Hey, Neil Grayston here. I'm an actor most known for playing Douglas Fargo on Syfy's Eureka, but I've done other stuff too, like this stuff: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1156977/

My twitter's https://twitter.com/neilgrayston


EDIT: Alright, so I've got a late dinner to get to, but I'll keep on answering stuff over the weekend when i can squeeze it in. So thanks everyone for coming out! I had a blast!

props one leg up on table

does super air guitar smoosh

transitions into fist pump

swooshes cape

smoke bomb explodes


...for now

EDIT 2: I'm hacking away at some more questions right now, so I might have answered you.

EDIT 3: Donseki for nowski. Also, for those that downvoted because they thought this was the (super duper awesome real scientist) Neil DeGrasse Tyson doing an AMA, come on... is it that hard to properly recognize the difference between two names and three? Really?

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iwantauniqueusername264 karma

You started off as what my wife and I thought was a pretty annoying character but became more awesome as the show progressed. What did you think about the evolution of Fargo?

neilgrayston338 karma

I was super excited at the way the writers shaped Fargo over the course of the seasons. I was getting a little tired of Fargo basically doing criminally dangerous things that put the town in peril week after week, so it was nice to transition away from that and ground him as more of a human, rather than a plot device.

The_Real_Anthony143 karma

Thanks for doing this, Neil. Question: How did you end up providing the voice for SARAH?

neilgrayston265 karma

In the script, Carter has a line when S.A.R.A.H. first speaks, he says "Fargo, is that you talking like a girl?" to which Fargo replies "No". It took that as "yes", and in the table read, I just jumped in and started talking like a girl robot. Then they let me do it on the show.

Pryach106 karma

Is that you're unaltered voice(other than you manipulating it), or does it go through some kind of mixing?

neilgrayston285 karma

Just me talking like a girl. Maybe they put a bit of an echo on it or somethng, but really, that's just me.

Coke_Connoisseur140 karma

Hi Neil! I have to say I loved your work in Eureka. You were one of my favorite characters! Now that Eureka is over, what are you up to next? Any plans for a visit back to America's smartest town?

neilgrayston220 karma

Thanks! I've got a few things coming up. I did a syfy original movie with Greg Grunberg, Brad Dourif, and my buddy Mark Hildreth called "End of the World" that should air at some point on Syfy. I just did an episode of Psych. I did some stuff on a webseries called True Heroines that should be around soonish.

I'm also a part of a new project called RedShift that in the early stages right now, but will film in the new year. It's a pretty awesome sci-fi genre thing that I'd love to release details of, but I''ve gotta be mum on that for now.

I also did another thing that I don't think I can talk about yet. Oooh the mystery!

n1ffuM91 karma

Hi Neil. I'm a huge fan of both Eureka and Warehouse 13, and really enjoyed the crossovers between both you and Allison Scagliotti as well as the accompanying story-lines. Here are my questions:

  1. Bad stuff seemed to go down in Eureka every week. What item, trinket, thing, etc. in the town would you most suspect to be an artifact causing all the craziness in Eureka?
  2. Had Claudia made a reappearance on Eureka towards the end of the show and seen you with Holly, who do you think would have been the more jealous of the two girls; Holly or Claudia, and why?
  3. In the series finale, Fargo took a few shots at the "D.O.D" for the way they handled the closing of Eureka. Who's clever idea was it to ridicule SyF... uh, I mean the "D.O.D." and did anyone catch any flak for that after it aired?

Thank for doing this AMA!

neilgrayston102 karma

Hey there! So 1. The artifact was probably an artifact. ;) Remember that thing from the first couple seasons? 2. I think all the dudes around would be jealous of Fargo having two super hot smart ladies vying for his affection! 3. I think that was Jaime Paglia's (co-creator, co-showrunner, executive producer, etc.) idea, and Syfy, err, ahem, the D.O.D. are super cool people, so no flak.

