...or should I say AMA...WR "Ask me anything...within reason" LOL! If you have the time, I here for ya. Let's GO! :) Oh and it's really me. Check out my twitter: @yvettenbrown for proof. I'm geeking out about doing an AMA over there, too! :)

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YvetteNicoleBrown860 karma

Thanks, everybody! That was fun! Those three hours just flew by. I've gotta run but I promise to stop by from time to time and keep answering the questions that have already come thru that I wasn't able to get to. That's what I get for trying to answer EVERY question and writing BOOKS as replies! LOL! I'm honored that you all were so welcoming to me on my first day on Reddit! And I can't thank you enough for watching our show! YOU GUYS ROCK! xoxo Yvette :)

TARDIStaxi650 karma

Do you ever say "I'll make your ass sense" in everyday situations? I thought that was the greatest line ever.

YvetteNicoleBrown535 karma

Ha! I can honestly say that I never have. ;) Maybe someday!

bryanb440590 karma

Is there any type of episode you'd like to do next season? (Like the Law & Order episode)

YvetteNicoleBrown2071 karma

I've been begging for a full on Muppet episode where we're all made of felt and bounce around instead of walk. ;)

rvlution580 karma

What does Joel's hair smell like?

YvetteNicoleBrown1521 karma

Sunshine and morning dew

[deleted]539 karma

Can you please clear this up for us: who is Jeff always texting?!

YvetteNicoleBrown957 karma

HA! We jokingly said his therapist at the Comic con panel!

chrouble529 karma

Hey Yvette! Huge fan of your work on Community! Thanks for doing an AMA. Because I know that questions about Dan Harmon are inevitable, I am just going to ask if you are able to speak at all about your perspective on working with him, and the situation surrounding his exit. Thanks!

YvetteNicoleBrown1371 karma

Harmon is very dear to me. He gave me the job of a lifetime and from my first audition was my biggest supporter. I don't know if this is known but Shirley wasn't written to be a black chick in her thirties. She was originally written to be a white woman in her late 40's or early 50's. She was to be a love interest for Chevy. Hence the early episodes where Pierce keep hitting on Shirley. But Dan saw something in my take on the role and gave me a chance. I don't know much about his exit except for what I've read like you guys. I think it was a business decision NBC or SONY felt they had to make for whatever reason. Dan's comments about it will surely be more insightful than anything I could speculate about. But that said, he is loved and will be missed by us all.

tempranos476 karma

I remember seeing you on Drake and Josh back in the day. How did you get from Drake and Josh to Community?

YvetteNicoleBrown618 karma

Just auditioned and was blessed to get both gigs...with lots of guest star roles and commercials in between. ;)

queerdeviant422 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

YvetteNicoleBrown454 karma

Ha! One horse-sized duck! ;)

re0508418 karma

Will we ever hear you on a Childish Gambino track?

YvetteNicoleBrown844 karma

I hope so! I've been begging Donald since Cul de Sac. We're lucky to hear what he's working on before everybody because he does his music between takes on set when we're in production. Every time I hear a beautiful melody...and he has LOTS... I always beg to sing it. LOL! So far no bites, but hope springs ETERNAL!!!

YvetteNicoleBrown418 karma

I just posted on my twitter that the AMA has begun over here. But I will copy and post the URL, too! :)

some_random_ninja410 karma

What do you love about each cast member? It seems like you guys are truly a family, so there should be something that you love about everyone right?

YvetteNicoleBrown1232 karma

I love Gillian's decency and intellect. I love Alison's talent and drive. I love Donald's creativity and gentleness. I love Danny's heart and joyfulness. I love Joel's commitment to family and generosity. I love Jim's fearlessness and kindness. I love Ken's playful spirit and loyalty. Did I miss anyone?

bridgetm621400 karma

I don't have a question, but I just wanted to say you're an absolute peach. Thanks for brightening my Twitter feed daily. :)

YvetteNicoleBrown396 karma

Thank you, dear!

whitemamba83345 karma

Thank you so much for doing this, Yvette! First off, I just want to say, that on the outside, Shirley seems like she would be the one of the most boring characters on the show as an older, Christian mother, but you give her so much energy and positivity that makes us all love her. You do such a phenomenal job, and I couldn't imagine anyone else in that role.

