Hi reddit. I starred in The Room a few years ago. I didn't think anybody would see it. I was wrong. I've written a book about my experiences shooting The Room with Tommy Wiseau called The Disaster Artist.

You can read an excerpt from it here: http://www.vulture.com/2013/09/room.html

Want to know what it was like to hang out with Tommy Wiseau? Play football on the roof? Kiss Lisa?


(tweeted in advance) https://twitter.com/gregsestero/status/383755814973890560

UPDATE: Guys, thanks so much for coming on here. It was a lot of fun. I'll be coming back on here to answer more of questions a little later. Hope you check out my book and come by the L.A Book launch event this Tuesday 7pm at the New Beverly Cinema and NYC October 3rd at Powerhouse Arena.


NYC http://powerhousearena.com/events/book-launch-the-disaster-artist-by-greg-sestero-and-tom-bissell/

There will be more updates at www.thedisasterartistbook.com

Take care, Greg

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oh_hi_Mark1896 karma


Greg_Sestero_1247 karma

That's life

ElderCunningham1204 karma

How is your sex life?

Greg_Sestero_1130 karma

It is incredible

chooter1060 karma

Do people come up to you on the street and say "Oh Hi Mark"?

Greg_Sestero_1696 karma

They do...and it always makes me laugh. Although I'm never holding a football when it happens

Greg_Sestero_480 karma

They do! It's all good. I would say "McFly" is I walked by Crispin Glover. Although he'd kill me for it.

candyman82756 karma

Was there a time when the "I have breast cancer" line actually made sense?

Greg_Sestero_1705 karma

Nope. The actress who played Claudette said she asked Tommy numerous times whether it comes up again. Tommy said "Don't worry, it's a twist." Eventually, she just said it and moved on.

cg2916699 karma

  1. You recently described the sex scenes with Lisa as "fucking awful". Care to elaborate?

  2. Why were there pictures of spoons everywhere?

Greg_Sestero_1327 karma

It wasn't Lisa, it was the staircase. Who would ever do it on a staircase when a bedroom is at the top of it, especially when you're cheating. And it didn't help it was a hundred degrees inside that stage.

Because the art dept went and grabbed frames to decorate the set and didn't actually check what was in them. They just wanted to finish the movie, like most of us

intshaku538 karma

..but he said it was symbolism

Greg_Sestero_1146 karma

Sure he did. The greatest improvisation in the history of cinema. Plastic vs wood right?

Caprica666670 karma

  1. Please identify Tommy's accent.

  2. Do you and the other cast/crew still keep in touch?

Greg_Sestero_1553 karma

The cast and crew were a great group of people. We formed a solid bond. It was almost like we went through Vietnam together.

Tommy has a unique accent. It is from Tommy's Planet.

DiegoVonCosmo646 karma

When throwing a football, what is the proper technique to ensure the ball travels the shortest distance possible?

Greg_Sestero_1105 karma

Hold the top end of the ball and make an imaginary target using Tommy's face


So does Tommy actually think The Room is a good movie? Or is he just playing along with the critics? (I'd think the latter, but Tommy seems like a pretty crazy dude.)

Greg_Sestero_1287 karma

Tommy thinks it is the best movie ever made. And more power to him. Tommy is a unique dude...crazy but in his own, lovable. Love is blind.

eigenturtle616 karma

What is the strangest thing Tommy has ever said to you off the set?

Greg_Sestero_1594 karma

If there was fire, would you jump in with me?

SojuSojuSoju1686 karma

I mean, you kinda did...

Greg_Sestero_1136 karma

Thanks for the laugh. And you're right

Keywork99543 karma

I have no question for you, Greg. I just wanted to say my wife and I love The Room so much that we actually used the song "You Are My Rose" for the last dance at our wedding. Half of the people there got the joke and were laughing hysterically while we all danced. The other half looked around not knowing what the hell was going on.

