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TheOneWhoKnocks3197 karma

Sal, I love you guys. You are my #2 Joker after Joe. Question, how did Murr go naked in front of so many people in the public park in NYC without any legal issues from Tru TV?

salvulcano331 karma

I have no interest in speaking to someone who's opening line is you are not my absolute favorite. But fine. Murr covered up quick, and was wearing a see through little string thing, as was joe. So we had it on a technicality in case we got in trouble.

BugChaser4Life25 karma

Look around, was there a single child present? If not you can be pretty sure it was partitioned off and allowed "extras" to pass through after signing the right forms. The other alternative is that he wore something skin colored that made him look naked once pixelated for TV. Stunts like this would make me question the authenticity of the entire show. If they faked it once, it's likely they fake it a lot.

salvulcano62 karma

Oh it was see through all right. If he didn't cover up you saw everything. But the literal cloth, although see through, was something we thought of on the off chance they tried to shut us down.

iKaPPaPPa180 karma

Is everything on the show real? Or is some of it faked/exaggerated for better reactions? edit: Why downvote? I'm just asking.

salvulcano263 karma

Everything is real. It is one of our golden rules for the show. We won't do it otherwise because the show is built around real reaction, ours included.

Excited_Black_Man101 karma

Impractical Jokers drinking game: Take a shot everytime the show features a cut away group shot of you four laughing loudly. You'll be wasted in no time! You'll be excited and drunk!

salvulcano141 karma

I agree. Sometimes I think it's too much laughing from us.

Thunder_Bastard49 karma

While I certainly enjoy some of the stuff on IJ's, TruTV in the last few years has gone full retard with "reality" shows that they pose as real but are 99% fake/scripted.

I basically stopped watching IJ's because of that... if it is real it is on the wrong network. Being on TruTV is reeks of being completely staged.

salvulcano201 karma

I can't speak to the other shows because I'm not involved with them so I really don't know. They're definitely tongue in cheek. But our shit is real, yo.

tbelleville162 karma

Has there ever been a joke where it was taken too far and not shown on TV?

salvulcano449 karma

Yes! We had the "genius" idea of going to a children's park and baby talk to kids and then shift that and baby talk to adults. We quickly realized we were creepily walking around a baby park and ogling children. The cops were called. That won't see the light of day.

kahls136 karma

Hey Sal, is it going to get harder to do Impractical Jokers as you guys get more and more well known? Do you have any plans to work around this?

salvulcano243 karma

It may get slightly harder, but the truth is for every person that recognizes us, there are a hundred who don't. If we ever get to the point where it's too much, I guess that's a good problem to have?

BroSerf135 karma

HOLY CRAP. You're show is honestly the greatest thing ever. Thanks for the AMA!

My question: how does the show deal with the customers at certain places (Costco, White Castle, etc) that you guys end up offending because you were told to say things like calling that one guy "mustache"? Do they get some money or compensation?

salvulcano158 karma

No they don't. Usually people are pretty cool when they find out it's a show. The few who get mad we try to convince otherwise, or they get blurred, or cut from the show. On rare occasion if the person was gold, we try and throw them a few bucks to coerce them.

Wheres_My_Shirt127 karma

Why did you kiss that old man in New Orleans

salvulcano337 karma

You weren't there. You don't understand.

salvulcano109 karma

Still here all! Ask me whatever you like!

kenziestx104 karma

Hey Sal, I'm a huge fan! I was wondering if the nun at the internet cafe ever said anything to you about the sounds that were coming out of your computer speakers. How about the guy that unplugged them earlier, did he come back? You looked absolutely mortified! I felt for ya! LOL

salvulcano234 karma

Nun left before I had to cross paths with her. The guy came back twice. I think we only showed one for time. The second time was even worse. We also had to cut out a man's voice screaming "OH YEAH, PULL MY NUTS!!" That they repeated about 20 TIMES.

summerjo304100 karma

Shut your face grandma! is something me and my brother yell randomly at home.

