Hi guys! I'm here again to talk about The Disaster Artist and its upcoming film adaptation by James Franco as well as anything else you'd like to talk about. AMA!

p.s. I love this art print by my friend Alex Pardee.

proof: https://twitter.com/gregsestero/status/437333812146483200

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HansSvenVonPoopens699 karma

Oh Hi Mark!

Would you ever plan on working with Tommy again? And I so, what parameters would you place on working with him to avoid any of the disasters described in the book?

Greg_Sestero_452 karma

If someone else was in charge of scheduling

HansSvenVonPoopens108 karma

Thanks! Again, the book was everything I dreamed it would be. Will you be appearing in NYC any time soon?

Greg_Sestero_118 karma

Albany next Saturday


Ginto_Maldari454 karma

Can I watch you guys?

Greg_Sestero_381 karma

Sure why not

DaintySload411 karma

Is it true "The Room" was funded by nazi gold?

Greg_Sestero_641 karma

I'm pretty sure

Mattyhoppy389 karma

Oh hi Mark, I was at a screening in New York about a year ago, and during the q&a with Tommy he randomly blurted out "Oh yeah, Denny is retarded". Now, did he mean that Denny in the movie is supposed to be retarded, or did he mean that Phillip is retarded?

Greg_Sestero_585 karma

I think that's his go to line to get a reaction from the audience

EchoTheCrat246 karma

He certainly has a way with words

trippygrape14 karma

The Shakespeare of our time.

Greg_Sestero_29 karma

To be or not to be

Redfoxyboy357 karma

What does Tommy think of the book? (It was amazing by the way!)

Greg_Sestero_781 karma

He refers to it as the red bible

Redfoxyboy591 karma

That raises more questions than answers...

Greg_Sestero_186 karma

He said he's read it 12x...and he likes it 50%

jonathanb550333 karma

Why did you shave halfway through The Room?

Greg_Sestero_745 karma

So I could show off my baby face. Or because Tommy wanted me to show off my baby face. Because Tommy thought I looked more American that way.

philballins310 karma

Two questions:

What is the weirdest thing Tommy has ever said around you?

What made you do another AMA so soon after your first?


Greg_Sestero_556 karma

Do you like to eat oranges in bed?

Questions about the book & its adaptation and the first one was crazy fun

slowzaf308 karma

Well do you like to eat oranges in bed???

Greg_Sestero_396 karma

Never tried it

ladyneckbeard283 karma

What kind of drugs was Denny supposedly taking? Personally, I can't see him taking anything stronger than cough syrup.

Edit: Hey thanks for the gold, mysterious kind sir!

Greg_Sestero_532 karma

Haha cough syrup is a good guess

I think he was doing the blue. Chris R was Tuco before Tuco

MorganFr33mansVoice268 karma

do you hang out with tommy? is he an alien?

Greg_Sestero_574 karma

Been trying to figure out that for 15 years.

stanfan114145 karma

Tommy is actually an angel come to earth. That is why he wears the long coat to hide his wings, and why he sounds so awkward when he talks. He is not used to human interaction.

Greg_Sestero_74 karma

If everybody loved each other the world would be a better place to live

cpenny20247 karma

I recently ran into Tommy at Whole Foods. His cart was full of almost nothing but energy drinks. Can you comment on this?

Greg_Sestero_366 karma

Sounds about right

dragonsky244 karma

Is "The Disaster Artist" the movie going to be a documentary or a more serious movie ?

Greg_Sestero_430 karma

Serious movie

slowzaf242 karma

What was the creepiest thing Tommy did while on set?

Greg_Sestero_579 karma

Mooning the entire cast/crew for 15 takes while walking to the fake bathroom in his glamour shot

amanderper107 karma

Was he at least considerate about covering his frontside up during filming?

Greg_Sestero_140 karma

Used a stocking sock

dragonsky209 karma

Do you think that "The Room" ruined your career or that it made your career ?