Looking forward to reading the book. :)

Greg_Sestero_505 karma

That is great. Congrats. You have a much better memory of that song. I rush for the exit when I hear it. That staircase!

gregsestero491 karma


Dear Mr. Sestero, thanks for doing this AMA! Couple questions:

  1. What conditioner do you use to keep your hair so golden/flowy/soft etc.?

  2. I think we all want to know what it was like to kiss Lisa, so HOW WAS IT?

  3. Not so much a question, but my friends and I met you about 3 years ago at a screening in Boston and we told you our Xbox Live name was GregSestero. I just want to assure you that you are being well represented in the Xbox world.

  4. Anyways, how's your sex life?

Greg_Sestero_435 karma

I grab Scotchka and do a quick rinse

It was....

That is rad. What did you think of GTA 5?

harlarious437 karma

Who is the most famous person to have told you that they are a fan of yours?

Greg_Sestero_1424 karma

Tommy Wiseau

Greg_Sestero_909 karma

Ok Patton Oswalt, David Wain, Tom Lennon, Paul Scheer are all awesome guys and have been supportive.

Hiddos423 karma

Why is The Room called The Room?

Greg_Sestero_941 karma

I'm still trying to figure that out. Initially, Tommy wanted to make The Room a play. It was fitting but when he turned it into a feature, the title remained and added to the charm. I think it should be called The Rooftop

katarn22419 karma

Would you recommend going to the hospital on Guerrero Street for surgery?

Greg_Sestero_529 karma

It is a risk. It may not come out right.

PsychSpec415 karma

If you could recast all of the characters in The Room, who would you cast?

Greg_Sestero_1370 karma

  • Javier Bardem- Johnny
  • Ryan Gosling- Mark
  • Scarlet Johansson- Lisa
  • Meryl Streep- Claudette
  • Chris R - Chris R
  • Jack Black- Denny
  • Ryan Seacrest- Mike
  • Tina Fey- Michelle

Keanununocitum1342 karma

A visual for those wondering:


Greg_Sestero_802 karma

That is incredible. There is interest in adapting The Disaster Artist into a film. My first choice for Tommy is Javier Bardem.

goodnewsfpwlbn399 karma

Why do you smoke that stuff?

Greg_Sestero_712 karma

It's good bro, you want some?

oliviasarus397 karma

Was it awkward humping Lisa's hip with your jeans on?

Greg_Sestero_814 karma

Extremely. But better than the alternative. I let Tommy have that rear end glory.

bencordoza388 karma

What scene in "The Room" did you have the most trouble filming?

Greg_Sestero_917 karma

Having to say the words "Leave your stupid comments in your pocket!" I had to change the words into "Why are you doing this to me Tommy?" Then I could say the line without laughing.

giggsy664333 karma

Did you realise during production how bad the film would be?

Greg_Sestero_853 karma

I knew it was a trainwreck before production even started.

DaManWitDaPlan291 karma

What made you stick with it? Was the pay good?

Greg_Sestero_753 karma

I was trying to help Tommy complete his dream project. Or as most people call it...a vanity project gone horribly wrong.

intshaku330 karma

What's the funniest thing you've heard Tommy say?

Greg_Sestero_1065 karma

When it came to plot questions with The Room, he would respond "That's the twist." ???

Incessantlurker327 karma

Did you, uh...know that chocolate...is the symbol of love?

Greg_Sestero_355 karma

Yes! And Chocolate is my favorite breakfast food too

BobdaWalrus318 karma

Do you enjoy watching The Room now or does it make you cringe?

How often do you get recognized outside of personal appearances?

Greg_Sestero_534 karma

Certain scenes do but it is always fun to watch it with an audience. You have to have a sense of humor about it.

ediblemessiah302 karma

Is tommy wiseau really as odd as he is on screen as he is in real life?

Greg_Sestero_771 karma

He is exactly the same way in real life.

IAMARainbowAMA297 karma

Why did you shave your beard off halfway through The Room?