SeeHowThisLooks48 karma

Oh man. I seriously want a Warehouse 13 episode where Claudia and Holly cat fight over Fargo. Please and Thank you.

neilgrayston123 karma

I betcha there's some fanfic of that somewhere out there...

edify82 karma

Hey Neil thanks for the AMA. What can you tell us about your audition for Eureka?

neilgrayston137 karma

There were a variety of different "types" in the waiting room auditioning for Fargo, so they were casting a really wide net. When I finally got in the room to audition, I realized I'd met the director of the pilot, Peter O'Fallon, while doing Wonderfalls. We reminisced about the time I ate all his ox tongue at a Korean barbecue, (because ox tongue is delicious) and then spent about twenty minutes doing the scenes a bunch of different ways. Sample directions: "Do it like you're high", "Be more nervous", "Snooty, but mischievous" Stuff like that.

Then I guess the next day I heard I got the part!

Clang50 karma

Since you mention it, I just wanted to say congratulations on being part of Wonderfalls - it's still one of my favourite shows, and it took me a few seasons of Eureka to realise that Fargo was the Mouthbreather! Loved your work in both.

neilgrayston52 karma


MajorGeek6981 karma

Hey Neil!! Just wondering did you manage to keep anything from the Eureka set?

neilgrayston153 karma

I have some clothes, and a mug. And a bobble head. I totally forgot to grab the Fargo etched glass desk lamp thing though.

MajorGeek6971 karma

I myself managed to get a Sheriff Andy shirt & a Global Dynamics hard hat!!

neilgrayston87 karma

Oooh! Fancy!

grumpel67 karma

Hi Neil, thanks for doing this here! What was the craziest thing you have ever come up with that Fargo could have gotten himself into? Yes, feel free to freestyle your answer.

neilgrayston160 karma

I always joked that we'd totally have jumped the shark if Fargo ever went to ninja school, but I secretly really wanted Fargo to go to ninja school.

c0ldfyr361 karma

I like how this is the only trivia IMDb has listed for you:

Has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

neilgrayston104 karma

It's true, although I haven't trained since, like, '97.

justplainmeg61 karma

Hi Mr. Grayston!

What was the hardest part of wrapping up Eureka?

neilgrayston149 karma

Basically, every time someone did their last scene, you'd hear "That's a series wrap on insert name here" throughout the night. The worst though, was when they finished filming on a certain set, and they'd announce the series wrap on that specific set, then start dismantling it immediately. I think the Sheriff's station was completely torn down before we fully finished filming. Also, seeing video of Global Dynamics getting torn down with a backhoe was pretty "Oh, yeah, we're done".

defguysezhuh50 karma

Hi Neil, huge fan over here! I have a couple of questions:

1) Any favorite moments that stand out in particular in your acting career? Any particular favorite moments on the Eureka set, specifically?

2) I was always Team Fargo, though I thought Wil Wheaton did a great job playing Parrish! I always crack up when I see the banter between you two on Twitter. Any hopes/plans for future roles where you two team up again?

3) What do you like to do for fun when you're not acting?

neilgrayston91 karma

Hey, thanks for watching! 1) I think those are sprinkled in other comments throughout this AMA, so you'll probably find your answers there! 2. Wil is straight up just super rad, and I would love to work with him again. I would do so at the drop of a hat. So commence hat dropping people. (That's how it works, right?) 3. I enjoy a variety of things. Lazing about in pools, watching TV and movies, getting mad at electronics, roller coasters, and primarily, eating weird things.

[deleted]41 karma

You got to kiss Alison Scagliotti, you lucky bastard

neilgrayston67 karma

Indeedley doodley I diddely.

QuestionOfImportance40 karma

Do you like pancakes?

neilgrayston100 karma

They're alright. More of a bacon guy.

aroymart47 karma

You are truly a redditor. How many cats do you own?

neilgrayston137 karma

One, and she's rad.

Also, she was born without a tail, so she looks like a fluffy little bear when she runs around.

aroymart40 karma

hello! I've never been so early to an iama, so I have quite a few questions.

first of all, you did an amazing job as fargo on eureka. your character really helped make it an amazing show.

anyway, on to the questions:

  • How did you like the show?
  • Who's your favorite actor to work with?
  • What's your favorite moment from the show?
  • Eureka was part comedy, part sci fi; which do you prefer working in?
  • Did you understand half of what they were saying through out the show?
  • Are you in anything else that you would like to promote?
  • Favorite color?

