Tim Heidecker

created the television shows Tom Goes to the Mayor and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

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a real nightmare. he yelled at us for writing a terrible script. he was truly out of his mind, scary, intimidating... but if you were lucky enough to see us on tour a few years ago, we screened a secret tape of his visit to our office.... one day it will see the light of youtube.

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LAte march. 6 new eps... they are insane.

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very true. check my facebook for the whole account.

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it just is.

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it's a bit of a joke at this point. we've said it time and time again... all of our work is created stone cold sober. i don't care what you do while you watch our show, but I think it can be used INSTEAD of drugs.

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Hi. Tim here. will begin my answers with a T

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After casting a few and realizing how great they were, as they were so professional, we realized we should keep doing it and try and capture as many TV dads as possible.

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gimme that site.

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not really. but it's nicer when the quotes go deep - i don't need to hear about Chippy anymore.

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Chocolate slop.