HUGE fan :)

salvulcano259 karma

Sweet. Tell that bitch to shut her trap.

bracero96 karma

Do you think your parents still poke?

salvulcano260 karma

Mine were divorced when I was four, so I'd be impressed.

paulsocal96 karma

you guys have the funniest show on TV! my questions:

  1. How do you guys come up with the brilliant scenarios??
  2. Do you guys have to get releases from the random people involved in the prank?
  3. How much does that White Castle restaurant love/hate you?
  4. Have people started to recognize you around the city? Has there been a prank that didnt work because somebody recognized you guys?
  5. What the hell is wrong with Murr?

salvulcano242 karma

Hey thanks! 1. We sit down and write them like anyone would. 2. Yes, we legally need everyone's permission. 3. They LOVE us. Keep letting us come back!! 4. Yeah they started recognizing us. If we realize they know us we move them along. 5. Murr? He's a fucking douchebag.

ejp900087 karma

Tell me the truth, is Stacy Patella real?

salvulcano114 karma

She is real, and she is spectacular.

happymimi86 karma

  1. Ages of you and the other guys
  2. Creepiest thing fan has every done to you
  3. As a fan of the Steelers, why not come to Pittsburgh soon?
  4. Any plans for an Impractical Jokers movie?
  5. Favorite movie, band/music artist, song
  6. (this one my daughter made me ask) Type of woman Joe is attracted to.

salvulcano132 karma

  1. All 36 but I'm the youngest, bitches!
  2. Prob morph me into photos with them or morph photos of what our children would look like.
  3. I SO want to get to Pitt. No one will go with me.
  4. In fact a movie is something we'd love to do. We'll see.
  5. Some of my faves: A Christmas Story, Swingers and Rushmore. Bands - Cake, Black Keys, Tribe Called Quest, Stones, Beastie Boys, Ray Charles, I mean I can really just go on and on. One of my favorite songs is 25 Miles by Edwin Starr.

jdodge109075 karma

Sal, what does that damn tattoo say on your arm? I must know, man. Keep it up, you're hilarious.

EDIT: No idea why this is down voted considering everyone always wonders this...

salvulcano101 karma

It's song lyrics dedicated to one of my best friends who i lost two years ago.

cmsalt69 karma

You are my favorite joker! Can you come to Buffalo, NY?

salvulcano129 karma

I'm here. Where are you?

itsaboat69 karma

Love the show. How difficult was it to do the dental assistant bit? I mean you tried so hard to keep a straight face but as the guy kept getting higher you just lost it. It made for some amazing TV, thank you!

salvulcano121 karma

It was the hardest I've laughed in two years. I only wish everyone could experience what it felt like. We cut out a lot of the laughter too.

whatafucka66 karma

How did you deal with the horrendous haircut you got on the season finale?

salvulcano133 karma

I wore a hat for a week, then shaved my head. Sucked.

HatTruck66 karma

Does the phone app actually call you guys?

salvulcano128 karma

100%. We all got a phone. It rings constantly. We answer when we can. We have answered a thousand calls already. But for obvious reasons, it's only a few a day.

backstageloki66 karma

Can you explain why on some of the challenges, two of you go head to head as opposed to all four of you being in on the challenge?

salvulcano138 karma

Sure. It can be a bunch of reasons. Most likely the "marks", or real people we interact with, refused to be on tv. In that instance you can blur them, but since the show is built around people's reactions, the blur is not ideal. Another reason sometimes is the network didn't ultimately like it. Sometimes we push things further, and it's always a risk we take, bc we are willing to go further than the network sometimes. But we have to maintain a tone to the show, so it's a necessary evil.

mikeydude9165 karma

ive always felt soo bad for the guy who was super excited about renting the house. what happend when you guys told him it wasnt real?

salvulcano87 karma

he was awesome about it. we invited him to the premiere and he came.

Outkasted7762 karma

I love your show. Its hilarious. You guys should do more of the ones where youre in the park and you hold signs up and yall have to read them.

