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Do I have to pay you anything if I use that?

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Here's the thing. Because it's not that I want to deny you this. I don't want to deny myself this, for christ's sake. But every time I put the app on my phone I play it to death. I'll have twenty games going and I'll only stop to eat and sleep. I can't even stop for sex because I'll make whoever I'm fucking play it too, and then I'll get mad if he doesn't play his turn. And then something will happen and I'll realize I have a problem, and I will delete the app, and everyone I'm in the middle of a game with will think I quit on them and get mad, and I will have to explain the problem, and they won't believe me, because they'll always think this was finally the game where they were going to beat me. And then I'll be clean for a little while, and then someone will say, Will you play a game of Words with Friends with me? And then the cycle will begin again. But I'm strong right now, at this moment. And so I have to say No.

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Very few things want endorsements from pornstars, and pornstars loose their starpower almost within seconds of retiring. It's fascinating to watch, actually. But toy deals, especially Fleshlight toy deals, can be a good income source long after. They are the special magical unicorn for retired pornstars. Websites will continue for a while after too, if you've put in the time, which I have. Some contracts used to give movie residuals but don't anymore. The leg up that pornstars have, if they choose to take advantage of it, is they make a lot of liquid capital at a young age when they (presumably) have very few expenses. There are a lot of things that can be done with a few hundred grand cash in your twenties. Most people don't do it though, because they're in their twenties.

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I prefer swallowing, but facials are fun. I hate the shots on the belly. They feel wasted. Maybe the catholic church is onto something.

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Some are so intense that my vision gets a little weird. Some cause me to curl up and hold my head and cry from the pain of the headache that follows. Some are so lacking intensity that they feel more like a sneeze. The really, really good ones will make me taste blood--tiny tears in the throat from the vocals...

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I don't do it often enough to have anything constituting a ritual. Sometimes I do nothing. Sometimes I do. But as we all know, girls don't poop.

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It's happened. I don't always know that it's happening. Sometimes people just stare because I don't wear bras and my nipples never defrost. I can't read minds.

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Hoping for more. You think 10 million? That's a pretty respectable number...

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I just want to say, thank you for tossing me a softie.

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It has broadened it, for a general and unsatisfying answer. What I fear is that I will one day hit a wall where there is really nothing else to explore. But then at the end of the day the world has yet to top a good missionary position and blow job with someone I desperately want to be blowing.