Gillian Jacobs

best known for her role as Britta Perry on the NBC comedy series Community.

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Gosh...They shot part of "J. Edgar" near us and Chevy wandered over onto their set and pretended to be on the crew until Clint Eastwood noticed him.

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  1. Cat
  2. Smoosh face
  3. Lord Bubblebath

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  1. I think Donald calling me the AT&T of people.
  2. I would say buy the DVDs and merchandise from Show the network you're willing to spend money on the show. (Thank you for watching. We love our international fans and are excited to see the show is relaunching in the UK, etc.)
  3. I just worked on a movie called "Burt Wonderstone", I have a film called "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" coming out in the summer and a movie called "Revenge for Jolly" premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival soon.


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Yes! Several. I went to his first ever concert in Queens which had an audience of about 50 people. I was so proud of him that I was beaming from ear to ear.

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Our awesome 18-35 yr old fans don't necessarily watch TV live anymore. I think a. the networks don't know how to count them and b. they want viewers who sit through ads. All of tv is changing right now and people are scared and confused. I think they will work it out eventually and our ratings will skyrocket because people are watching!

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I am so hungee! Thank you all for being so awesome. I'm sorry I couldn't answer all of your questions. I will try and answer more at a later date. I learned my lesson about reusing old AMA links so I will create a new one. I WON'T BRITTA IT!

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Hmmm....Not sure. Maybe a ghost story at Pierce's mansion? Thank god I'm not a writer on this show!

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He claims to have been roommates with David Bowie for a week. I still don't know the full story there...

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I think Donald is the most tech-savy. Chevy still thinks his email is in New York.

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