I run cock fights now.

Whats the closest someones came to beating the shit outta yall?

salvulcano196 karma

Me. Thrice. A woman slapped me for telling her her baby was ugly. A war vet choked me for cutting him in line, and a Spanish dude almost decked me for taking his buffet food.

imnotwillferrell59 karma

are you lennay kekua?

salvulcano84 karma

No. Just read about that. FUCKED UP right?

frankrizzo2459 karma

Sal, why do most of your challenges result in you doing a 'sassy gay man' type character?

Also, I just want to thank you for this show. It's the only show that genuinely makes me laugh out loud.

salvulcano197 karma

I guess deep down I'm a sassy gay man.

JohnnyGinjGinj51 karma

Honestly JUST started watching the other day while my gf slept..unfortunately for her, I was laughing so hysterically that she never ended up sleeping, but joined in.

With that said, here's my question: do you ever feel like the other guys tend to pick on you a little more than any other?

salvulcano123 karma

I think Murr gets it the worst. Glad you got that lazy girl up.

slcmof49 karma

What is your most embarrassing childhood moment?

salvulcano113 karma

I think my babysitter saw me naked once. I was only like 5, but I remember feeling like a jerk.

xxsandmanxx0248 karma

You, Q and Bryan Johnson should do a podcast three are hilarious together

salvulcano59 karma

We are! We did one this week and you can download it on TESD or The Tenderloins website. We are also doing a LIVE show together in LA on Feb 2nd at the Jon Lovitz Podcast theatre. Word!

Nofood4you45 karma

Hey Sal,

My wife and I love the show. We both agree that you are our favorite guy among the team. You come across as very likeable.

Every time I watch the scene where you guys steal food from people at the buffet, I'm dying.

My question is, has anyone tried to get physical and hit you guys?

Do you guys have someone to back you up in case someone gets aggressive?

salvulcano45 karma

Yes sir/ma'am. I answered that somewhere a few questions above.

roseballz44 karma

What is your favorite dish in the whole world?

Also, did Santiago send you?

salvulcano57 karma

Ravioli. I wrote that joke, so I sent him, technically.

queenofchicago41 karma

You guys have done so many crazy things. Is there anything that is completely off limits?

salvulcano193 karma

I'd say anything outwardly mean. The show is not about that. So I wouldn't punch a woman in the vagina or spit at a child. But anything else is fine.

ICallDibbs37 karma

Regarding the time you had to pick up poop: Was using gloves a part of the original plan, or did you have to fight for that?

salvulcano88 karma

I just kinda snuck it in. In hindsight, I wish I didn't. So in season 2, I did the elephant barehanded to make up for it. I'm traumatized.

nick4art37 karma

Have you ever said no to the punishment/prank you were asked to do from being the loser of an episode? If so, what was it?

salvulcano108 karma

No, rule of the show is you're not allowed to say no to a punishment. That's why it's so nerve wracking.

rccolafreak35 karma

Has the show become popular enough that you are recognized on the street?

salvulcano50 karma

Yep. But not to our detriment.

SaveTheBacon35 karma

Impractical Jokers is the one show that has my girlfriend and me reliably laughing our asses off any time we watch it. You guys are awesome.

salvulcano98 karma

Thanks bacon! You're not so bad yourself. Well actually you're horrible. Bacon killed my uncle.

linzinthecity0732 karma

I know this isn't a question, but I met you once at your girlfriend's birthday party at Greenwood Park in Brooklyn. I was too drunk to tell you how awesome you were, clearly by the picture. So I wanted to say it again... You crack me up!


salvulcano50 karma

That is me, indeed. I was there for a friend's bday though.

its_me0232 karma

Is it awesome to own the Full Cup? Also, how come you don't shoot more on Staten Island? You gotta represent, man! It's the only show that makes us look good!

salvulcano58 karma

Owning a bar is the hardest thing I've ever done. It can be fun at times but it is work. Love shooting in SI but we can only do it once in a while. Reason being too many people know us there and also we need a CONSTANT flow of people to film. Manhattan provides that more so than Shaolin.

