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If we had told you it was an emotional documentary about a lonely 40 year old woman and her strange romance with a skinny jewish guy...would you have watched it?

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Nev hair: well, I will be honest that I have reined in the toplessness a little this season...don't want to distract from the story too much. Of course I want to give the fans what they want, so you'll be sure to see some sweater vest action here and there.

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Nev here: Hey, thanks for your questions and sorry you got "catfished". I think the answer to both questions is probably the Jasmine & Mhissy episode from last season. I mean we really had no idea about Jasmine's past with Mhissy and never considered that she would have done all this to get revenge on her. I felt so bad that I unknowingly set Jasmine up for such an embarrassing and upsetting situation. I also didn't feel totally safe in that community considering that earlier that day police cars and a helicopter had come through chasing a criminal...yikes!

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Nev here: HA! I never really considered how strange it must look to see a bunch of dudes with lots of camera equipment checking into a hotel...Now that we are shooting the second season most people know who we are and are excited we are staying at their hotels, so it's never really been an issue.