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is an American producer, actor and photographer. He is best known for the 2010 documentary Catfish where he starred as himself.

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If we had told you it was an emotional documentary about a lonely 40 year old woman and her strange romance with a skinny jewish guy...would you have watched it?

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Nev hair: well, I will be honest that I have reined in the toplessness a little this season...don't want to distract from the story too much. Of course I want to give the fans what they want, so you'll be sure to see some sweater vest action here and there.

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Nev here: Hey, thanks for your questions and sorry you got "catfished". I think the answer to both questions is probably the Jasmine & Mhissy episode from last season. I mean we really had no idea about Jasmine's past with Mhissy and never considered that she would have done all this to get revenge on her. I felt so bad that I unknowingly set Jasmine up for such an embarrassing and upsetting situation. I also didn't feel totally safe in that community considering that earlier that day police cars and a helicopter had come through chasing a criminal...yikes!

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Nev here: HA! I never really considered how strange it must look to see a bunch of dudes with lots of camera equipment checking into a hotel...Now that we are shooting the second season most people know who we are and are excited we are staying at their hotels, so it's never really been an issue.

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This is Max. The saddest we've been about a relationship not working out was probably Jarrod and Melissa. Even though Melissa had been lying about being Abby, she and Jarrod seemed really perfect for one another. We really loved both of them and always thought it should work out. The most heartwarming time was definitely Kya and Dani. It was our first happy ending on the show and it was an amazing thing to be a part of and to witness.

And yes we often remain in contact with the participants whether through email, facebook, instagram, text massage or phone calls. We check in with them from time to time. Once anyone has been on the show they are part of the catfish family. We have such an intense experience together it's hard not to stay in touch after that.

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I promise you it's definitely real. Nev and I are never sure who's going to be coming out of the door. However our sound guy has to mic up the Catfish at some point during the scene. Otherwise their audio would be really bad. We never surprise the Catfish either. Unlike the movie, the catfish always knows we're coming so they are ok to have a mic put on them.

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Haha. Max here. We have no formal background in investigation. We've just been learning as we go. You start to pickup new tricks the more you do it. It's really just basic logic and common sense. Anyone could do what we do. We actually make it a point to NOT use any special databases or services that you have to pay for. We're not the FBI or CIA. We're just two idiots with Google ;)

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It totally varies. Some Catfish definitely have mental health issues and should be talking to a trained therapist. Other Catfish do it out of loneliness or because they are insecure about who they are irl or sometimes just because they started a fake profile and then got caught up in a lie that just snowballed into something much bigger. Every person is different and you can't generalize about all Catfish. That's what makes each story so special and complex.

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Nev here: WE ARE DYING TO SHOOT A SEASON IN THE UK. Email/Tweet at MTV to bring us over there for season 3!