Hi everyone!

My name is Jeff and I'm the creator of Quarantine PenPals a penpal service that connects friends and strangers across the US.

Link: http://quarantinepenpals.com

I wanted to find a way to give back and lift people's spirits during this weird time, and so a couple weeks ago I launched my mailing service.

On the site, users connect with 2 people per sign-up, as their postcard sent to a stranger across the US and they also receive a postcard from a stranger (one sent, one received).

It's been a great learning experience building this service and website during my downtime and our initial customers seem to be loving it. Ask me anything about the service, starting an online business, or anything else you can think of!

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/XwRtTSB

Edit: Guys this was fun...kind of....didn't expect the reddit pitchforks. Was just trying to do something fun and unique for the community during this weird time. A lot of questions were about percentage of proceeds to go to local food banks. I’ll work on adding a tool on the site to show how much money is being donated for transparency. Thanks for your time and feedback (both positive and negative).

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fronkenstein0 karma

Do you ship internationally for international penpals?

QuarantinePenPalJeff-6 karma

Not yet, but it's been brought up by a few people. I'll start looking into what that would take.

majinjohnny-3 karma

This is awesome. I love the idea. What’s been the weirdest message someone has sent so far?

QuarantinePenPalJeff-11 karma

It's hard to keep up with all of them now, but I had someone who changed the lyrics to Fresh Prince of Bel Air to talk about their new quarantine lifestyle.

Beaushizzle28 karma

So you read the letters? That sounds like an invasion of privacy.

QuarantinePenPalJeff-12 karma

We were printing these out one by one. It's mostly automated now.

mychemicalgreenday12-6 karma

could you expand to the UK?

QuarantinePenPalJeff-12 karma

I'd love to. The more people to connect, the better. Someone earlier asked about translations which I think would be really cool too.

Michaelallenking-8 karma

Badass idea. Is there a way I can send one to Donald Trump at the white house?

QuarantinePenPalJeff-6 karma

Haha that's hilarious. And technically yes I'm sure you could. Just select the Send To A Friend option and type in the address to the White House.