Also, I really liked the show, I'm sad that it ended, but very glad it ended on a great season.

neilgrayston126 karma

I'd liked the show muchly. Super fun people, super fun stories, super fun character. What more could a guy ask for?

My favorite actor to work with was Flash, because he was cuddly and slept in my lap. (Flash played my dog).

Too many to mention, but one that stands out right now is on a blooper reel. Niall, who plays Zane, and I got really hyper for some reason, when we were just in the background of a scene. We literally could not stop giggling, and I still don't know why. That happened a lot with the two of us.

I prefer comedy, but I still like sci-fi.

I would say I truly understood maybe 5% of the science, like truly understood. As far as having a gentle grasp on it, maybe move that up to 10%.

My favorite color is black, which I guess is a shade, which means maybe I didn't answer the question correctly, which makes me a rebel. A real deal rebel, baby.

Gabenisafatasshole37 karma

You have only a mini stick as a weapon, would you rather fight a chupacabra or a yeti?

neilgrayston107 karma

Chupacabra. I ain't no goat, so why would it wanna bite me?

satorirotas35 karma

Don't really have a question. We used to frequent the same music message board back in the day, and I remember talking to you when you were just starting out.

I just wanted to say congratulations on your career and the success you've had. :D

Also, wasn't the "With Teeth" listening party kinda lame? I thought it was lame.

neilgrayston46 karma

Hey satori! Thanks, I just saw that you tweeted at me!

That party was kinda lame. No cell phones? Come on.

Me and my gal played cribbage the whole time, so it was kinda cool.

Pinkieshy476635 karma

Maaay get downvoted to hell... but I just have to say...

I think you're amazing. Fargo made me want to become a scientist. I now study physics. No real questions, just... you're awesome.

neilgrayston38 karma

That is awesome. Pure, super awesome.

alien00529 karma

Hi Neil, big fan of all your shows. I always wondered if someone who takes so many rolls in sci fi shows develops their own ideas on what would work, what wouldn’t, or even just sci fi stuff in general. After so many years in the genre, is there anything that you often find yourself thinking about, debating in your head, or just some idea in general that always peeks your interest?

Also, there used to be a cartoon called Mission Hill. Always thought Fargo was based off the little brother. Ever been exposed to the show?


neilgrayston54 karma

I suppose my many roles in sci-fi is generally more related to geography than anything. I'm from Vancouver, and a lot of sci-fi stuff filmed there, so that's what I tended to book. But yeah, I'm always concocting something in my head, I guess.

Also, whoa, I totally forgot about Mission Hill. That guy looks eerily like me.

Ryder1028 karma

Just wanted to say Eureka is one of my all time favorite shows and that I'm sad to see it go, all of you we're great an very entertaining.

Do you think SyFy would ever green light a Eureka Christmas special? Last years animated one was great!

neilgrayston51 karma

That would be fun, but it would have to be something like "A Eureka Christmas in Haven" or something, because our sets are all gone.

rubins326 karma

Hey Neil, love you as Fargo on Eureka. I've been a big fan since the pilot.

A couple questions for you. Why did the time between seasons/half-seasons take so long? (Not criticizing, just curious) Who was your favorite character throughout the show? Out of all the heads of GD (besides yourself), who was your favorite? How awesome was it to hook up with Felicia Day? When you found out that Fargo was going to be the new head of GD after coming back from the 40s, what was your reaction? Did any of the food Vincent made on the show actually get eaten after filming, or were they all just props?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

neilgrayston53 karma

There was a writer's strike halted production on a bunch of stuff and kinda boned us for a while there. Other than that, it could be perceived that the hiatuses (hiati? )were long because our seasons were generally quite short. Ask the business people, they know the business stuff, (and no, I don't actually know who the business people are). Carter was probably my favorite character. Stark was awesome. I miss the Quinnebago! I was pretty stoked to find out Fargo was gonna be the head of GD. I was even more stoked, like, super-stoked, when I found out it was "forever".

