Greg Sestero

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is an American actor and writer. He is best known for his role as Mark in the cult film The Room.

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Nope. The actress who played Claudette said she asked Tommy numerous times whether it comes up again. Tommy said "Don't worry, it's a twist." Eventually, she just said it and moved on.

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They do...and it always makes me laugh. Although I'm never holding a football when it happens

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If there was fire, would you jump in with me?

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The cast and crew were a great group of people. We formed a solid bond. It was almost like we went through Vietnam together.

Tommy has a unique accent. It is from Tommy's Planet.

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Tommy Wiseau

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  • Javier Bardem- Johnny
  • Ryan Gosling- Mark
  • Scarlet Johansson- Lisa
  • Meryl Streep- Claudette
  • Chris R - Chris R
  • Jack Black- Denny
  • Ryan Seacrest- Mike
  • Tina Fey- Michelle

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It wasn't Lisa, it was the staircase. Who would ever do it on a staircase when a bedroom is at the top of it, especially when you're cheating. And it didn't help it was a hundred degrees inside that stage.

Because the art dept went and grabbed frames to decorate the set and didn't actually check what was in them. They just wanted to finish the movie, like most of us

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Tommy thinks it is the best movie ever made. And more power to him. Tommy is a unique dude...crazy but in his own, lovable. Love is blind.

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That's life

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Sure he did. The greatest improvisation in the history of cinema. Plastic vs wood right?