Hello! I am going to answer some more questions. Thanks!

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Would you rather be blind or have penises for arms?

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I am back. Ask away

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Ok guys, I have to run. Sorry I couldn't answer everyone's question. Thank you so much for having me. I love you Redditors!

theminja389 karma

is it true that you made the on set intern's life a living hell this past summer?

GillianJacobs364 karma

You jerk. I miss you! You better be back for Christmas break.

logicatch314 karma

What's your favorite baggel?

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Thank you so much!

mattufford261 karma

How goes cooking for one?

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I refuse to use that pathetic cookbook!

Dreyesbo252 karma

Who is the most tech-savy of the cast? After Chevy, of course...

GillianJacobs956 karma

I think Donald is the most tech-savy. Chevy still thinks his email is in New York.

zalapa89242 karma

Who first introduced you to reddit?

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Joe Russo. Our executive producer and frequent director.

leefense209 karma

Do I have your blessing to start campaigning for you to be added to the mural of Pittsburgh celebrities at Primanti Bros in the Strip District?

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That would be an honor.

TheIrish196 karma

Hello Gillian. First question, favorite episode of Community so far? And who's your favorite guest star so far?

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Paul F. Tompkins! Patton Oswalt! Jack Black! I wish we could have John Oliver on every week.

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Ok, I have to ask: What has been your favorite episode to shoot (that has been aired, so far)?

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I loved the bottle episode, Paintball I, D&D...too many to name.

zalapa89177 karma

Have any future projects for us to look forward to?

P.S. Love you on the show.

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I am in a movie called "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" with Keira Knightley and Steve Carrell and an insane little movie called "Revenge for Jolly." I think a movie I am in called, "Sin Bin" will be going to festivals soon.

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Hi Gillian! I love Community and Britta is one of my favorite characters on TV right now. How much of her character comes from the minds of Harmon & the writing team? Do you get to play around with her character and behavior a lot, or do you trust the team?

GillianJacobs281 karma

I trust Dan and the writers completely. I think they have integrated my awkward dance moves into the show and Britta shares my inability to sing.

karlfranks157 karma

Ever crack up doing a scene on Community so many times they've just had to stop trying to film it since you laugh every time?

Also, favourite Dean Pelton costume?

(Can you give us any teasers for upcoming episodes too?)

GillianJacobs419 karma

Joel and I could not stop laughing during the Dean Pelton montage in the clip show. I think he made an awesome Tina Turner.

Ken Jeong laughed for an hour during the Shirley baby shower and ruined countless takes.

thedeclineirl141 karma

Do you prefer your first season hair or your second season hair?

GillianJacobs333 karma

Season three!

Ellimis121 karma

On behalf of the entire gaming community, do you enjoy any video games in your free time?

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I am not good at video games. I did really enjoy Street Fighter as a kid.

sinnthetic118 karma

For the longest time I thought your name was "JILL"ian got "GILL"ian. Do you have any qualms with mispronunciations? I can't be the first.

GillianJacobs170 karma

Every day of my life. It doesn't bother me at all.

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And I'm out. Thanks again to all.

urbanfervor110 karma

Hey Gillian, what do you think about the fact that some people view you, along with Tina Fey on 30 Rock and Amy Poehler on Parks & Rec, as the few strong female characters on network TV? Almost like an awesome, hilarious, feminist triumvirate?

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That is the biggest compliment I can think of.

ruckusbrought107 karma

What are your favorite Britta moments?

GillianJacobs224 karma

The first turning it into the snake, Eyes Wide Shut blanket fort, people's champion, Genie's Bottle, etc.

Pongymo105 karma

What was your first impression when you heard what Community was going to be about? Do you feel that it's stayed its course so far from what you originally heard about it?

Glad you're doing this - can't wait to see your answers!

GillianJacobs205 karma

I was more struck by the writing in the individual scenes than the premise itself. Jeff's pencils, sharks, Ben Affleck speech still sticks in my head. I thought the premise was an excellent way to have a really diverse group of people intersect naturally.

wonder4797 karma

When you shot the first paintball episode, did you have any idea how great is was going to be? Did you expect it to be such a sensation?

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We were giddy the whole time. Every episode that Justin Lin directed was magic so I think we thought it would probably turn out well.

thesnacks92 karma

What is the worst thing you've had to do (or go through) in your acting career?

What has been the best part of your acting career?

GillianJacobs321 karma

Managing to earn a living as an actor is the true highlight.
The worst job I ever had was probably one of the many no budget independent films I've worked on. I once had to share an office with the Dominican Communist Party in Manhattan in lieu of having a dressing room. That sucked.

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I wish I could have a story line with Jim Rash. Dean Pelton really seems to hate Britta. :)

GillianJacobs85 karma

A lot of people have asked if I am similar to Britta IRL. Britta is like me minus therapy as I have said in the past. I don't think I go to quite the ridiculous lengths that she does to make a point but I think I saw the world in black and white in HS and Junior High. I would get outraged the way Britta does. I keep trying to relax! I think Britta is always coming from a really good place and just wants people to like her. Don't we all? :)

goldiegills82 karma

What's your favorite type of dog?

