Fred Armisen

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is an American actor, voice actor, writer, producer, director, singer, musician, and comedian.

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Well now I can't think of anything to answer. Dammit.

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90% improvised and about 10% scripted.

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we sort of write out a storyline, and then we do our own dialogue.

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And please, nobody freak out about this. It's 2014, love is love, we're not marrying Colin, we didn't have any babies, but it's modern times.

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My question is: Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday? Any day will do.

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Can I put up a question for the /r/science section? Do we know more about history now or did they know more about history better back then because they were closer to the time? In other words, what was a history lesson like in the year 1450?

Like, do we know more because we've unearthed more FACT, or did they know more because they were closer to the time?

I'll just leave that out there.

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It's actually very nice, very sweet.

People will also post photos on instagram just saying Cacao. Like, all the time.

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It was a very transitional time. They were just getting over the revolutionary war.

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I was never asked to do a monologue at your school, so...

But I'm open to doing it.

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That came from a real dinner that Carrie and I had in Los Angeles. And we were looking at the menu, and we just thought "well obviously we can't order pasta, so I guess we have to order this." So we started talking about, why do we have to avoid pasta so much? So it was more that we were weighing the difference between the difference between enjoying life and really living, or ordering salmon.