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Do you think Jimmy Graham is gonna play week 8? They says it's a minor sprain but I'm a little hesitant to put him in next week. Also you're amazing and I love you.

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Just wanted to say Eureka is one of my all time favorite shows and that I'm sad to see it go, all of you we're great an very entertaining.

Do you think SyFy would ever green light a Eureka Christmas special? Last years animated one was great!

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multi-user spaceport

When can I buy a ticket to the moon?

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You gotta look at the dogs that are on the Team Fluff this year. Team Fluff lost by almost 50 points last year but this year, there are a lot of sleepers on that team this year, both literally and figuratively

Starting when this is shot in October, I never stop!

I'm pretty sure Team Fluff won.