Can you give us a little preview as to what we can expect to hear from any of the commentaries you are on in the upcoming season 3 DVD? Those commentaries are without a doubt my favorite part of the DVD releases. Really the main reason I've bought them.

YvetteNicoleBrown317 karma

Thanks so much! Whoo, that's a tough one, we recorded the commentaries so long ago. Expect a lot of Dan Harmon he did quite a few of them. And expect a lot of me and Stink (Gillian) we were the cast members who's scheduled allowed for the most commentary drop ins. I hope that's good news. LOL!

Lemec21272 karma

Will we see Evil Shirley appear with Evil Abed in a feature episode?

And how much of your character did you create versus the writers/director telling you how to act as her?

YvetteNicoleBrown599 karma

ooh! That would be GREAT!!! I like Evil (drunk?) Shirley she's takes no prisoners. I think it's probably a 50/50 situation. They write the words...except for "That's Nice" I initially ad-libbed that which apparently I do a lot when I'm acting. Someone on twitter posted a link of me saying "that's nice" randomly on an episode of Entourage I did...and I get to interpret them however I like. I made the choice to give Shirley two vocal ways to express her thoughts. And the writers and directors have let me choose which to use on any given line. I was shocked to find out her "miss piggy" voice is her sexy/seduction voice. And if you look back on previous episodes, Shirley has tried to seduce a LOT of people in strange situations. "Why do you hate me and Jesus" from the first season comes to mind. LOL!!!

ClumsyOne260 karma

Which cast member makes you laugh the most when the cameras aren't running?

YvetteNicoleBrown700 karma

Donald Glover for SURE! He's very naughty, though. I couldn't share ANY of his bits or jokes. And most of them time, since I'm Prudy McPrude I'm ashamed of myself for laughing. LOL! But Donald is hilarious!

Fuqwon255 karma

Who takes care of Annie's Boobs in between filming?

YvetteNicoleBrown520 karma

Crystal's trainer, Tom takes care of her. ;) She's on "Animal Practice" now... we've lost her to another NBC show.

And yes, I know what you were trying to do with that question. ;)

Leeny500250 karma

Hey Yvette! If there's one kind of episode that you hope you'll have the chance to do in S4, what would it be?

YvetteNicoleBrown643 karma

My dream since season one has been a storyline with Donald. I think this season it's going to finally happen!

Taybabe76248 karma

Yvette! Who is your favorite person on the show? Character and/or real person.

YvetteNicoleBrown992 karma

Danny Pudi is one of my favorite human beings (see what I just did there) on the planet and on set. And I think every community cast member would say the same.

TheKingOfBadgerHill247 karma

Hi Yvette, big fan, how good are you in real life at foosball?

YvetteNicoleBrown457 karma

HA! Nowhere NEAR as good as Shirley!

anepicname246 karma

What's it like working with Chevy Chase?

YvetteNicoleBrown593 karma

It's like a fountain of joy!

BlueWhipped216 karma

Yvette, what's it like being a Christian playing a Christian character on television? Have you ever tried to push back against a bit or storyline? Thanks, love the show!

YvetteNicoleBrown441 karma

It's been a true privilege. :)

And I pushed back a bit on the Shirley/Chang hook-up story because I know that if I was in my last moments on earth facing a zombie apocalypse I would spend that time praying not having sex on a bathroom floor with the person I hate the most. LOL! I, Yvette ADORE Ken Jeong, but Shirley hates Chang. I don't care what she was facing, hooking up with him just didn't seem like something she would do. But the needs of the story won out and I think that how it played out ultimately deepened the entire story.

adredditor212 karma

What's an aspect of Harmon you think will be missed in the upcoming seasons?

