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Who have you been most surprised to discover is a fan of The Room?

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Jay, as someone who's directed various episodes of Community, what's your opinion on the whole Dan Harmon debacle?

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Hey, Steve, thanks so much for doing this! You're the reason I actually started caring about how records sound, so I wanted to thank you for that first of all.

A few questions:

  1. Is there much of a story behind Fugazi working with you for In on the Kill Taker, or were they just simply not happy with their performances?

  2. Is there one record you wish you had recorded?

  3. Is there a recording you've done that, in retrospect, you regret doing?

  4. What has your relationship with Touch & Go been like?

Thanks again!

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Hey Chris! I've got two questions:

  1. What's the best improv scene you can remember either being in or witnessing (UCB or otherwise)?

  2. Any chance you'd do another dumpster special? The Scheer/Mantzoukis one might be my all-time favorite TCGS episode.

Thanks for doing this! Love the show/hope you get a chance to go on vacation soon!

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What ever happened to Skinny Minnies? Any chance more are on the way?