StaceyKingRules29 karma

You should go on tell em Steve-Dave more. That episode where Gitemstevedave is unraveled to you is one of my favorites. Marry one, fuck one, kill one, Murray, Joe and Q.

Edit: looks like Sal is on the newest Tell Em Steve-Dave podcast.

salvulcano81 karma

Word up. Will do. Love those guys. I'd marry joe, fuck Q and kill murr. That was easy.


Do you know about any of the jokes you do before hand or everything is completely real.

salvulcano65 karma

Everything is real but we write the jokes too and improvise them, etc. In the context of when we are surprised with something, all real. We go through painstaking efforts to keep that shit away from each other. It's like Mission Impossible in the office.

kedvaledrummer25 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Joes, or one Joe sized duck?

salvulcano6 karma

  1. I would punt the shit out of him.

Excited_Black_Man24 karma

You guys gave me and my mother something to laugh about over the holidays for a few hours, and we havent really laughed at anything in ages with a lot of hard times. We were able to enjoy some bonding and laughing while watching your silly prank show for a few nights during my visit. Never underestimate the power of delivering a smile to a face that doesn't have one. Thank you so much for doing what you do. I was so excited to have something to enjoy with my mother during these hard times. You guys do awesome work by making people smile.

(And sorry Bro.... My mom likes Murr the most. And I know dude... who the f likes Murr the most???)

salvulcano33 karma

that means a lot to me. thank you. that's the best compliment i can receive.

thegoodboob23 karma

Do you all REALLY get along as well as it seems? Or are there some issues?

salvulcano61 karma

I think we get along pretty damn well considering we work with each other nearly every day. But of course we fight from time to time, but we are so used to it, it's never personal.

raghucbz23 karma

The most difficult punishment was the lie detector test Murr took in the last episode. I just cannot believe you guys did it. Can you tell me how you pulled it off, especially making his spanish teacher and his ex-girlfriend be in the audience?

salvulcano32 karma

It was easy. The school was receptive to the idea. The teacher still taught there. And Joe had that girl's number still. BOOM!

flicking_tuna22 karma

How creepy is Murr in real life?!

salvulcano51 karma

Dude is always up to no good.

MacyW20 karma

Where do you get these crazy embarrasing ideas from? Are you really all crazy in reality?

salvulcano35 karma

We think them up. I think we may have an edge but not much more than anyone else. That's what makes the show work in my opinion. We are not fearless. We refuse things.

KayZee18 karma

Hey Sal! You guys are the only reason I watch cable. Two Questions.

  1. Is Murr really as innocent as he seems? I always end up feeling bad for him by the end of every episode.

  2. Has Joe ever felt shame?

salvulcano42 karma

innocent? hell no.

shame? hell no.

jakeupsk8s18 karma

Sal, in the episode where you were acting as a dentist, you couldn't stop laughing when you were raising up the chair. What are some other moments where you couldn't keep a straight face, on or off camera?

salvulcano37 karma

Yes. always. I can't help it. Some peeps don't like it but I truly can't help it. I have an awesome job.

Roofiemartini17 karma

Honestly. Who got fired at that Costco because of you guys, mustache?

salvulcano57 karma

Let's just say we were not welcomed back.

calliefornia1317 karma

will you marry me?

salvulcano56 karma

No doubt.

boomsers16 karma

When do people sign the release waiver to appear on TV? Is it before the filming or after?

salvulcano117 karma

After. They don't know before hand silly goose!

JVLfilms16 karma

In high school, how did you guys become friends?

salvulcano27 karma

We just kinda met. Nothing too crazy. Same classes, etc.

