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salvulcano449 karma

Yes! We had the "genius" idea of going to a children's park and baby talk to kids and then shift that and baby talk to adults. We quickly realized we were creepily walking around a baby park and ogling children. The cops were called. That won't see the light of day.

salvulcano337 karma

You weren't there. You don't understand.

salvulcano331 karma

I have no interest in speaking to someone who's opening line is you are not my absolute favorite. But fine. Murr covered up quick, and was wearing a see through little string thing, as was joe. So we had it on a technicality in case we got in trouble.

salvulcano263 karma

Everything is real. It is one of our golden rules for the show. We won't do it otherwise because the show is built around real reaction, ours included.

salvulcano260 karma

Mine were divorced when I was four, so I'd be impressed.

salvulcano259 karma

Sweet. Tell that bitch to shut her trap.

salvulcano243 karma

It may get slightly harder, but the truth is for every person that recognizes us, there are a hundred who don't. If we ever get to the point where it's too much, I guess that's a good problem to have?

salvulcano242 karma

Hey thanks! 1. We sit down and write them like anyone would. 2. Yes, we legally need everyone's permission. 3. They LOVE us. Keep letting us come back!! 4. Yeah they started recognizing us. If we realize they know us we move them along. 5. Murr? He's a fucking douchebag.

salvulcano234 karma

Nun left before I had to cross paths with her. The guy came back twice. I think we only showed one for time. The second time was even worse. We also had to cut out a man's voice screaming "OH YEAH, PULL MY NUTS!!" That they repeated about 20 TIMES.

salvulcano201 karma

I can't speak to the other shows because I'm not involved with them so I really don't know. They're definitely tongue in cheek. But our shit is real, yo.