when you met new people or do you feel obliged to get the story off your chest as quickly as possible?

chandelmetcalf136 karma

Honestly it means a lot to me that people will take the time out of their day to make a stranger feel better. So thanks a lot! The first three years after I would NEVER wear my hair up. This was mainly because I did once and a stranger came up to me and said "OH MY GOD, you have a HUGE scar on your face!!!" I was absolutely shocked and upset someone would bring it up while I was working. Lately though I'm less shy to wear my hair up and I'm happy about that! I've made a lot of progress within the last year about not being as insecure. As for telling people, I don't ever bring it up unless they notice and ask. Or if I see a girl upset wanting to fight someone because they found out their boyfriend had cheated. Then I get all emotional and tell them it's absolutely not worth it! I'll tell my story and they always end up thanking me. I've surprisingly talked a few people out of fighting. One decision in life to fight is not worth your complete life being turned around!!

goneshocking36 karma

Always been a lover not a fighter - your story will stay with me and reinforce my that belief - thanks for taking the time to post it.

chandelmetcalf33 karma

words to live by!! Im glad you have that mind set. that is mine completely!

DAVENP0RT32 karma

"OH MY GOD, you have a HUGE scar on your face!!!"

First I would...

Then I would...

chandelmetcalf3 karma

hahaha, I wanted to believe me! I was working at the time though so I just had to suck it up and smile.

wee102030 karma

The scars look awesome, IMO. I wouldn't try to hide them.

chandelmetcalf29 karma

thank you! I am hiding it less and less

AndyRooney26 karma

Believe me, the older you get those scars will actually be considered more and more attractive. You got lucky (in only this sense) that it didn't permanently deform a part of your face.

chandelmetcalf69 karma

Yes, I am very lucky that they have such amazing advances in technology today! and such amazing doctors!

sallythreedicks438 karma

What happened to the girl as far as legal matters go?

chandelmetcalf646 karma

Originally she was charged with aggravated assault causing disfigurement (which is one step below attempted murder). Since she was underage and this was her first offence she ended up getting charged with assault. Which occurs when you hit someone. I was pretty choked, and still am. For what I went through she walked away with a slap on the wrist. She also had 20 months probation (from drinking/being around alcohol/weapons) and I had a 20 month restraining order on her. She didn't follow either considering if I saw her she would tend to not leave- I would because I couldn't handle seeing her. Thanks for your question!

laserbeanz677 karma

THIS PISSES ME OFF. What a stupid little cunt.

chandelmetcalf333 karma

I've been upset the last few years of my life too!

crazy4finalfantasy305 karma

For what it's worth, you look very pretty. And i mean that in a totally none-stalkerish way.

chandelmetcalf143 karma

thank you!

TheAvoh484 karma

I'm saying it in a stalkerish way.

chandelmetcalf146 karma


mattoly198 karma

Dude, if you have a restraining order against someone and they don't leave, you call the cops. That's what they're for.

chandelmetcalf240 karma

I did, cops one time said they couldn't do anything. and another time she got arrested!

Idunidas135 karma

Throw the book at her, every time she comes near you. From what I understand most places if she breaks the restraining order repeatedly she gets a new charge on top of it.

chandelmetcalf106 karma

she should have but the cops let her go even after they arrested her :(

163799 karma

I'd totally put a batman suit on and then a driver jacket on top of that and stomp her face in for you

chandelmetcalf36 karma


brainzzzguhgh24 karma

Where are you from? I ask because I know someone who has a restraining order against her father. She noticed one day that he was following her while she was driving home so she pulled into a parking lot to call the cops. They immediately came to arrest him, but he had already driven off. I just can't imagine the police saying they can't do anything when someone violates a restraining order.

chandelmetcalf33 karma

Canada! I guess it wasn't taken as seriously because it was a big event (I have no idea why not) I ended up leaving anyways. Did cause me to break down for the next few days though. Im glad that the cops took your restraining order so serious. Its good to know some care!!