Most of the food in the back ground of Cafe Diem was fake prop stuff. The stuff at the tables, however, and any food being manipulated was real food, and quite tasty. Usually the food gets thrown out after filming. Food safe law requirements and such.

clobberfella26 karma

We are about halfway thru watching Eureka for the first time, have to say Fargo is one of my favorite characters. My wife nearly peed herself with glee when she heard you were going to be on Psych (her favorite show). She thinks you're 'adorable'.

No real question. Keep up the good work!

neilgrayston38 karma

Awesome, thanks! I'm excited for my Psych episode to air. It was a lot of fun!

claudiafargo26 karma

Hi, Neil! I'm a huge fan!

I was wondering...do you and Allison Scagliotti have any plans to work together in the future? And is there any chance of Fargo returning to Warehouse 13? I love the craziness Fargo brings to Univillie...he and Claudia have great chemistry! ;)

And what was the most fun thing about playing a genius like Fargo? x

neilgrayston49 karma

There's no concrete plans for Fargo going back to the Warehouse yet, they've got a nutty arc going on this season, and putting Fargo there would seem a little too shoe-horny. But you know, never say never.

And also, no concrete plans to work with my buddy the Scagglesworth right now, but ya never know what'll pop up in the future!

txhimlauj25 karma

I totally have a nerdboy crush on you. The sad look on your face when you found out Holly was dead made me want to hug the pain away. If they have a Eureka panel at Phoenix comicon next year, will you come?

neilgrayston44 karma

If they invite me, and I'm not working, totes!

Also, thanks for the imaginary hug.

photojennic24 karma

Hi Neil, Your dance moves to "Eye of the Tiger" in Reprise are top on my list of favorite tv moments. Thanks for doing this AMA!

Do you share any similarities with Fargo such as hobbies, interests, personality traits, etc?

neilgrayston41 karma

I like to think in real life I'm a slightly cooler, much dumber, but more socially adept version of Fargo. But not much more.

CheezyMcWang23 karma

Jordan Hinson has threatened to hijack the thread, any idea what she's going to do?

neilgrayston56 karma

How do you know I'm not her right now?

zibeb22 karma

Do you have any upcoming projects that would pair you with anyone from the Eureka cast? It was awesome to see you and Wil on Tabletop.

neilgrayston37 karma

Nothing exactly right now, but I would love to work with everyone again. Such a great cast!

jcazen22 karma

How is it being awesome? Also I ran into you at Trader Joes near the end of Eureka, what's your favorite item from there?

neilgrayston63 karma

Trader Joe's rules everything ever, mostly. I like the peanut butter stuffed pretzel things. I call them "Beggums" because they're like dog treats for people.

Hoosier_Jones21 karma

Better kisser: Allison Scagliotti or Felicia Day?

neilgrayston96 karma

My girlfriend.

anotherbh21 karma

Apples or bananas?

neilgrayston72 karma


The new super-fruit.

TwatMobile21 karma

Craziest/most memorable experience on set?

neilgrayston48 karma

I crashed a segway into a wall and cut my my pretty bad, which later got infected and scarred. I guess that's crazy. That anyone could hurt themselves on a segway.

Edit: My hand

nutsocharles20 karma

Hi Neil. We were chums in high school. I went off to college and you to acting. We reconnected over kmfdm dot kom and you told me about Wonderfalls. I've since followed your work and bought DVDs of Wonderfalls and Eureka. My girlfriend loves you as the mouth breather and many friends enjoy your work. Meanwhile I've become unfamous as a teacher. Do you remember me perchance? NutsoCharles

neilgrayston27 karma

Wait, I'm trying to remember your real name. And where are you teaching. Teachers are awesome, and highly undervalued, I think.

pickledraven19 karma

Hi Neil! I was a really big fan of Eureka, and Fargo was by far my favorite character. You really brought him to life. My question is, what do you look for when choosing an acting role? Do you enjoy the comedic character roles, or can we expect to see you in any serious roles in the future as well?

neilgrayston33 karma

I just like trying new things regarding acting roles. I generally tend more toward the comedic side, cuz that's just who I am, but I'm totally open to doing serious roles.

gladosgal18 karma

Did you keep a bobblehead of yourself? And could we talk you into coming back to Dragon*Con next year?