GillianJacobs191 karma

I like mutts. I have a soft spot for scruffy dogs with weird faces.

fujione74 karma

First of all; Fuck yeah!

Second; What made you decide to sign up for Community? Besides the fact that it's hilarious.

PS. You rocked last episode with Senior CHang!

GillianJacobs105 karma

It was one of the rare pilot scripts that made me laugh out loud. That and the chance to work with Joel, Dan Harmon and the Russos.

cw520271 karma

Which fellow Community cast member do you most enjoy being around when the cameras aren't rolling?

GillianJacobs129 karma

I'm really lucky to have genuine friends in my cast. We actually do hang out with each other when we aren't shooting. Joel and Ken have kids so they are busier but we all love and support each other.

steph-was-here71 karma

How are the behind the scenes antics? As hilarious as we've imagined?

GillianJacobs163 karma

Even more hilarious.

Jinkley66 karma

What was/ is your favorite movie reference done on the show? What is your favorite movie?

GillianJacobs195 karma

Love the 2001 reference in 3X01

sphygmoman63 karma

Gillian! I met you and your mom at the first Gambino show in Queens. I was in line in front of you two for food and she kept asking me who Gambino was. I told her he was just a rapper and she seemed so excited to finally figure him out. Anyway, just wanted to say keep up the great work on the show!

GillianJacobs122 karma

That was my friend Joan who is like a surrogate Aunt. She had no idea what was going on and kept saying she was going to a "rappersinger concert." HA!

wellski56 karma

What has been your favorite scene and favorite episode to shoot of Community? What's the atmosphere like on set with people like Donald, Joel, Chevy, Alison, Danny, etc.?

GillianJacobs104 karma

Thank god we all like each other. They make me laugh when I am too tired to think and make the day go faster. I really enjoyed shooting the "Hit me with your Genie's Bottle" Scene.

GillianJacobs55 karma

people are telling me to start a new one. how do i do that?

GillianJacobs49 karma

WATCH COMMUNITY East Coast and Central.

manipulates49 karma

What's your favourite line to say as Britta?

GillianJacobs266 karma

Feast your ear tongues on these memory pops.

Andy_Grey49 karma

  1. Do you think there is an episode of Community that is weirder than that Cameron Diaz movie you were in, The Box?

  2. Did you watch The Soup before you were cast on Community? Did you know who Joel was? Did your friends?

GillianJacobs91 karma

  1. No.
  2. Yes, I did watch the Soup but not every week. Everyone watches the Soup!

GillianJacobs47 karma

I have to go eat some lunch! I will answer more questions later on. Thanks so much.

silvermike42 karma

Britta's the best character on TV!

Also, I only recently realized that it was you in "Feminine Ending," who in retrospect has a few Brittaish personality traits, if Britta had ever had the ability to stick with a project for a while. Who's happier?

GillianJacobs65 karma

Probably the girl in "A Feminine Ending." She has a profession and clearer goals. Both are pretty confused though. Can't believe you saw that play!

JayWTBF42 karma

She came back! Now she really will be Internet Famous!

For Gillian: I have never seen Community as I have too many shows that I keep up with, HOWEVER, I have seen you on the Late Late Show and you are hilarious and beautiful.

Is Craig's show as "off the cuff" as it seems or does he set things up and edit things out? If he really is that quick, then he's a genius and you are a great sport and great at keeping up with that!

Thanks for the AMA!

GillianJacobs50 karma

Craig is totally off the cuff. He rips up his notes every night. I never have any idea what we will actually end up talking about. Scary and fun at the same time.

iham36 karma

Not so much a question but more of a request. Could you and Donald interrupt the commentaries more on the third season DVD? It was hilarious.

GillianJacobs40 karma

I will pass along the request. :)

GillianJacobs31 karma

Ok. Five more minutes. Any final questions?

ndiii930 karma

Please finish this sentence: "You would be surprised to know that Joel McHale ______"

GillianJacobs124 karma

Has a really, really high butt crack.

slo198730 karma

How many leather jackets do you think Britta owns?

GillianJacobs49 karma

5? Just guessing.

crandamaniac29 karma

Is there a line of Britta's that you absolutely loved when reading it/saying it?

Love the Pizza Pizza me so hungey/Christmas Christmas me so merry in there unbelievable dorky cuteness.

Also, would it be possible to see a Community Episode starring nothing but some of the side players (Starburns, Fat Neil, Garrett)? I think this show could pull that off.

GillianJacobs46 karma

I think your episode idea is awesome. They are all such strong actors and such great characters on the show. I would love to see Greendale from their point of view.
"Together my cats can do anything!"

[deleted]29 karma

If you could choose anyone to become a special guest star on Community, who would it be?

GillianJacobs89 karma

Amy Sedaris!

piroteknix28 karma

First off, I have to say I'm a huge fan and thanks so much for doing this.