SilasX168 karma

You mentioned that she had been planning this long in advance, and had told others. Did they take into account her (extreme) pre-meditation?

chandelmetcalf190 karma

Not long in advance, she told people the night of the party that if anything happened tonight she was definitely going to bottle me. The people who she told unfortunately were closer to her and would not testify. They did however have to prove 50% that is was her who did it, and at least 1% that it was premeditated, the first 50% was easy, the last 50% was proven through court.

thanks for commenting :)

Shady_Love136 karma

Did she at least show any remorse?

chandelmetcalf375 karma

No none, and that is what upset me the most. I heard she laughed about it afterwards which makes me feel sick :(

ErisianRationalist167 karma

Given what you said about your jugular she could have been up for murder. You'd think someone might have tried a little harder to convey that message... Still congrats on your progress.

chandelmetcalf205 karma

The crown didn't take a lot of the information I gave her.. It was disappointing.

MrConfucius46 karma

If it helps you... get... a badass scar? I don't know.

Just tryin' to cheer ya up.

I hope you know you have strong condolences of a lot of people here (myself included).

And that I now have a strong urge to apprehend any motherfuckers who'll fight like that.

chandelmetcalf55 karma

thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot, seeing all these comments really does help me. Im glad I did this IAmA

Bukowskikake80 karma

Not trying to be a dick, because obviously you didn't (and no one does) deserve what happened to you; it was really really fucked up.

With that being said, another consideration for the court (I'm assuming it was a bench trial rather than a jury trial, if it even went to trial; IE if she got diversion, that's essentially a plea, and it would not have gone to an actual trial) is that YOU started the altercation.

If this girl had hit you unprovoked she would have likely gotten MUCH MUCH MUCH more fucked. So... in essence, that sucks

chandelmetcalf66 karma

yes it is unfortunate how it went down, She did get a plea bargain..

Bukowskikake57 karma

It's unfortunate that you were injured. That should never have happened. It's not unfortunate that she only got assault charges.

Again, not that you deserved it, but it would have been a failure of the legal system to follow through with an aggravated assault charge.

You started the fight, and she bottled you; still assault, but you were undoubtedly a decisive factor in creating the situation.

She was 16; as much as people here want to say, "charge her as an adult and charge the most serious offense!" That's just not how our legal system works, and it shouldn't be.

Glad you're doing better! I would wager that with continuing therapy, in a couple years you will be able to consider this entirely behind you.

chandelmetcalf66 karma

I do agree with you she was underage and it was her first offence- plus me starting it just adds to her defence. I do still believe she was let off quite easily. especially considering she did not even follow the probation/restraining order rules.

Team_Coco_1330 karma

I kinda agree with this guy. She had been planning on it, but you making the first move allows for her to claim self-defense, really. I know that you weren't exactly thinkin clearly, so I won't harp on you, but had she thrown the first punch, she would have been fucked.

chandelmetcalf31 karma

yes if she has started it it would have been a lot worse for her.

DoctorCongo31 karma

so no civil suit?

chandelmetcalf67 karma

It is kind of in the process right now. I can go ahead but only if i decide its worth it. Sorry, thats something i can't elaborate on as much since its not finished in court :(

bouncing_bear8927 karma

That's so surprising since it seems like it was premeditated that she would bottle you. I'm sorry that you got screwed over like that. I'm very surprised and sorry you had to suffer through that.

chandelmetcalf30 karma

I know, legal system is completely messed up though!! I lost all faith in it. which is very sad..

Topbong214 karma

Clearly you are concerned about your appearance, but remember this:

Everyone has something that they dislike about their appearance. Everyone.

For one person, it will be their acne. For another, their big nose. For you, it happens to be your scar.

You still have physical issues with it, and I'm sure they will get better with time, but from the point of view of appearances, you can just remember that this is your "thing", and you're still beautiful.

chandelmetcalf110 karma

Thank you so much, I've never really viewed it that way- and having new views is always awesome for me. I try to stay positive and move forward, and I think having that outlook on my scar will help! I appreciate you taking the time to type something so kind out/meaningful, it means a lot to me.

Virsaviya69 karma

I bet some time in your future, someone will love that scar on your face as it makes you - you. And ever time they see it, or someone with a similar scar, it will remind them of you and how much they love you. My sister has a scar on her face and every time I see a similar one on someone, I'm reminded of her and it makes me smile.

Own it! Don't try and hide it any more.