PS--Thanks for being awesome!

neilgrayston41 karma

I'd love to go back to Dragon Con! The bachanal of Nerdy-Gras is amazing!

ThePoonHunter17 karma

Boxers or briefs?

neilgrayston59 karma

Pshaw! Boxer briefs!

ThePoonHunter20 karma

Fist bump, bro.

neilgrayston56 karma

Air guitar, brah.

LadyPancake17 karma

Hey, Neil! Thanks for doing an AMA!

Do you have any hilarious/interesting behind the scenes stories that you'd be willing to share with us?

neilgrayston52 karma

Hey! Me and Colin got into the stupidest war for about a week, in which we'd flash each other's eyes with really powerful flashlights. Then we realized that was dumb and we were probably hurting our vision, so we stopped.

I still think my night vision is much worse because of this.

vyllex16 karma

Hey there, huge fan of the show. Oddly, saved me from a dark dark place.

Two things. One related to the show and one not.

First: Did you get to keep the fargo bubble head, or anything else for that matter?

Secondly: What's your position on same sex marriage?

neilgrayston76 karma

One, yup, got the bobble head. and the mug.

And second, I fully, 100% support same sex marriage. Absolutely, unquestionably. 100% While I won't be marrying someone of the same gender, it is not my place to deny that right to others, nor do I believe it's anyone's place.

Claudia_Donovan15 karma

Hey Director Doug, where's my GOO? (LOL Couldn't resist.) Big fan of Eureka and I'm really hoping to see you back on Warhouse 13! Those episodes are my favorites!

What was your favorite episode?

neilgrayston33 karma

Oh jeez, that's waaaaay to hard to pick. Something somewhere in seasons four and five though.

Claudia_Donovan15 karma

Thanks for answering! It's hard for me to pick a favorite episode too. If I had to pick a favorite moment though, it would be when Carter is threatening Fargo to show his Sarah Michelle Gellar doll to the people he's conferencing with.

n1ffuM20 karma

That's likely where the name S.A.R.A.H stems from. ;)

neilgrayston39 karma

This is correct!

bucyrus500014 karma

Wil has his games and beer, Felicia has her flogging web guild, Jordan has her boyfriend, what are your pastimes?

neilgrayston34 karma

I've answered this before, but here's some more! I also like beer. And I like pretending I'd know what to do when faced with an analog synthesizer, so I watch documentaries on them and read stuff about them, but don't really retain any of the knowledge other than "plus a thing into a thing, and a squiggly noise comes out".

brandonfcv14 karma

Hi Neal, huge fan of the show. One question for you: •What did you think of the ending of the show? As in how it ended with carter and Zoey seeing themselves as they enter Eureka. Do you think there could ever be a special episode to explain this?

neilgrayston42 karma

If you watch the pilot again, they see themselves driving when they enter the town, so it's kinda a reference to that. Originally, they same themselves again at the end of the pilot, but they took that out and saved it for last!

Metjoeblack12 karma

Hey! You were my favorite character on Eureka! My question for you is are you as much of a geek in real life as you are in the show?

neilgrayston38 karma

I don't know if I can out geek Fargo, but I'm pretty nerdy.

funfungiguy12 karma

If you had to fight a dinosaur to the death in a Dinosaur Death Match using only primitive weapons and not allowed to set traps, what's the biggest dinosaur you think you win against? You don't have to name a specific dinosaur, just give us a size reference.

neilgrayston18 karma

That's hard, because I'm less afraid of a tyranosaurus than I am of a velociraptor.

kitellia12 karma


neilgrayston47 karma

A chop stick. That was also hard to sign. My signature ended up looking like a captcha.

cheshirelaugh12 karma

They need to find a way to write you a part as a a cameo Regent on Warehouse 13!

neilgrayston30 karma

Never say never. Weirder things have happened in the world of Sci-Fi

Solidchuck12 karma

Hey Mr. Grayston! It's my birthday today, so thank you for this inadvertent gift of an IAMA.

