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I am off. Sorry again that I can't answer everyone's questions. You guys are awesome. Sorry I somehow managed to Britta this AMA. AGAIN. :(

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Will you please come to my birthday party?

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When is it?

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I didn't know about it until people on the internet started talking about that! I'm so slow that I didn't really put it together. Thanks for watching!

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Has a lover ever wrote you a poem beginning: "Gillian, Gillian, one in a million..."

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Nope! Good idea though.

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I would just like to steal Troy's line and ask "ey, how you livin'?"

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Pretty well, thanks!

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So just how excited are you about tomorrow night? On a scale of 1 to Chang?

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Chang to the power of 10!

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Made this account just to tell you you're awesome! I love Community and Britta's my favourite character. Not many people interact with their fans as much as the cast of Community seem to and I love that about you.

My question for you would be if you could have one person guest direct an episode who would it be?

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  1. Thank you! (love your username)
  2. I think a Wes Anderson episode of Community might be phenomenal.

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(same question from the last thread, but it was late)

I've been hearing a lot about the effects of Chang-tongue on set. Do you or anyone else in the cast have other tricks to make people laugh during filming?

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Donald has been known to flash his butt. Joel has an incredibly high butt crack so it is always showing. Danny and Alison make each other laugh all the time and then they can't stop.

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Ever do the robot by the microwave while waiting for your food to cook? It's a great way to pass the time.

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I will try it next time!

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Which one of Dean Pelton's outfits is your favorite?

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Tina Turner, I think

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I love you dearly! If you could write an episode of Community, what would it be about? Also, if you could say you love me back, it would make my life.

Keep up the awesome work on the show!!!

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I love you back, doublestuf

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Are we going to see Britta's psych class this season?

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Not the actual class but more of her psych skills at work- for sure

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Do you get the chocolate covered potato chips from Trader Joe's often?

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I only bought them once. They are too delicious. Very, very dangerous.

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Why is Britta so bad at dancing if she took dance class with Troy?

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She forgot how to dance?

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Hi again Gillian. I asked this question earlier but you may have missed it: was Alison's vocals modified for "Teach Me How to Understand Christmas"? I'm assuming they were but it's something I've been wondering for a while.

Oh, and just how awesome was Taran Killam in that episode?

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That is all Ali! She has an amazing voice.

TARAN KILLAM ROCKED IT. His super creepy look to Abed right before the pageant had me crying with laughter.

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That is for Yvette and Alison to explain!

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What's your favorite book?

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Pale Fire by Nabokov

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Is Britta the kind of character who reads Catcher In the Rye, and takes it way too seriously?

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She probably thinks it only speaks to the male experience. Maybe she has read a feminist retelling of it.

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Do you identify with Britta? and is there anything you can spoil for tommorow ;D

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MJW dances. I identify with Britta, for sure! I mess things up all the time. I trip. I bump into things. I pronounce words incorrectly.

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Was there ever a time Britta would be lost deep on an acid trip?

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Did you see the trailer for season 3.5 ? Britta def got high on Peyote. :)

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  1. what cartoons did you watch as a kid?
  2. What are the best bars in L.A.?

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Batman, Animaniacs, David the Gnome, X Men, Count Duckula...

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If you could pick. What film/tv series would you like Community to honour with an Homage ?

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Maybe a daytime soap! What if we did a Days of Our Lives-style episode?

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Bad cereal- Lucky Charms Good Cereal- Grapenuts

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How was it working on Seeking a Friend for the End of the World with Keira Knightley? Is she cool? Also, you're cool.

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She's super cool. I had so much fun. I got to work with her, TJ Miller and Steve Carell. What's not to like?

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Where are your favorite spots in Pittsburgh?

GillianJacobs77 karma

Mattress Factory and Spice Island Tea House (does that still exist?)

Moon-Base48 karma

Madame Jacobs. Would you support the construction of a permanent Moon-base?

We already have an exotic dance club, a zagat rated restaurant, a five star hotel and at least five hundred pounds of cocaine.

Also grocery store conveyor belts.

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With Abed as the catalyst, which TV show/movie/fictional world would you most like to see Community do a crossover episode with?

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Does your family's brewery still exist? (I'm a recent transplant to the State College, PA area.)

GillianJacobs71 karma

No, sadly. It closed in the '70s.

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Great job on the show! I just have one question. What type of music do you listen to? Keep up the great work!

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I know next to nothing about music! Like Britta- I listen to a lot of NPR podcasts. Lame, I know.

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I am currently writing an essay for a Political Social Movements class and I reckon Britta was at the Battle of Seattle in '99. Is this true?