Greg_Sestero_513 karma

I think it gave me an opportunity.

goodnewsfpwlbn174 karma

Are you gonna be running bay to breakers this year?

Greg_Sestero_218 karma

In sandals

tomkesler172 karma

Greg, if I were to make a pizza and call it "The Sestero", what would that pizza have on it?

-Tom in Seattle (Go Seahawks!!!)

Greg_Sestero_281 karma


Frajer170 karma

Do you have any more information than we do about the Franco movie? Is it true James Franco wants to play Tommy with Dave Franco playing you?

Greg_Sestero_218 karma

Don't have any further info but I think that would be great!

DaintySload311 karma

The only person I see playing Tommy is Christopher Walken.

Greg_Sestero_317 karma

That's a good choice. Javier Bardem is great too.

amanderper392 karma

I had a weird thought of Leonardo DiCaprio being cast and THAT being what wins him an Oscar.

Greg_Sestero_266 karma

That would be perfect

Sonezaki151 karma

Can James Franco convincingly hump a red dress though

Greg_Sestero_247 karma

He'd kill it

PARPS160 karma

Who have you been most surprised to discover is a fan of The Room?

Greg_Sestero_397 karma

the late Lou Reed or Bill Simmons

Kwyjibo68156 karma

Have you seen the Rifftrax treatment of The Room?

Greg_Sestero_235 karma

Yeah it was hilarious

oOkeuleOo150 karma

Was the line "what planet are you on?" In the script or did you come up with that spontaneously? because if I worked together with tommy I would probably think something like that too. Also great book I'm currently reading it, really funny and interesting.

Greg_Sestero_198 karma

It was in the script

Suckassloser131 karma

Have you ever had a look at/played The Room Tribute game put out a Newgrounds a few years back? Funny point and click game that introduced me to The Room!

EDIT spelling

Greg_Sestero_156 karma

It's a terrific game!

STEVEHOLT1129 karma

Greg, will you marry me?

Greg_Sestero_532 karma

Just show up in a tuxedo with a football

alkaline_13118 karma

Are you and the 5 Second Films guys any closer to getting the 'behind the scenes' footage and making it into a full documentary? The little we saw at the Disaster Artist tour was gripping.

Greg_Sestero_146 karma

Hopefully soon. A lot of great footage.

asgardianloki111 karma

Hey, whatever happened to the Me Underwears guy?

Greg_Sestero_253 karma

Pushing him into the trashcan was the knockout blow

MoisturizedGoat105 karma

Have you ever played the Drinking game for The Room? I did once with 8.9 % beer. Never again. Probably one of the worst hangovers I've ever had. 1 sip every time Lisa's nipples come on screen is brutal.

Greg_Sestero_98 karma

I haven't but it sounds pretty brutal.

brobleybrob102 karma

What did Tommy think about the book (which was awesome, btw)? Did he read it? What did he say?

Greg_Sestero_224 karma

He read it 12 times. Red bible is what he calls it.

swagggggggg102 karma

Hi Greg, did you realize at the time of the filming that the movie was a bit ridiculous, or did it seem like a normal movie to you? I think playing catch in tuxedos might have been a bit of a red flag, no?

Greg_Sestero_262 karma

It was crazy from beg to end. Starting with the audition process in which Tommy greeted Chris R castings by jumping them when they walked through the door.

sirtomgravel85 karma

What was the deal with the cheesecake in the coffeeshop scene anyway? And how does Tommy feel about the book?

Greg_Sestero_154 karma

I don't know, I think he just thinks that everyone orders cheesecake? It's like a fancy type of dessert.

atomicheartmother84 karma

Hey Greg, two questions: What was it like working with Doug Walker, and how often do people come up to you on the street and ask how your sex life is?