I finished Season 4 of Eureka just the other day I've got to say, I absolutely loved the show and your character. Fargo ended up filling Allison Blakes shoes rather nicely.

My question is: What was it like working with the cast of Eureka and are you guys friends outside of the show?

Edit: I'm bad at this English thing.

neilgrayston18 karma

Happy Birthday!

Yeah, we're buds, some of us hang out all the time!

waffle_iron_war12 karma

I don't really have a question, just want to say you rock! my whole family loved Eureka!

neilgrayston21 karma

Thanks yo! High fives to you and your family!

pauldwayne1312 karma

Hey Neil! I'm a big fan of you and Eureka from the Philippines. What's the best advice can you give to aspiring actors?

neilgrayston34 karma

Observe people around you. There's a whole universe of potential character traits out there, so always keep an eye out for it.

Starcloud11 karma

Hey Neil - I loved your character! If you could have taken home any of the props from Eureka which would they be?

neilgrayston39 karma

If it was real and fully funcional, S.A.R.A.H.

mommynerd11 karma

Do you for really reals play D&D?

neilgrayston27 karma

I used to in high school and in my early twenties. AD&D 2nd Edition for life, yo!

[deleted]10 karma

First off, you the reason to watch eureka, That is all

neilgrayston48 karma

Wow! Thank you. Don't lie, it's my massive, muscular frame that does it, right?

Goldang10 karma

At the end of Eureka it kinda sounded (in show) like Fargo and Holly might be up to something spin-off-able. Anything to that?

neilgrayston23 karma

It's always nice to leave a door open, you know.

Nassive10 karma

Did you know Fargo's character arc, of going from the guy everyone beat up on to the guy who ran GD, even competently?

neilgrayston28 karma

Not at all. That just materialized over time. I was actually only supposed to be in seven episodes a season, but they kept chucking me in.

TextualDeviance7 karma

Heya! Just wanted to say how impressed I was by how Fargo grew up in the final season. Mindblowing job with the depth of that arc. Made me cry more than a few times. Was also happy to see Fargo and Zane bonding.

Which reminds me: I know Colin's going to be showing up on Niall's new show. Any chance we might see you there?

neilgrayston22 karma

Glad you liked it! I'm pretty pleased with what they let me do.

Also, I won't be in Season one of Primeval: New World, but who knows what'll happen in season two.

OccamsBlade7 karma

So I have to ask; was making out with Felicia Day as amazing as I've always dreamed it would be?

neilgrayston28 karma

I have no clue how you dreamed it to be, so i cannpt properly answer this question.

markywater7 karma

What was it like working on the set of Warehouse 13, what is Claudia like, she seems nice :)

neilgrayston17 karma

It was great, and the Scagulator is rad!

grumpel7 karma

You seem to have a penchant for slight gluttony as can be witnessed on Twitter. Ever thought of participating in some kind of food show? Do your own personal food tour?

neilgrayston15 karma

Oh man. I would love that. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern is like my dream job.

gteez7 karma

I really miss Eureka. I don't have a question just want to say that Fargo> All.

neilgrayston11 karma

Why thank you!

Farnsworthh7 karma

I'm a huge Eureka fan, definitely missing it already. You're amazing for doing this!

  1. What was it difficult to learn the scripts for Eureka or did you actually get the stuff going on in the show?

  2. What was it like to work with Felicia Day and do you still keep in touch with her? I'm a big Guild/Felicia fan, plus my name is also Holly. :)

  3. Are you a gamer of any kind? If so, what are your favorite games, pc or console?

neilgrayston19 karma

Learning scripts isn't that difficult, especially when you're filming a scene, then moving on to the next one in little chunks like that. It isn't uncommon to get tripped up on a certain line or patch of dialogue every once in a while though. 2. Felicia's rad and we keep in touch. She the hardest working person I know. 3. I like to watch people play games. I'm rather crap at them, so I like to "coach".

Lavaburst7 karma

Hi Neil! Thanks for coming to do this! I was wondering how you, and if you are willing to speak for your co-stars, they, felt about the adjustment of the time line after you guys went back to 1947? Was it difficult trying to adjust to an entirely new backstory for your character?