Oh, and thanks for sharing your story!

chandelmetcalf40 karma

Thanks a lot, I will try and keep that in mind, I am truly getting so many insightful ways of looking at this. Its refreshing to hear there is positive outlooks on scars and how people really can embrace them :)

Apoapsis_112 karma

To quote one Tyrion Lannister: "never forget who you are for surely the world will not. make it your strength and it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you."

chandelmetcalf30 karma

Great quote, thank you for sharing! It hits close to my heart for sure. I am trying to make it turn me into a stronger better person :)

curvy_lady_9234 karma

Just so you know, I think it gives you character. Because you're a badass for surviving that shit.

chandelmetcalf18 karma

Thank you very much!

systemlord151 karma

Girl, you look fine. Dayum.

Either way.. can you touch a little on the facial paralysis aspect of things? Is half your face just relaxed or the opposite? Can you blink? Do you smile with half your mouth?? Do you have tactile sensation in that area?

As far as the scar.. nobody who matters would ever care. My wife got a chunk of skin/meat cut out of her arm due to a potentially unhappy mole, and now she's got a 5 inch thick scar around her elbow going up. She used to be really self-conscious about it, until I drilled it in her head that she's beautiful and I love her just the same. One time, at a party, one of those people with little common sense brought it up and made a big deal about it loud enough for all to hear, only for me to jump in and come up with an elaborate, insane, half plausible, wtf story that explained it. She really got a kick out it, so now, every time anybody brings it/points it out, I make up some awesome BS story about it.

So far, I have attributed her scar to:

  • Defending me from two crazy, murderous knife wielding bitches at a bus stop
  • Trapping an adult jaguar with her bare hands that had escaped from the zoo during one of our vacations to central America
  • Pulling orphaned children from a burning building
  • Her meeting Madonna backstage at a concert, and being so impressed with my wife's beauty, she paid her an insane amount of money to donate a skin graft for her vaginoplasty.
  • NASA needed the perfect human DNA sample to load up on a probe, alongside other samples from earth to send out into space in hopes that an alien civilization would find it.

You get the point. *

chandelmetcalf109 karma

The facial Paralysis is actually quite interesting. When it happened, my low eye lid, nostril, and upper lip were incapable of moving at all. So I would wake up with my left eye completely crusted shut. It was so disturbing and an instant reminder from the second I woke up as to what I was going through. I also could not feel my face at all, I would run my fingers across my cheek and feel nothing. very odd sensation on the fingers.

As of now I have about 95% feeling back, my upper lip does not lift all the way though and that is why for the most part I do not smile during pictures, although most people say it isn't obvious at all I tend to notice it a ton. The doctors went into my face and reconnected the branches of nerves that were cut, this process to fully heal took about a year and half to two years. When I say fully heal I mean getting about 90% of the movement in my face back, which is amazing considering I had none.

As for those stories- brilliant. I will have to make some up about myself!! Too funny. I'm glad to hear there is people who accept scars and make you feel comfortable with them! You are an amazing husband!

Thanks for taking the time to reply and ask a question :)

Nubicus_Maximus17 karma

In regards to your smile, I think you should flaunt it. Own it. Make it your smile. I have an older sister who has a "messed up smile" (i.e. her bottom lip does not move on her right side). Being the good brother I am, I teased her about it. She was insecure about it when we were younger, but she came to the realization that to get me to stop teasing her was to just do it anyways and ignore me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that from what I can tell, you are very pretty and you should flaunt your smile... make it yours... =)

chandelmetcalf38 karma

Thank you for your comment! I try harder everyday to embrace my smile as well as my scar, I am fully confident that one day i will own it like your sister and have my confidence al the way back. Wow i've never said that before- i seriously think making the thread is helping me move forward.

Shoobedowop17 karma

I bet your smile is just fine! I hope one day soon you can heal enough to smile and be proud of how far you've come and not worry about what other people may or may not notice. I'd wager no one would even notice if you had smiled in a picture if you hadn't already mentioned it. You're a pretty girl.

chandelmetcalf17 karma

That is definitely something i strive for. I want to overcome this completely and move forward with my life, embrace it and make the best out of it. No one does really notice it, its more so just me. Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

Mackinstyle114 karma

Why do girls blame girls for cheating? Is this one of those primitive things humans have?

chandelmetcalf165 karma

Its retarded. Clearly the guy is to blame. I was 16 and dumb. head over heels "in love" in my eyes he could do no wrong. Boy was I blind.