Greg_Sestero_474 karma

I had the beard as a disguise. Tommy had a nickname for me back in the day..."Babyface" (yeah, I know)....and wanted me to show if off.

ppyajunebug295 karma

Also, is there full video of Tommy reciting Hamlet's monologue? The two seconds of that made my life complete

Greg_Sestero_441 karma

There is! It is gold. I'll try to include that in my documentary on my book tour.

MrX16283 karma

What's it like working with the five second film guys?

Greg_Sestero_346 karma

They are incredible. Michael Rousselet is a friend of mine who started The Room cult and has been a big supporter. Their upcoming movie will be a lot of fun.

RAWRimmark272 karma

I remember reading on the wikipedia page for the movie that some of the original script was filled with awful monologues and things that no one would ever say. Can you give a few examples?

Greg_Sestero_741 karma

The opening line of the original script is Lisa: I am not a slave here, am I?

twent4249 karma

oh hai mark!

i am so sorry but i couldn't live with myself if i missed this chance

Question 1: Tommy got some notoriety out of the film which led him to become a sort of D-list celeb. You got a book deal almost 10 years down the road, but not much work in your chosen field of acting. Do you feel like the film has helped or impeded your career?

Question 2: (I apologize for I haven't read the book, and if you promise that these are answered in it I will pick it up) You may have some insight since you also helped the production side; it is claimed that the film had a budget of 20M, even though I recall the figure 8M being thrown around. Regardless, where did all the cash go?

Question 3: Seriously, where's Tommy from?

Thank you very much, wishing you all the best!

Greg_Sestero_443 karma

I never expected anything from The Room so I can't complain. Now that the book is completed I'm looking forward to making new movies. I'll be shooting a feature later this year with the creators of 5 Second Films called Dude Bro Party Massacre. Those guys are brilliant so it'll be fun.

Stinkbug08234 karma

How satisfying was it knocking Mike down with a slight nudge?

Do you think girls like to cheat like guys do?

Greg_Sestero_356 karma

Mike made that scene. He'd make a great flopper in the NBA.

I think its 70-30

MONKSFTW229 karma

Greg serious question here Do you think that if there was a possibility for a sequel to the room where tommy wiseau plays Johnny's ghost that possesses Denny and takes his revenge on you and Lisa , you would play the role without a doubt ?

Greg_Sestero_497 karma

I think Johnny survives the gun shot. He is resurrected in the ambulance. Then flash to six months later. He becomes the ultimate lady's man. Mark doesn't get his bigger place and goes to jail. If a major studio picked it up, but still gave Tommy creative control, then I'd be in.

Sosen218 karma

Why does The Room have such an epic soundtrack?

Greg_Sestero_584 karma

It is right out of it Les Miserables. When I hear it, I think uh oh...get ready for an onslaught of San Francisco establishing shots.

bluebloodblondie210 karma

When you were on the phone with Lisa and you said you were busy while sitting in your car doing nothing, what went through your head?

Greg_Sestero_353 karma

I put on my sunglasses, and apologized to any future audience that would see me and my prehistoric cell phone

oasdf197 karma

If you were to pick one script for Tommy Wiseau to direct today, what would it be?

On the flipside, if someone were to remake Wiseau's script for The Room, who would you like to see star and direct?

Greg_Sestero_453 karma

Tommy should make the new Batman vs Superman...or remake No Country for Old Men...or any Vampire Movie.

Woody Allen

bjerghest195 karma

Why aren't you the flowerladys favorite customer?

Greg_Sestero_428 karma

Because I don't have five f***ing minutes!

theadventures172 karma

Alright, so I got an advanced copy of the Disaster Artist. Overall I found it to be a pretty good book.

That said, since it really doesn't paint Tommy as a wonderful character, how is he so cool with advertising the story? I'd be a little embarrassed, even if I was Tommy.