YvetteNicoleBrown427 karma

His heart. He's a truly a beating heart of a man. The sweetness in each community episode is Harmon.

imhereforthemeta210 karma

Hi Yvette! Im not sure how often you get this, but Shirley started off as a character I wasn't very interested in, and has since become my absolute favorite. I guess this is sort of a nerdy question, but do you have any thoughts about how Shirley has evolved since the pilot? Especially in regards to her really dynamic and awesome friendship with Jeff (which is by far my favorite relationship on the show)

Also, can I just say that you are such a lovely and courteous woman. I feel like you really go the extra mile to get involved with fans, and every time I see you in an interview, you are always so open and insightful about the show and the culture surrounding it. Thank you for everything!

YvetteNicoleBrown302 karma

Thanks so much for that awesome post!

I think Shirley has calmed down and settled into being a part of the group. She's less judgmental and more fun and game for their shenanigans and I think that's been the biggest shift. I don't think she was ever a buzzkill but maybe being a mom made her more structured and focused initially than she is now. And I love her dynamic with Jeff too! I hope that continues in season 4

And thanks for your comment about my manners. It's important to me to be kind to folks. I feel like life is hard enough without being a jerk. LOL! So I do go out of my way to make folks feel welcome and supported. I'm glad that comes thru when you see me. God bless!!!

Dorkfish71204 karma

Hey Yvette, love the show! Quick question...which of Jim Rash's costumes did you enjoy the most?

YvetteNicoleBrown490 karma

His Tina Turner was EPIC

OneCello200 karma

You should get as many people from the show on Reddit as possible. That would be awesome.

YvetteNicoleBrown314 karma


johncoxon198 karma

Who's your favourite bit-part/side character?

YvetteNicoleBrown526 karma

Good question. Hard to answer. They are all so delicious. I love Danielle's "Vicki" and Charley's "Fat Neil". They both bring so much to those roles and now that their love affair is out in the open, watch out world! I of course love Richard Erdman's "Leonard", he's a TREASURE!

jado06161 karma

Hey Yvette so happy to see you on reddit!

How much do you think the show will be affected now that Dan Harmon isn't on the team anymore?

I can't wait for season 4!! XD

YvetteNicoleBrown507 karma

We all love and miss Harmon as much as you guys do. But here's the thing, the new guys are really nice and very dedicated to keeping the show EXACTLY how we all know and love it. I've met them for a one on one and they couldn't be cooler guys. We're all gonna be okay, even Dan. I promise! :)

YvetteNicoleBrown153 karma

Um, make that FIVE hours and 47 minutes! LOL! Where DOES the time go! I am really stepping away from my computer now. But thanks so much for so many cool questions!!!

tempranos150 karma

Have you visited the Hawkthorne subreddit yet? It's a work in progress but they are making Journey to the Center of the Hawkthorne from Digital Estate Planning. Its awesome so far!


YvetteNicoleBrown21 karma

Hey Guys! I HAVE played the game but I haven't made it to the subreddit yet... just found out that what a subreddit is, actually. Newbie Alert! :) Will make it over there soon!!!

pejorate147 karma

If you could be anything other than an actress, what would you most like to be and why? :)

YvetteNicoleBrown356 karma

I always wanted to be a singer. But if we're talking non-industry related I've always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. 5&6 year olds are so awesome. I was a day camp counselor for two summers when I was a teenager and my time with them to this day is the most fun I've ever had. They're open, fun-seeking little bandits. Truly free of the stresses of life and full of imagination. Just love that age to pieces!!!

applecheekedgoon138 karma

I hate to be that person who brings up shipping, but if the Shirley/Andre situation hadn't panned out, what would be you're favorite pairing for Shirley?