TheLexaaa16 karma

***Couldn't pass up this opportunity so I created an account just for this event.

!!!! Sal, that was my mother who approached you guys at Red Eye, snapped the pic, and then her big executive colleague with the bow tie who provided you guys with the chocolate cake and 4 spoons! lol

She told me you guys were absolutely awesome and such good sports about the whole thing. I'm still stunned about it and I have that pic saved onto my iphone. I had just flown back in from Florida the night before and I want to thank you guys for turning my rough week into something epic!!

So much appreciated, please tell the other gentlemen I said thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Much love,


salvulcano13 karma

hey!!! will do! your mom was very sweet, nice to meet you!

TheHemogoblin16 karma

HEY LARRY, I GOT A QUESTION!: You guys each have several attempts to succeed in a prank. For every attempt you guys make that gets onto the show, how many are left out because they didn't go to plan? And what is an example of a prank going horribly wrong that never made it onto the show?

My friend recently introduced me to you guys and I hyperventilate from laughter during each show. It's becoming an issue. Even my girlfriend who hates cringe/prank comedy loves you guys. Absolutely the most CONSISTENTLY funny thing on TV ever, in my opinion. Thank you guys so much for that! You're awesome!

salvulcano29 karma

Thank you for the kind words. I would guesstimate you probably don't see about 65% of it. Out of that 65%, 50% being show worthy. It's tough bc I want you to see it all. And Turner doesn;t do DVD's. Hopefully one day.

salvulcano16 karma

Hey All - I was incorrectly told to make my post a couple hours before my start time to let the questions accumulate. I have gathered from this experience that was a mistake and many of you who did not realize I was not starting at 3pm took it as me not answering. Sorry for any confusion. I took the time to answer as many as I could throughout my day. I answered nearly all of them although it took about eight hours. I had a blast thanks for sharing this experience with me. -Sal

rydash15 karma

How expensive is getting for the other jokers to continue the "large pictures of your lovely face" gags?

salvulcano69 karma

It's not getting any more expensive because I'll cut their balls off if they do it again.

raghucbz15 karma

Sometimes I feel like the pranks are being manipulated to make a particular joker lose that episode. For example, you get multiple chances and win while Murr gets only one change and loses that. Also, in the last episode the three way tie was resolved by just you and Murr and he had to take the punishment. I know this is just for fun, but can you acknowledge it?

salvulcano48 karma

Don't recall a three way tie with just Murr but sure I can address. We don;t film episodes in Sequence. It would be impossible to shoot a show that way. So we film a bunch and see where we stand. We play all the challenges real and as we go along, we tally who needs to shoot a punishment. Think of it like a huge jigsaw puzzle.

BarrettTL15 karma

Would you rather shower with an ostrich OR with Murr, Q, and Joe?

(Bear in mind how dangerously aggressive ostriches can be)

salvulcano54 karma

What up Barrett! I don't give a shit, the Ostrich.

soxfan1715 karma

Sal, that prank on Murr with the lie detector was awesome and cruel. How do stunts like this affect your friendship? How close are you all outside of the show?

P.S. my friends and I have done a couple of your challenges just to mess with each other so thanks for the ideas.

salvulcano22 karma

it doesn;t. we are making a show. we know that. all in good fun. no prob!

peterohsx15 karma


salvulcano57 karma

He deserves that shit.

ChiveKCCO15 karma

Hay Sal! Absolutely love the show. I die laughing every episode, even when watching repeats. I'm pumped for tonight's new show!

What was the hardest dare/practical joke for you to do on the show?

Has there been a dare that you had to stop at some point and tell the person you are on a tv show before something got too out of hand?

And has there been a dare that the group wanted to do but truTV didn't give you the OK to try and pull off?


salvulcano38 karma

Watching Q grab my sister's boob was tough. Yes quite a few times. Usually when someone gets furious. Happened one time when Q had to catch a guy in a net. The guy was gonna try and kill him. Yes there are hundreds. For every one idea that gets on I'd say 5 get killed.

InaccurateQuote14 karma


salvulcano41 karma

Probably wished I was there to get away from someone.