Greg_Sestero_299 karma

I think it is honest portrayal of Tommy and shows both his kind side as well as his eccentric side. I didn't want to glamorize the experience. And I shared the parts of his story he shared with me, and left the rest to him and his privacy. I think in the end, Tommy is in his own an inspiring man. And i hope you felt a little of that in finishing the book. Thank you reading it.

lameboyhomeboy161 karma

How and when did you find out the room was such a hit?

Greg_Sestero_395 karma

I was sitting on the floor in the Dallas Airport when I received a call from Clark Collis at EW. He told me it was being studied at Universities and have several celebrity fans. Needless to say I thought I was being punked.

Seraphix154 karma

I'm sure there's some things in there that are brutally honest about him and his persona in your book. My question is...is he aware of how people perceive him, as a completely bizarre, almost non-human individual? Did you go over all of it with Tommy after you wrote it?

Greg_Sestero_214 karma

He sees things from his own perspective. I was completely honest in writing about my experience. I used behind the scenes footage and interviewed Tommy and included the parts of his story he shared.

BarkClimber153 karma

How has this affected your acting career? Do potential employers make jokes about your role as Mark?

Greg_Sestero_408 karma

The Room is never something you'd show in a professional sense. I look at it as a big joke. I will get started making good movies soon. Promise.

garywoo150 karma

Oh hai Greg! Can you give us a little more information about the infamous tuxedo scene? Why was that in the film and what was it supposed to be?

Greg_Sestero_260 karma

I would assume that it is a pre-wedding bro event. But it was all about a spotlight for me to shave my beard and have an aha moment. But it almost feels like a doorbell competition.

Melmac1803135 karma

But you're Mark...

Wikipedia says you sent John Hughes a screenplay of a sequel to Home Alone, and he wrote back saying he liked it. Tell us about that.

Also, has Tommy ever told you where he's from?

Greg_Sestero_281 karma

I saw Home Alone when I was 12 and loved it. I decided to write a screenplay for a sequel with a role for me opposite Macaulay Culkin..in Disneyworld. Hughes was impressed and send me a note. It was great. Made me want to do something creative. I was really sad when Hughes passed in '09. I always wanted to thank him. I hope he didn't see The Room!

mudclub89 karma

has Tommy ever told you where he's from?

This is the most important question

Greg_Sestero_259 karma

I used to think it was Mars...or Transylvania. But its neither of those. It is not France.

Mittonius135 karma

Mark--I mean Greg: How was your personal relationship with Tommy? Did he open up to you at all about his past, his personal life and stuff like that? Did he ever tell you where he was from? Or was he pretty secretive?

Greg_Sestero_219 karma

Tommy has opened up over the years, but he enjoys his privacy. It makes the mystery all the more fun.

elliew398131 karma

Do you have any traits or qualities in common with Mark? Do you or did you ever sympathise with him as a character?

Greg_Sestero_638 karma

Mark was a character without a head or tail. When I tried to add an ounce of substance or a few brain cells, Tommy would say "Stop trying to be king of the world!"

jfsj513131 karma

Did Philip Haldiman seem aware of how creepy Denny was?

Greg_Sestero_198 karma

Philip was a great sport. He did about as well as anyone could have.

thecatsofmars127 karma

Can you help us understand what happened to the scene with the flowers and the dog?

Greg_Sestero_346 karma

Tommy/ Johnny had 18 seconds to get in there and get flowers for his future wife. If he was one second late, he was no longer the perfect guy for Lisa. Johnny made it happen. And pet the dog in time!

Alexio-S119 karma

I gotta ask, what's your favourite scene in The Room?

Greg_Sestero_324 karma

My fav scene is the Chris R scene. I think you hear "Where's my f***ing money!?" around 25 times

yoloswagy109 karma

Whos better at throwing footballs, you or Tommy?

Greg_Sestero_359 karma

Um, I have a more perfected 40 yd launch but Tommy rules at 3 feet.

mudclub105 karma

No way. NO WAY! You crazy dreamboat! Why do you keep coming to Oakland and not staying for the screenings? I've patiently sat through 22 consecutive monthly screenings. Without you.

