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We don't have pieces that never air. We have pieces that haven't aired yet.

That'd be like giving up on your child. You cruel person.

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It was a painful experience to be sure. We got a lot of criticism, we deserved much of that criticism, and we apologized on the website and the podcast. One of the things we learned from that experience, and our main point of that entire hour, was that there are often multiple truths in a a story and sometimes the emotional truths are the most powerful.

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I'm not sure we make the distinction you're making. And if you look at the past few months, you see: a couple stories on particle physics, an extended treatment of epigenetics, a long story on prenatal ethics. In other words, science. but we've never claimed to be just a science show. We're interested in a lot of things, just like you. And anyway, science and scientists share the world we all share, fight for resources, suffer, compete, cheat. In a broad sense, all that is science too.

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We absolutely stand by everything he's ever contributed to the show. Because of his situation, we've triple checked everything he said.

As for whether we'll have him on again: It's complicated. But what it comes down to for him, and for anyone, is...for what topic? If he's the best person to talk to, then yes.

Likening the situation to Mike Daisey is comparing apples and oranges. He didn't lie to us. Mike lied to TAL.