GillianJacobs57 karma

Probably a safe bet.

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At a Childish Gambino concert last year in April in LA, I had an opportunity to take a picture with you and Yvonne. It was a surreal moment and I was completely starstruck to have a picture with the cast of my favorite show on television.

Just wanted to let you know, that you guys (+ the concert and getting to hug Danny Pudi) made that night one of the most memorable nights of my life. Keep up the good work.

GillianJacobs56 karma

Thank you! Glad you had the chance to get a picture with us. Thanks for watching the show!

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Just watched your outtake reel. You should be banned from putting those on DVDs - it makes the rest of our jobs pale in comparison.

Question: I'm going to Alison Brie's show in NYC this coming April on my bday. How's her singing and how can I get her to take a picture with me?

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Her singing is excellent. Ask politely! That is usually the best way.

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Civil rights crusaders and oppressed indigenous peoples, I bet.

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One question. How awesome is the blanket fort war?

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Who is your favourite co-worker to act with?

Who is your least?

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We all miss John Oliver.

babarshouse26 karma

Thin Mints or Samoas?

GillianJacobs112 karma

Thin Mints.

Crystalyze1426 karma

How do you feel about Britta's changing character over the last three seasons? Going from the strong sarcastic (basically the female Jeff with a love for Radiohead and vegan dishes) to more slapsticky, silly humour?

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I love it.

nikkitheferret24 karma

No question - Just wanted to say I love Community and you are such a fantastic (and hilarious) part of it! Thanks so much!

GillianJacobs38 karma

Thank you!

MackLuster7723 karma

What's your favorite non-television type performance? I heard you on a couple of Pod F Tompkasts, and I thought you were great.

GillianJacobs41 karma

Thanks! I grew up doing theater so I relish any chance to be in front of a live audience. Thrilling Adventure Hour, the Paul F Tompkins show at Largo, etc.

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Are we going to see more community on The Soup? And how are Jim Rash's abs?

GillianJacobs31 karma

Tonight, I think!

Skinnj21 karma

Let me know when you're in Switzerland :-P

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First off, you've become one of my favourite characters in the show.

  1. Since Community, it seems that you have now headed down the path of comedy, with the upcoming Steve Carell movies and popping up on comedy podcasts like Comedy Bang Bang. Would you ever decide to go back to doing drama, or is comedy the path you're going to stick to?

  2. Was there any real reason you're character needed a British accent in Helena from the Wedding? (Not that it was a bad one)

GillianJacobs28 karma

  1. Would love to do a drama again.
  2. The character was written as British. The director's wife is British so maybe that is why. Also maybe it made her seem even more different and alienated from that friend group. She really was an outsider.

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(I do kiss Carell in that movie as well)

Skinnera19 karma

Gillian, what you know about Ukraine?) I'm from Odessa, Ukraine and there are many Community fans. we love you and all people who work at Community. Thanks for work!

GillianJacobs31 karma

I don't know a lot about the Ukraine but I bet it is wonderful. Thank you for watching!

LifeUhhhhFindsAWay18 karma

Do you have any other projects in the works?

GillianJacobs63 karma

A few movies. Did a voice on Robot Chicken and one on Venture Brothers. Made a short film in Cleveland. Did a little sketch for the TV show of Comedy Bang Bang.

i_eversaw16 karma

Hey Gillian! Currently watching season 2. What's an insider easter egg that you can share so I can feel special knowing something while watching one of the episodes?

GillianJacobs44 karma

Abed delivering the baby!

tehciolo16 karma

can you whistle?

GillianJacobs41 karma


orellan14 karma

Did Jim Rash brag a lot about his Oscar?

GillianJacobs36 karma


thuongt14 karma

Favorite type of cake? Thanks by the way, Britta's the best

GillianJacobs22 karma

Strawberry Short Cake.

ImSoChangry12 karma

Who's winning your bracket?

GillianJacobs58 karma

Is that a basketball reference?

EquipDeadFish8 karma

What comedy were you into growing up and had you done much of it before the show?

GillianJacobs29 karma

Monty Python, Kids in the Hall, Absolutely Fabulous, Are You Being Served

zombiebunny585 karma

Are Eric Olson's nipples really that tiny?

GillianJacobs13 karma

Nope. That required hours in the makeup chair. :)

capcalhoon4 karma

Can you rank the study group from best singer to worst?

GillianJacobs13 karma

Alison and Yvette tied Donald Danny Joel Chevy Me

pkabbabe3 karma

How long did you practice "hit me with your genies bottle" before doing it on the show to make sooo natural?

GillianJacobs11 karma

Ha! A lifetime of off key singing prepared me.