1: How the hell is Todd Barron the only cast/crewmember of the room to have an obvious ongoing career in the field? ಠ_ಠ

2: The denim. Your idea, Safowa's doing, or was it all Tommy?

3: Is Dan Janjigian as much of a badass off the set as he is on camera?

4: I'm convinced that Mike is a modern day Jerry Lewis - witness the chocolate scene with Michelle and his mugging after you clobbered him in the alley 'me underwears' scene. I guess this one isn't actually a question...

5: Rumor has it you haven't aged a day since filming wrapped. Can we have a current photo? Does the beard live on?

Oh god, too much pressure. I'll come back with more useful questions.

Greg_Sestero_114 karma

I'll be up there for a show soon. Promise. I'm from the Bay Area.

Todd Barron let Tommy make the movie he wanted, which is why he was the last surviving DP.

Denim Man wasn't my idea...but it was my clothing I'm ashamed to say

Dan Jan is awesome! Smart, funny and a bad ass

Mike is really funny. He made being on set all the more enjoyable. I once asked him to screech as loud as could when Tommy said "We are expecting!" He also would play a funny character on set called "The Gayest straight guy"

The beard has been retired for now.

clydecker82 karma

Hey Greg,

1, What was your training routine back in the early 2000's and did you have to do any special physical preparations for the role?

2, Right before the famous butt shot we see Johnny waking up moaning and all grumpy as if he's having the hangover of the century. Is it correct to assume that this scene was meant to follow that night of heavy drinking and sex that happens 15 minutes worth of runtime later?

3, What do you think about the theory that by "drugs", Denny means medications that he purchased for Lisa's mom? Supposedly it was meant to be a present for Claudette's birthday or something, that's why he doesn't want to talk about the details while she's around.

4, Does Tommy tend to use the term "leather jacket" as a codename for some kind of drug?

Greg_Sestero_211 karma

Great questions! I ran 20 miles a day and did yoga to perfect Mark's boringness. I liken it to a department store mannequin. It worked.

It was a chance for Tommy to aim his rear end at us. An excuse to moon us over and over for ten years.

I think Mark was a narcotics officer trolling in the car in that first shot. He and Denny share an awkward look in one scene, then Mark is up on the roof smoking. Hmmmm I think Denny got drugs for Mark.

That's hilarious. But I think Tommy means pleather jackets.

jsto3463 karma

Remember Betty? Did she ever get out of that hospital on Guerrero Street?

Greg_Sestero_125 karma

Yeah. She learned that girls like to cheat like guys do.

LtLinguini60 karma

Oh hai, Mark! Huge fan, can't wait to get your book next week!

Though if you don't mind spoiling it just a little bit, what was, ultimately, your favorite scene to film?

Greg_Sestero_158 karma

My favorite scene to film was Oh, Hi Mark. Watching Tommy's performance was something I can't unsee.

floptimus_prime60 karma

How much of your dialogue was improvised because the script was so godawful?

Greg_Sestero_133 karma

Everything was in the script. It is what I call Tommy-ese

RBGolbat59 karma

Who is your favorite Superhero?

Greg_Sestero_143 karma

Batman--Christian Bale

Adarkox57 karma

If you could go back in time, would you warn yourself about this movie?

Greg_Sestero_153 karma

I would warn myself that this was going to be a ten year ride. But I phoned in my performance..or mailed it in. Even if I knew it was going to be a cult hit, how could have I improved my performance? Liam Neeson couldn't even say "People are very strange these days" and mean it.

spaceeoddityy55 karma

Have you ever left your "me underwears" around for Claudette to find? Do you ever read The Room fanfiction? My friend and I recorded us reading one about that guy who left his underwear.

Greg_Sestero_98 karma

Claudette is the expert at that underwear stuff. I love Room fan fiction. The stuff you guys come up with is clever and hilarious.

hamdaman00742 karma

What were your least and most favourite scenes of The Room to film??