Mackinstyle67 karma

Ah teenagers. We were all so irrational but so confident in our adult behaviour and false rationality. =)

chandelmetcalf61 karma

Yup pretty much dead on. One bad choice can change you life in an instant.

ThisIsFlight104 karma

To anyone saying I deserved what I got (in advance because there are always trolls), I would have deserved to get punched in the face a few time, not my throat slit, being pronounced dead, and everything I went through afterwards.

I hate to be that guy, but I have to speak up here. You and everyone else need to understand something about being in a fight - there is no fairness. If you make the conscious decision to attack someone, you had best be ready for whatever comes back because it could be anything from a punch to a bullet. I am a 22 year old male at 5'6 and 125-135lbs. Im a small person and luckily very mild mannered - its kept me out of fights and Im happy to say I've never had a real physical altercation with another person. That being said, I've taken my fair share of martial arts and self-defence classes because I know its matter of time and should I find myself in a fight I dont plan on being "fair" about it because my goal is to survive the encounter.

One message my instructors always gave was "If you plan to start a fight with someone, accept the fact that you could be attacking someone like me. Think about what that means for you." So while it can be argued that what you received was excessive, you've nothing to stand on while proclaiming you "didn't deserve" what came back at you.

Im happy you are okay and you recovered so well, but please keep in mind what it means to attack another person. You're a good looking person don't risk losing that again.


chandelmetcalf69 karma

16, young, dumb and "in love" never again. I learnt so much from that night and I've stopped multiple fights from occurring now.

pazzizlepants97 karma

What the fuck is bottling?

chandelmetcalf68 karma

Where someone hits you with an empty glass beer bottle in the attempt to cut/damage or inflict harm I guess.. Hope that clears it up a bit!

idealisticcynicist61 karma

Wow, crazy how a glass bottle could so much damage. So how did this effect your schooling? Did your family decide to move after this incident? How much were medical costs?

Stray strong and be safe.

chandelmetcalf128 karma

It is very scary how much damage one bottle can do.. My schooling afterwards in high school was affected negatively. But I still made it into University, and now my grades are very well. From this incident I really realized that she took away my looks and self confidence (for the time being) but she did not take away my brain/the chance to become the person I want to become. With that being said Ive tried very hard in school and never let it affect my grades come University. My parents still live in the small town. We had a ton of support from the community, that being said there was also some negative rude people. But thats always expected. My PTSD is the most severe when I go home, so its hard but I still go back to see my parents because I know how much they appreciate it. I have been doing a lot better from my counselling sessions, and have made good progress. I am so thankful I am starting to move forward. As for medical costs- I live in Canada so it was all free (Thank goodness). I love our health care system! All it cost us was traveling expenses to the cities for surgery, Food bills for the day, and our wages from work lost by taking the day off. She was forced to pay 1500$ back to me and my family (Half of what we calculated the costs to be) over the course of a year and a half.

Edit- Spelling

SparroHawc90 karma

Jeez. In the USA, half of the medical costs for something like that would cause just about anyone to go bankrupt.

chandelmetcalf116 karma

absolutely it would. I am very grateful for Canadas health care system!

jenryanrj54 karma

I really respect you for going through what you have and being able to talk so openly about it on here with thousands of strangers. One question, have you ever heard if the girl feels bad or remorseful? What about your ex-boyfriend? Just curious, you never have to answer anything you don't want to :)

chandelmetcalf104 karma

The one thing that I think has affected me the most of this situation is how little remorse she showed. I didn't get an apology, or anything. Thats one thing that really really bothers me. All I've heard is her laughing about it to people saying how awesome it was :( Which makes me feel sick. I guess you can't always trust what people say, but not hearing a sorry from her personally kind of reinforces the idea that she isn't sorry. As for my ex, I have no idea.. I'm sure he's on the same page as her still and thinks its funny/awesome. Wouldn't surprise me.
Thanks for asking questions!!