In an interview, Danny Pudi explains that he got the call for the part of Abed on his birthday, and "dropped his phone in his chili." Where were you when you got the call for Britta's part? Or do you have any other cool stories about getting callbacks or parts?

GillianJacobs111 karma

Mine is a doozie. I was told it was down to me and another girl for the part of Britta and they wanted to me to go back in and audition again for NBC. They said I would know later that day because they were doing a table read of the pilot and whomever got Britta would be going to the table read. So after I auditioned I got a phone calling saying "We have 80% good news. You don't have the part yet but you're the only one in the running for the part now. They want you to go the table read. You have to leave right now!" So I showed up and Chevy, Joel, Danny and Yvette were there. Everyone kept asking me if I was playing Britta and I said "Maybe..." And then the producer started going around the room introducing the cast and got to me and said "And the newest member of our cast...Gillian Jacobs." I had gotten the offer for the part in the car ride down to the table read and they announced it in front of everyone. I started crying.

Hap_Hazardous28 karma

Anything about the new episodes you're allowed to tell us?!?! Life without Community on Thursdays is the worst.

GillianJacobs88 karma

They don't want us to give away any plots but I'll tell you there is a two-parter in there. There is a geodesic dome. A Law and Order style episode. So many great episodes coming up...

kleinm26 karma

Is there anything that we can do that will actually influence NBC's decision?

I've recently been selected as a Nielsen family and attached a full page rant to the "Viewing Diary" explaining why I did not watch television at 8:00pm on Thursdays.

GillianJacobs47 karma

Thank you and it is pretty incredible that you're a Nielsen family. I'm not sure what to tell you. Buy the DVDs for friends? Buy Community merchandise from the NBC store? Send a goatee to NBC? The fan outrage has done so much to keep our show in the conversation. We really appreciate it. Keep converting your friends and family to the show. Spread the word. Thanks so much.

andale_arriba23 karma

Are you working on a new project?

GillianJacobs85 karma

I just did a voice for "Venture Brothers" a few weeks ago.

broncopride27921 karma

Pizza Pizza Go In Tummy Me So Hungie, Me So Hungie :)

Who came up with that??

GillianJacobs26 karma

I don't know which writer wrote that specific line but I love it so, so much.

SilentGuy19 karma

What happened here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylZq-unhw2k

Also why does Yvette call you stink (if it's not too personal/embarrassing).

GillianJacobs44 karma

I know I muttered God damnit. Didn't know they scrubbed it out.

nosecohn18 karma

What's your favorite item in Williams-Sonoma?

GillianJacobs30 karma

HA! Ummm...I am a terrible cook. Their waffle mix?

c_wu17 karma

Who is your favorite character (other than Britta) as a fan of the show?

GillianJacobs33 karma

I think Chang's utter insanity and total instability have really won me over. Ken has decided to give Chang a limp tongue this year. (Look for him in the background when the Glee club is going insane in the cafeteria. ) he is a deranged genius.

Cyclone-Bill16 karma

What are your favourite shows on tv right now?

GillianJacobs69 karma

BBC Sherlock, BBC Luther, Downton Abbey, Portlandia, Parks and Recreation. On and on and on.

BadgerWilson16 karma

Do you like squirrels in real life as much as you do in the show?

GillianJacobs32 karma

Scared of them in real life. Love them as costumes.

Klingmahenko15 karma

What is your favorite hobby/pastime that you share with one or more other cast members from Community? And do you hang out and do it often?

GillianJacobs53 karma

I got a bunch of people from the cast to go bowling. I'm the worst- naturally.

[deleted]14 karma

I'm glad to hear you guys are shooting, it gives me good hope! NBC really screwed up.

Love from the UK :)

GillianJacobs32 karma

Love back to the UK!

butterbadger14 karma

So for Starburns' starburns, does he shave with an actual pattern or does he just freestyle?

GillianJacobs31 karma

The makeup artist, Pam, shapes the starburns. Dino decided to shave this season so Pam created Starburns that they glue onto his face. It was his real facial hair first and second season though.

[deleted]14 karma


GillianJacobs29 karma

I don't think the show has a message or agenda on any of those issues but it is great to have a diverse cast and explore some those topics. I think humor trumps all.

dndplosion91314 karma

Do you ever feel the effects of being famous? How do you deal with it, and how difficult was it to adjust to being famous?

GillianJacobs44 karma

I very rarely feel famous. Sometimes I think someone is staring at me and I can't tell if it is because a. they recognize me b. I'm paranoid or c. I'm a total narcissist. That is an odd feeling but it is great when people tell me they are fans of the show. Really nice to know that I'm part of something that people feel passionate about.

Erloren13 karma

How did you land the part? any interesting audition stories? Did you know any of the other actors before the show?

P.S big fan of the show. Hope it keeps going!

GillianJacobs50 karma

I had a very high fever when I auditioned for the fist time. I also witnessed a car accident driving to test for the show and was convinced I was cursed for the day. Listened to a lot of Lil Wayne on my ipod while waiting to audition.