Yvette Nicole Brown

s an American actress and comedian. Brown has appeared in various commercials, television shows, and films throughout her career. Currently, she appears as Shirley Bennett on the NBC comedy series Community.

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I've been begging for a full on Muppet episode where we're all made of felt and bounce around instead of walk. ;)

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Sunshine and morning dew

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Harmon is very dear to me. He gave me the job of a lifetime and from my first audition was my biggest supporter. I don't know if this is known but Shirley wasn't written to be a black chick in her thirties. She was originally written to be a white woman in her late 40's or early 50's. She was to be a love interest for Chevy. Hence the early episodes where Pierce keep hitting on Shirley. But Dan saw something in my take on the role and gave me a chance. I don't know much about his exit except for what I've read like you guys. I think it was a business decision NBC or SONY felt they had to make for whatever reason. Dan's comments about it will surely be more insightful than anything I could speculate about. But that said, he is loved and will be missed by us all.

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I love Gillian's decency and intellect. I love Alison's talent and drive. I love Donald's creativity and gentleness. I love Danny's heart and joyfulness. I love Joel's commitment to family and generosity. I love Jim's fearlessness and kindness. I love Ken's playful spirit and loyalty. Did I miss anyone?

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Danny Pudi is one of my favorite human beings (see what I just did there) on the planet and on set. And I think every community cast member would say the same.

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HA! We jokingly said his therapist at the Comic con panel!

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Thanks, everybody! That was fun! Those three hours just flew by. I've gotta run but I promise to stop by from time to time and keep answering the questions that have already come thru that I wasn't able to get to. That's what I get for trying to answer EVERY question and writing BOOKS as replies! LOL! I'm honored that you all were so welcoming to me on my first day on Reddit! And I can't thank you enough for watching our show! YOU GUYS ROCK! xoxo Yvette :)

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I hope so! I've been begging Donald since Cul de Sac. We're lucky to hear what he's working on before everybody because he does his music between takes on set when we're in production. Every time I hear a beautiful melody...and he has LOTS... I always beg to sing it. LOL! So far no bites, but hope springs ETERNAL!!!

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Donald Glover for SURE! He's very naughty, though. I couldn't share ANY of his bits or jokes. And most of them time, since I'm Prudy McPrude I'm ashamed of myself for laughing. LOL! But Donald is hilarious!

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My dream since season one has been a storyline with Donald. I think this season it's going to finally happen!