jenryanrj43 karma

Wow, I'm really sorry to hear that :( It's amazing how desensitized people are these days, it's a sad world sometimes. Well that just shows you that it's a good thing it didn't work out with such a jerk because he didn't deserve somebody as beautiful and dedicated to life as you. And the girl...well she can just screw off ;)

chandelmetcalf41 karma

I agree completely, it scares me to think had this not happened I might still be with him. I like to think I would be smarter than that but you never know!! I am thrilled it ended between us, took awhile to realize he was the worst choice of my life!

rumo_itaki43 karma

Sounds as if she's really a psychopath. After all she almost killed you! Gives me chilly feeling we might hear about here again, sooner or later..

chandelmetcalf29 karma

Lets hope not! I never want anyone to deal with that. But at the same time.. there is so many crazy people out there. Its bound to happen.

supermepsipax50 karma

I'm an engineer in the navy and everyday at work I worry about facial/bodily trauma. I deal with rotating machinery, explosive/flammable liquids, oily decks, steam, high pressure air, unsure footing and a ship that's always rocking and rolling. I know lots of people who have been injured in my trade and I'm always wondering when my day will come, so it's nice to see how nicely you've recovered from your injuries. Have an awesome day and keep being beautiful.

chandelmetcalf39 karma

I hope your day never comes! Please be careful, your job sounds dangerous! And if something does happen, know that your family/friends are the best support system you could have. Thank you for replying to my post! I appreciate it. Be safe!!

chandelmetcalf11 karma

No but I will definitely check it out! A few people have mentioned her now. Thanks for posting a link!!

D_Ahmad22 karma

Can you please explain how she cut you? I've never heard of bottling before but, reading this thread I assumed it meant shanking someone with a broken bottle. However when I saw your pictures it looked like it went much further than that.

I mean was it all in one slashing motion or did she stab you multiple times?

PS you look great :)

chandelmetcalf33 karma

What happened was she came with one swing and broke the bottle over my nose, then with an opposite slashing motion she slit my throat and the scar cutting by my ear. hope that kind of clears up the confusion :)

_Civ_25 karma

You know, I get the bottling in defence of being attacked (though not if premeditated,) but coming back at your neck with a jagged piece of glass is a completely disproportionate response to getting punched in the face. She should have been charged with attempted murder.

I dated a girl with some pretty serious scaring from an unlucky incident in her childhood, and she was always very self-conscious of them and took great pains to hide them, but I honestly don't think anyone of our friends even thought about it or cared (or would have, for those that never knew). If someone really wants to judge you based on a scar, then your built-in loser detector just saved you from wasting your time on that person.

chandelmetcalf8 karma

I agree, and if she thought it was out of no where or something. People tend to over think their imperfections more than anyone else. that is what i have definitely noticed!

D_Ahmad11 karma

Wow, that's brutal. I mean a blunt object to the nose alone could kill a person.

I'm sorry that had to go trough that. I've had similar experiences with violent crime but, I was never injured this bad :/

chandelmetcalf12 karma

Any injury is still serious! I am very glad to hear you're ok ( I hope you are!!)

MisterWonka8 karma

I guess what I'm not understanding here is that she was clearly trying TO MURDER YOU. If you try to slash someone's throat with broken glass, YOU ARE TRYING TO KILL THEM. This isn't the same as throwing a few drunken punches. How on earth is she not in jail? Am I missing something?

chandelmetcalf3 karma

you're missing the same thing i am! I will never understand..

SFischer412119 karma

Definitely was thinking you were stuffed into a bottle at age 16...I was honestly trying to figure out how they managed that. Glad you are okay now! know...NOT in a bottle >_>

chandelmetcalf3 karma

lol that made me laugh. thank you.

TheChosenOnee12 karma

And that's why you should never start a fight but try to avoid them things can get very bad.

chandelmetcalf13 karma

I agree whole-heartily

thewaybaseballgo6 karma

When was the last time you saw your assailant?

chandelmetcalf14 karma

Honestly probably not for over two years aside from seeing her driving. A big part of my PTSD was whenever I came home (I moved away for university) I would have such bad anxiety that I wouldn't leave my house. It was a lot worse the last year to the point that going inside the grocery store wasn't even an option out if fear of seeing her/people in general. I'm overcoming this now and working on going out. Last time I saw her face to face was at our small town rodeo two years ago. I had an emotional breakdown and left. I haven't gone back to rodeo since because I want to avoid seeing her.