YvetteNicoleBrown577 karma

I'm thinking Shirley and Abed would be an unexpected pairing. Danny and I used to joke about that all the time when we first got cast and ages hadn't been defined. Danny always wanted Abed's age to be unknown and for it to be revealed somewhere in season 6 that he was actually 58 years old. Making everything he did...even a romance with Shirley...totally understandable or even more weird in retrospect.

keagmcG136 karma

I love you. I'm curious, how much of Shirley comes from you? Are you two similar in any ways? Thanks and keep being amazing.

YvetteNicoleBrown565 karma

Shirley and I are similar in that we both love Jesus, say "that's nice" and call people pumpkin and sweetie. LOL! I hope I am not as judgmental or violent as her. Other than that she is her own person.

jules5636135 karma

Yvette, I love you as Shirley! Which episode from the first three seasons has been your favorite to film?

YvetteNicoleBrown333 karma

The flashback episode was the most fun. All of us, cast, crew, writers, production staff all had to be on the top of our game because we were everywhere all at once and there were like 70 some scenes in all to shoot. Finishing that and seeing how great it all came out is one of my proudest moment as member of the cast

planetmatt134 karma

Do you like Paintball?

YvetteNicoleBrown324 karma

I've never played except on the show. Can't say I'd like it for real... a paintball hit hurts like HELL without padding. I'm talking spine-shattering pain!

planetmatt128 karma

What was working with Chevy like?

YvetteNicoleBrown337 karma

It's as awesome as you can imagine! :)

prod44124 karma

Love you in community. Also wanted to say I liked you in one of my fave movies, The Island =)

YvetteNicoleBrown569 karma

so YOU'RE the one who saw it! Thank you!!!

johncoxon117 karma

Out of your co-stars (the other six study group members, plus Chang and the Dean), who's your favourite to work with?

YvetteNicoleBrown318 karma

Hard to say. They're all awesome for different reasons. If it's an emotional scene, Gillian, hands down. She gives you SO much to work with even when the camera's not on her. Alison, Danny, Donald and Ken are just FUN! 100% fun all the time. Joel and I focus when we have Shirley & Jeff scenes. We become Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington. LOL! He makes me wanna be better and I hope I do the same for him and that's always fun. And Jim just exudes love. What's not to love about that?! :)

lijkel103 karma

You are pretty cool.

YvetteNicoleBrown170 karma


Miss_Awesome91 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! I love Community and I am rooting for you guys to have 6 seasons and a movie!

Were you happy that Shirley's baby turned out to be Andre's? Or were you secretly hoping that it would be Chang's?

YvetteNicoleBrown342 karma

I am overjoyed that it was Andre's baby. Chang babies have tails, girl! LOL!

Sawgon90 karma

Yvette! We've spoken twice on Twitter, so third time's a charm, maybe? ;)

My question is about another show. Psych! When will you be on? Make Dulé get you on that show!

YvetteNicoleBrown162 karma

I'd love to and Dule has tried. It's more a scheduling problem on both sides than interest problem. I'm all for it!

sillyallie81 karma

Hi Yvette! Can you tell us about any funny shenanigans that go on off-camera between you and the rest of the Community cast? Any stories about Donald would particularly be awesome (I have a huge crush on him lol). Also, as someone who grew up watching Drake and Josh, do you have any funny stories from that set? Do you keep in touch with Drake Bell and Josh Peck at all?

YvetteNicoleBrown274 karma

I still see the Drake & Josh gang. Usually every year at Dan Schneider Holiday party. It was always a fun set to be on and there weren't many shenanigans because Drake, Josh and Miranda even as kids were all so professional. :)

As for Donald. Whoo... so much I could tell. I could write BOOKS on his foolishness! And I mean that in the best way. He does a great President Obama impression but he only does it to hit on me. It's hilarious.