10InchErection11 karma

What was your favorite bit?

salvulcano52 karma

Do you really have a ten inch erection? I would imagine no. That's rare. Plus I wouldn't say it if I had it. Good luck though!

salvulcano34 karma

Dentist. There is SO MUCH more I wish you guys can see.

SulakaChewbacca9 karma

-Sal, what are some embarrassing things about the other Tenderloins that you'd like to share? -Also, what did you originally want to do with your life after school? -Lastly, why are you the funniest Joker?

salvulcano34 karma

Not sure about embarrassing. Would have to think about that. out of school I had a Finance degree but always did comedy on the side. I just am. I just am.

butterfly_crime_scen9 karma

Hey Sal! I love your show! Just wondering, how quickly do you get to reveal to people that you are doing a challenge on a show? Does this make it easier to do all the awkward challenges, knowing you can reveal this information right after? Also, thanks for making my username extremely relevant for the day :)

salvulcano6 karma

We ask them usually moments after bc they are usually on the go. It makes it like 10% easier yes. But the bottom line is in the moment, they don;t know and you still have no idea how they will react or if they will get mad. So, not all that easy. Nice shout out.

JRadical219 karma

What is the best challenge you've ever come up with?

salvulcano53 karma

At this point it's hundreds so it's hard to say. Personal preference. I really like when we have to fend for ourselves. Like recently is the debates in the mall. Millard Fillmore invented the appetizer, you know.

joserskid8 karma

First of all, huge fan of the show! Family loves you guys to death!

Being a jokester yourself I hope you can understand this: I bet my girlfriend 20 bucks that I could get a picture of you saying that I am awesome. Any chance you could hold up a sign and practically treat me to lunch? :)

salvulcano22 karma

how would i do that? sorry for my ignorance i don't see a place i can upload anything.

CalicoKitty908 karma

Do any of the pranks you have to do ever get you in trouble with the law/family/friends ect.?

salvulcano22 karma

I wouldn't say real serious trouble. But the stir the pot.

Haredeenee8 karma

What was the most funny non-scripted thing that happened on set that didn't go into the show?

salvulcano22 karma

Well we have filmed SO MUCH, there is prob a good amount. For example, we can do an ENTIRE episode of the Dentist. One of my faves was Joe reading Slam Poetry in Season one.

reinfected8 karma

Have any of you guys ended up in a situation where someone tried to fight you for what you did? If so, how did that get resolved?

salvulcano24 karma

Yes. I cut a bitch.

jenryanrj7 karma

Okay, first off, you and Q are definitely my favorites! My question for you is: when you're done with the prank do you tell the people you were joking? For example, when Murr asked the woman "I'm assuming the Tyler perry movie" did he tell her it was for tv? Second, do you ever attempt to do a prank and get called out by people for being on TV? Thanks for your time, keep doing the best double Dutch dance like only you can ;)

salvulcano6 karma

afterwards we have to tell them, yes. DD 4 life.

chris8297 karma

Sal, i'm a huge fan, let me just say.

How do you think of things on the spot? Do you have any improv training?

Also, id like to sign that petition against that bitch Irene.

salvulcano8 karma

yes i have done improv for many years. i recommend it to anyone and everyone, regardless of if you want to be a comedian. it's life changing imo.

danidisaster7 karma

Hey Sal! Is it true you are also the owner of a really awesome bar? I would love to go there sometime.

salvulcano8 karma

yes! Full Cup! and on twitter and FB

TheDroneZoneDome7 karma

Hey Sal, big fan. Could you tell those guys at truTV to do a better job covering the face of the Big Loser with the mosaic? I can always tell which Joker is going to loose. Thanks. Can't wait for tonight's episode!

salvulcano9 karma

Couldn't agree more! Pet peeve of mine.