Greg_Sestero_97 karma

The fight scenes with Tommy. He took them way too seriously. But he would just hold my arms and we ended up looking like two people hissing at each other. Always makes me laugh.

jmumford40 karma

How has Tommy viewed the book? I can't imagine he would of been happy with details revealed, especially as he likes to be mysterious about things.

Greg_Sestero_75 karma

I think Tommy appreciates a lot of aspects from the book. He was a big part of my life and vice versa. I think we differ on where the movie and stands and aspects of its making. I think it was important for me to be honest.

garbobjee35 karma

Do you know that someone made a videogame based on The Room?


Greg_Sestero_62 karma

I do! And I love it. Such a fun game. Tom Fulp at Newgounds created it and is great. I'm hoping they make it to my book launch in NYC at Powerhouse Arena Oct 3rd

pfelon33 karma

How was it working with Tom Bissell? Is he a big fan of the movie?

Greg_Sestero_52 karma

Tom is great. He wrote an incredible piece about The Room in Harper's Magazine in 2010 and is a good friend.

thekupoqueen29 karma

How single is Tommy? I need to make babies with him.

Greg_Sestero_60 karma

You have to ask Tommy how his sex life is. I'm sure it could work out.

Ravepulse29 karma

What is currently your favorite movie?

Greg_Sestero_92 karma

An Education, Drive, Life of Pi, Exit Through the Gift Shop....All time Back to the Future. And Sunset Blvd.

zavaro28 karma

I want to thank you, Greg, for doing this. It's really awesome.

More Shakespeare footage of Tommy when? Please tell me you have the rest of that footage.

How has the popularity of the Room affected your personal life? Are you afraid to go outside? Do people come up to you randomly with autograph requests often?

And how often to you interface with your former co-stars? I can imagine it was fairly weird for a few years there, before this blew up to such a sensation.

Greg_Sestero_51 karma

Tommy's Shakespeare performance is amazing. It just gets better. Kenneth Branagh could learn some tricks.

The Room has been a fun experience. Everyone is friendly and cool about it.

misingnoglic24 karma

I'm just curious if you remember me, my friend and I came to a Los Angeles screening of The Room playing a flute/clarinet arrangement of the theme. Tommy was very supportive but also very confusing as he kept moving us around in weird ways, and I wasn't even sure if he knew we were playing the theme :p

(Youtube link in case you really want to see this)

Greg_Sestero_27 karma

I do remember. Thanks for being such a good sport.

ShredDurst22 karma

Oh hai Greg! Has the role you did in The Room influenced your ability to land any other acting gigs?

Greg_Sestero_54 karma

It has introduced me to a ton of wonderful people. But landing other acting gigs...no. The Room is a guilty pleasure and I accept it for what it is.

Aregvan9 karma

Have you noticed a change in how fans talk to you since you released "The Disaster Artist"?

Greg_Sestero_27 karma

Yeah they seem to understand my sense of humor about it. And most of them are shocked I survived the experience!

chocos5 karma

It's been said that if anyone knows Tommy Wiseau, it is you.

So, Where is he really from? No linguist on earth is skilled enough to point out his origins.

Greg_Sestero_10 karma

I do but that belongs to Tommy. My guesses were all wrong. It isn't France.

Roths_Child4 karma

Mr. Sestero! I'm a huge fan of you, Tommy and The Room. I even signed up to this horrible website for your AMA, today.

So my best attempt at a question: What would you say has been the highlight of your post Room career?

Thanks for everything, Greg. I'll be purchasing "The Disaster Artist" as soon as I can. And thanks for doing that "How Did This Get Made?" interview.

Greg_Sestero_7 karma

Getting to travel and meet all of you guys!

LookFluffyUnicorn3 karma

Hi Greg, when are you next in the UK?

Greg_Sestero_5 karma

Hoping to come out next year on the book tour. More info here www.thedisasterartistbook.com