Sidebar: You've chosen a good crush. Donald is a good egg.

thegirlwhocriedwolf79 karma

Hi Yvette! I am a huge fan of Shirley and your Joe Manganiello tweets with Retta had me cracking up :D

My three questions for you:

1) Are there any scenes you would love to do, or an aspect of Shirley you would really like to bring out?

2) Do you like to bake?

3) Who would your dream guest-star on Community be?

YvetteNicoleBrown161 karma

1) Any scene with Donald Glover "Troy" 2) I like to back pot pies. But cakes and other baked goods intimidate me. 3) Sandra Bullock

mas928877 karma


YvetteNicoleBrown187 karma

Hey Ohio!!! I think being from Cleveland 100% helped me in my career. We Ohioans are scrappy, pull yourself up by your bootstraps people which is exactly what you need to be to survive this industry...which can be tough and full of rejection. Growing up so far from it all made me dream big and eventually..after college...I made the big move. I was terrified but I believed in myself and my dreams and did it in spite of my fear. And it all worked out. God is GOOD! ;)

DrunkInPublic6976 karma

Hey Yvette!! Glad to have you out to Reddit, welcome to this amazing part of the internet.

How much a blast was it when you were off set hanging out with fellow cast members? If you could say just one word to describe each, (Joel, Alison, Gillian, Danny, Chevy, and Donald), what would those words be.

Thanks for reading! <3

YvetteNicoleBrown244 karma

Joel: Committed Alison: Driven Gillian: Intelligent Danny: Love Donald: Talented Ken: Loyal Jim: Caring

Did I miss anyone?

Hosni__Mubarak149 karma

This joke is totally not getting old. I mean that non sarcastically. The more responses that leave out Chevy, the better this joke gets.

YvetteNicoleBrown247 karma

;) I have no idea what you're talking about.

[deleted]73 karma

If you could get Joel to sing more on community like when he did ' 'kissed by a rose.'. What song would you choose?

YvetteNicoleBrown121 karma

Ebony Eyes by Smokey Robinson and Rick James. :)

Condawg67 karma

Woohoo! I love seeing Community cast AMAs! Two questions...

1) Which single shot in the show took the longest to film? (You can approximate, obviously.)

2) Any favorite bloopers that didn't make the reels?

Thanks for doing the AMA!

YvetteNicoleBrown132 karma

I can't remember the episode, but it was in the first season and it was a crane shot that went from the study room out to the front of the library. It took HOURS to film and was on screen for like 3 nanoseconds. LOL!

And most of the bloopers I love have made it in!

inyouratmosphere59 karma

What has been your favourite moment of improvisation on Community, whether it was done by your or another one of the cast. Thanks for doing this IAMA! Community is my favourite show, six seasons and a movie!

YvetteNicoleBrown147 karma

Good question. Probably the "choo-choo train" alison did in a scene early on when the study group was guilting Jeff about talking to Chang. I think that was when she did it.

wookiepanda56 karma

Hi Yvette, I love you on Community!
1) I remember you mentioning that you wanted to treat yourself with a trip to Paris if Community got picked up for its 4th season. So have you travelled during the break?
2) Are you doing any other projects besides Community?
3) What do you look forward most next season? We already know that Shirley is a foosball pro. What secret skills do you want Shirley to have?

YvetteNicoleBrown127 karma


1) Ha! No Paris yet. Does my trip home to Ohio to talk to the kids at my old High School count as traveling? ;) Had a blast at Warrensville Heights High though!!!

2) Yes! A cartoon called "Pound Puppies" on the HUB network. I play "cookie" and I have a part in the new "Percy Jackson" sequel which comes out in March!

3) I think Shirley is academically smart...this was hinted to in the sandwich shop episode. She really knows her stuff. I hope she puts those smarts to good use in season four. Somebody has to graduate! LOL!

fardy51 karma

What do you think is the impact of the fan campaigns, like the #SixSeasonsAndAMovie one? Do networks actually take them in consideration?