Greg_Sestero_138 karma

DW is hilarious and I had a blast working with him

Get a lot of sex life questions and its all good

satyricon55383 karma


Greg_Sestero_111 karma

I really enjoyed working on TDA. Would love to do another one at some point.

danceofdope74 karma

Hey Greg! Amazing book, dude! Are you still as close to Tommy Wiseau now as you were when you used to hang out like in the book? Also, what do you think happened to Tommy during that extremely long period of time when he disappeared and returned buff, depressed, and with the "The Room" script in hand? Would you consider parts of your novel to be like a bromance?

Greg_Sestero_138 karma

I think Tommy and I will always have a kinship with all the crazy experiences endured. I think he went through a personal calamity of sorts--and came out different and inspired to make something happen. There's a little bromance--odd one at that.

-monochrome71 karma

Hey Greg! It's the pink and purple haired girl/one of the girls who was drawing at the coffee shop! I just wanted to pop in and say hello and thanks again for coming by, it was really awesome meeting you and being able to ask you some questions! I'll let you know when I finish the book, and sorry if my question is already answered in it and I just haven't gotten there yet!

I was wondering if the woman in the flower shop scene actually worked at that shop (assuming it was real) and if the dog was written in and intended or just something Tommy improvised?

Again, Thank you!

Greg_Sestero_132 karma

Yeah she and her partner (and the dog) all worked there. Tommy just showed up and took over the place

s408221154 karma

Apart from the Room, what is your favourite so bad it's good movie?

Greg_Sestero_86 karma

Johnny Suede

Muggwoffin53 karma

Hi Greg, I have three questions:

1. Can you share with us any more lines from the original script, the one that hadn't been revised by someone with a better grasp of English than Tommy? Those were some of my favourite moments in your book.

2. What is the dynamic like between you and Tommy these days? I'm just curious whether or not the years of touring have made you sick of each other.

3. I met you just last week in Edinburgh, thanks for being such a stellar guy and talking with us for so long! What the hell was the flavour of the chocolate bar you were eating? It tasted bizarre.

Greg_Sestero_92 karma

So many great lines! I think "Old Man Donkey lets me know today" & "When he finishes.." with the dress are my fav. The entire script is really gold

It's always entertaining going on tour. I luckily have a lot of patience.

It was really bizarre. I was trying to stay awake and I learned chocolate and lime don't mix

dev72953 karma

Oh hai Greg, we met recently at the Prince Charles Cinema and you appeared to be in a bad mood. My friends and i thought that you may have wished that you could be taken more seriously as an actor, so my question is: Do you regret being in the Room, in terms of do you think you could have became more as an actor had it not been for the Room?

Thanks for your time in this AMA!

Greg_Sestero_76 karma

It was fun! Just jetlagged and working on the latter part of your question.

martinmayer51 karma

Greg, is Tommy going to ever make that vampire movie?

Greg_Sestero_75 karma

I really hope so


Greg, what was it like being Miranda Lamberts husband in that one music video?

Greg_Sestero_67 karma

It was a fun time. Miranda was incredibly nice and cool to work with.

ObamaYoMomma32 karma

Greg I'm seeing you today at Sunray In Jacksonville. What would you like me to bring to you?

Greg_Sestero_54 karma

Hot chocolate

madocon31 karma

Hey! I saw you at geeksboro a couple nights ago. Thanks for coming! Here's a photo of you and me together http://i.imgur.com/QKEPC1P.jpg PS it's my phone wall paper now

Greg_Sestero_34 karma

Thanks for coming out. Greensboro is a great city

old_gregg28026 karma

How did you end up doing the Nostalgia Critic cameo?

Greg_Sestero_45 karma

Doug said he had a little something for me

culture_jammer12 karma

What do you think about movies on the movie making process? Are they a cop-out in terms of creativity? Or do they inspire more creativity?

Greg_Sestero_31 karma

I think my two fav movies/movies are Sunset Blvd & Ed Wood because they're more character driven stories. I feel the same about the DA