MattyM2707 karma

I guarantee we are the unwitting subjects of yet another practical joke. Instead of answering questions, he just sits there and laughs at us. Then about 5et, Joe, Sal and the gang pop up and say "gotcha!"

salvulcano24 karma

Nope! I'm here!

depresser577 karma

Hey sexy, love you guys, how do you guys come up with all the ideas for the pranks!!!! :-)

salvulcano59 karma

Thanks sexy. Age/sex/location?

mSundae7 karma

Why did you guys just suddenly want to put a show together like Impractical Jokers? Huge fan of the show, my girls and I always have a little get together just to watch your show every week. We are all Murr fans :)

salvulcano31 karma

It wasn't sudden. We have been friends for 22 years and a comedy troupe for 13. F MURR.

Spladam7 karma

Can I get a Signed copy of the infamous picture of you that the guys always put everywhere?

salvulcano11 karma

Yes! Psyche!

iamironsheik7 karma

Was that really your sister?

salvulcano10 karma


Dragoru6 karma

I can't think of anything meaningful to ask you, so I'm just going to say hi.

Hi, Sal! :D

salvulcano22 karma


TheMalec6 karma

Hey Sal! Where did you learn how to dance?

salvulcano12 karma

If there's a God, him. If not, I don;t know.

helloaaron5 karma

What's the best prank that you guys have ever pulled on Murr off-camera?

salvulcano12 karma

oh man so many. we always change the tip on his credit card to add $20 after he walks away from a meal. he has never realized.

fa1thless5 karma

  1. How do people not see the camera crews when they are getting close ups of the marks?

  2. Do you guys just rotate through punishments and edit challenges in to ensure a loser or do they actually coincide with the challenges of the episode?

  3. You guys should come to Vegas so I can get nosed.

salvulcano10 karma

the cameras are hidden and are far away.

we do the challenges for real and then every few we tally and do punishments but they don;t specifically all correlate.

we want to!

OnlyRealWhenShared5 karma

Did you know that you guys were talked about on the joe rogan podcast? It was made to seem that you don't have as much creative freedom when it comes to your responses to your buddies jacking around. It was also said that the network holds you back from performing In your off time, which for a comedian, is absurd. Is this true?

salvulcano24 karma

We have the freedom. It's common for television. The only person I can think of who make the show they really want is probably Larry David and Louis CK.

EricaHolt003 karma

Sal, I LOVE what you do! Curious why you refused to participate in the jewelry store skit. ?? Thank you & Can't Wait for more funnies!

salvulcano6 karma

I did but I was unhappy with the outcome.

capspath832 karma

Do you guys ever get tickets by police or anything when doing public stunts??

Also, were you Joe and Q in Aruba 2 weeks ago with Murr when we met him in Senor Frogs? just want to be sure my wife and I weren't

You guys make us laugh so hard each episdode!

salvulcano15 karma

The three times police were called they were fans. So all good. No I was not. I will not travel with Murr for recreation.

nikcers2 karma

Whats the worst thing a friend has made you do on or off a bet, and did you get them back? Thanks for all the laughs Sal.

salvulcano17 karma

I swam in my friends green, swampy, infested, uncleaned for one year pool in the winter, two laps, for $650. If you know me, that is insane.

DuckyDolan2 karma

Who gets more action, you or Quinn?

salvulcano28 karma

I have action with myself every day. Thats hard to top.

atticus90492 karma

How many tries do you guys get to complete each challenge?

salvulcano8 karma

Depends. Could be one or two. Could be ten. When we feel we have it, we move on.

grapesaremyjam1 karma

will you guys ever come to maryland? to film/visit/live shows, anything? :) ps. are grapes really your jam?

salvulcano8 karma

I hope to visit everywhere. Check The Tenderloins website for tour dates. Grapes are indeed my jam.

YeahIWrestleBears-1 karma

When the hell does your show come on? I can never find it anymore.

salvulcano5 karma

It's all new every Thursday night on truTV at 10pm eastern. And they have mini marathons a bunch. And you can watch every episode online using our app!

resident_ginger-1 karma

What was the worst thing you guys did joking around before you were on TVs?

salvulcano3 karma

Prob standard stuff. I hitchhiked naked.