YvetteNicoleBrown126 karma

I think they help immensely! And I'm so grateful the fans care enough to spend their time supporting our little show. Now, I don't know if that means we'll ultimately get six seasons and a movie but we did get a cover of TV Guide and have won NUMEROUS fan polls because of all your hard work! THANK YOU!

rvlution50 karma

As a fan of both Drake and Josh and Community, what is it like having two roles that are essentially the opposite of each other? And which is more fun?

YvetteNicoleBrown93 karma

They are both fun for different reasons but I can say that I was relieved when i saw myself playing Helen on "Victorious" and realized Helen was nothing like Shirley. WHEW!

shoeless0344 karma

Hi there, big community fan here, just a quick question:

How do the shows like the Christmas claymation episode or the Video Game episode with Pierce's father come together? What with all of the animation, voice overs, etc. because it's pretty unusual for a live action television show to do complete episodes with no live action.

YvetteNicoleBrown112 karma

Those are the easiest for us as actors to do because voiceover takes NO time. I can voice a full episode in like 15 minutes? To film a full episode takes EIGHTY hours. (five 16hour days).

snowball1744 karma

I love the songs sprinkled throughout Community. What is your favourite musical moment from the series so far?

YvetteNicoleBrown107 karma

Sensitive Night from the first season Christmas episode. The lyrics Dan Harmon wrote are so funny to me.

looseseal4740 karma

What are some of your favorite TV shows besides Community? Which show would you love to be on?

YvetteNicoleBrown111 karma

I'm such a TV geek. Prepare yourself for a LONG list... 1) Scandal... I'd love to be on this but I know in my heart I'm not worthy! LOL! Shonda Rhimes is the tops! 2) Revenge 3) Pretty much EVERYTHING on HBO: Girls, VeeP, Newsroom... 4) Homeland and Episodes on Showtime 5) The Good Wife 6) Vintage Cosby, Golden Girls, Laverne & Shirley, Seinfeld & Friends 7) Family Guy... did two eps! HONORED! And the list goes on and on... New shows: 1) Nashville 2) Last Resort 3) 666 Park Avenue I truly could go on and on...

twoble36 karma

If you could write one episode, what would it be about?

YvetteNicoleBrown131 karma

Muppets! LOL!

filthyneckbeard35 karma

Hi Yvette!

Is there anything fans from Europe can do to help convince NBC that they're mad for not giving you guys more funding than they do? The outdated ratings system really seems to hurt shows like Community where a lot of the viewers now watch online rather than on TV "live" so to speak.

YvetteNicoleBrown82 karma

Unfortunately, not that I know of. Just watch us on TV (not online) if we're available in your country and buy the DVD's when they're available to show them that we have a fanbase outside of the US. That's saved other shows when their domestic revenues or ratings were low.

pyroshen31 karma

In the season 3 out takes you are rapping with Alison Brie, any other rapping moments with her? I love her raps they are hilarious and adorable....

YvetteNicoleBrown79 karma

She raps a LOT. But that vid is my only appearance as her "hype man" LOL!

Scrooge079131 karma

"That is NOT my job!"

YvetteNicoleBrown39 karma


jakerg2329 karma

Yvette, I love what you do on Community! I wish you had more episodes with Jeff and Abed!

I wanted to ask something random, since other people have asked what I was thinking, so here goes. How often do you get recognized on the street? Do people ever think you're somebody you're not? What's the funniest "recognized" story you have?

And thanks for all you do on Community!

YvetteNicoleBrown70 karma

I get recognized a few times a day, I'd say... when I leave my house, that is. I'm a bit of a hermit. ;) One of my friends calls me "THE Brown Recluse" Nice, right? LOL! Most folks know who I am maybe not by name but surely by the show they saw me on or character name. But if I'm mistaken for someone else it's usually either Sherri Shepherd, Octavia Spencer or Jill Scott. I get Jill now even more than Sherri. I feel so bad for them because I wish they'd just had the fan moment they thought they had. LOL!