As a follow-up, how often did you (or any of you, really) call Dr. Grant "Gaius fraking Baltar"?

neilgrayston18 karma

Hey, for me personally, it wasn't difficult to transition to the new timeline, as I was still playing the same old Fargo, just in a new setting for him. I suppose it must've been more difficult for people like Niall, who had to play the same character, but with a whole new actual back story.

I'm pretty sure someone must've called him Gaius Fraking Baltar, but it wasn't me. Probably Colin. He'd do that.

rl4sb4eva7 karma

Hello Neil, I've been a big fan since I saw Godiva's. And was much saddened when Eureka ended as it was a singularly refreshing show. My questions, can you cook in real life, and what is your 'signature dish'? And if you had to be an animal what would you be? X

neilgrayston21 karma

Hey! Godiva's was such a fun show for me. Great cast.

And yeah, I can cook, I guess. My current signature is pan fried brussels sprouts with capers and a bunch of sauces and spices. People seem to like those.

Also, I'd be some form of monkey. That could fly.

Or maybe a pegasus.

[deleted]6 karma

Omg. You are awesome. Just... xD Wow.

neilgrayston17 karma

Wow, thanks! Brainsplosion!

Warehouse13lov6 karma

What scene took the longest to do on Eureka? :) Big fan btw! I have the Fargo bobblehead in my room!!!

neilgrayston16 karma

I honestly couldn't tell you, but generally any scene with a lot of action and effects shots is going to take a long time.

I'm quite flattered at the amount of bobble heads popping up!

deejay_reich5 karma

Big fan of Fargo! Are you similar to the character at all?

neilgrayston12 karma

Hey! I kinda answered that somewhere around here in more detail, but...kinda?

Ninjatertl5 karma

all time favorite video game?

neilgrayston29 karma

Super Paper Mario 2.

citruselectro5 karma

I loved your character and Eureka! Is there anything you made up for the backstory for the character that didn't make it onto the show?

neilgrayston16 karma

I tried to always have a straw when I was drinking things, but that didn't always happen.

tickleQ4 karma

Are you ticklish? If so, where?

neilgrayston20 karma

I... what? Maybe?

(Okay, yes, but only sometimes, and the location varies).

ermahgerd944 karma

Hey Neil! First of all, I just want to say that I'm a HUGE Eureka fan and Fargo was my favorite character. Second, are you going to the NY comic con? Also, do you think there's going to be a Eureka reunion in the future? I was so sad to see it go!

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I don't know about the New York con... I'd love to go, especially because I haven't been to New York since 2004, but I think you have to be invited to that sort of thing.

There're kind of always Eureka mini reunions if you count the fact that Niall is my roommate, and Colin and Jordan hang out with us a lot...

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Awesome! :) I just have a few more questions. 1. I've noticed that there were several Dr. Who references on Eureka. Are you a Doctor Who fan?! 2. What are your favorite quotes, bands/songs, and TV shows? 3. What are you going to miss the most about Eureka? What was the most awkward moment on set? 4. Do you have some sort of fanmail/email? 5. What was it like doing S.A.R.A.H's voice? 5. Do you have advice for a college first year hoping to turn out just like Fargo? :) Thank you so much for doing this AMA! It truly means alot to me and other Eureka fans!

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  1. I've only seen a couple episodes. I am, however, a big fan of the Timelords' timeless jock jam "Doctoring the Tardis".

  2. That's... I wouldn't know where to start. My taste range from Skrillex to Scorpions to Dolly Parton to Dr. Dre, so, a lot of stuff.

  3. I'll miss the people. Most awkward moment was maybe when someone who will go unnamed accidentally farted, and it actually cleared the room, with some crew members remarking "Oh god! Did someone shoot a dead thing out of their ass? UGH!!! I'm gonna puke!" etc.

4.I don't, maybe I should set one up.

  1. It was fun, really simple to do. I'd go into the sound studdio and say each line three kinda different ways, then they'd pick what they liked.

  2. Don't push the wrong button. Or wait, maybe do.

And you're welcome!