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Any reason a company as large as yours is not filing libel suits if it is completely made up?

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I don't really understand it. Pretty much every sub has a 100% no direct advertising rule.... but when you put it in the form of an AMA it can be the top post on all of fucking reddit.

Like you I don't blame her for taking advantage, but at this point the mods should be ashamed of allowing this type of thing. It isn't an AMA, it is a big advertisement... Post to the shop in the main body at the top and people linking out to her site and Amazon shop.

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While I certainly enjoy some of the stuff on IJ's, TruTV in the last few years has gone full retard with "reality" shows that they pose as real but are 99% fake/scripted.

I basically stopped watching IJ's because of that... if it is real it is on the wrong network. Being on TruTV is reeks of being completely staged.

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You get lucky in that someone else hasn't already turned their same passion into the same job and pushed everyone else out of the market.

I hate statements like "turn your passion into your job"... yeah? What if someone else has a passion for BMX websites? If this site is the biggest and best then how does this advice help them do the exact same thing?

People who launch successful websites and content like Youtube channels rarely do it through hard work and a plan, they fucking get lucky that something or someone out there likes what they have and adopts it as something they use regularly and spread via word of mouth.

For every person that "followed their passion and made a business" there are 10,000 more that "followed their passion and went into crushing debt and were a miserable failure".

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And I love people with your attitude that haven't been crushed by the corporate ruling class yet.

It isn't that people don't try, it is that some of us have been in business for ourselves (real life experience and not just imagination) and know the reality of what is out there waiting.

You can spend years of hard work, every penny you have, burn every favor and take every loan you can.... and all it takes to flush it down the toilet is some corporate manager of a big company deciding they can make a few bucks by being in the same industry.

I hope you do well.