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also known as "DOB", is a humorist, author, and song writer for Cracked.com.

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Do you think doing a Reddit AMA is a legitimate excuse to not showing up to the office?

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What's it like working with and being friends with those handsome guys over at Cracked.com?

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That is legitimately hilarious to me.

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You've already publicly talked about how your coworker, Daniel O'Brien, is more of a mentor figure that really taught you comedy, but is it true that he is also a mentor for handsomeness?

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  1. I'm not actually as short as I look in videos, (and also real life).
  2. I'm almost never late.
  3. I had no idea the Reddit response would be this awesome and exhausting.
  4. I used to think I was going to become a doctor, because of the show Scrubs.
  5. I used to think I was going to become a lawyer, because of the show Lawyers Have Lots of Money.
  6. I used to think I was going to run for president some day, because an American Government professor I had my freshman year told me I couldn't be.
  7. The first job I ever wanted was "The guy who shakes paint at Home Depot."
  8. I still want that job.

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Super not hard at all! If he goes right here, he can sign up for our Writer's Workshop. From there, he can start pitching ideas and receive feedback from Cracked writers and editors. If his ideas are strong enough, they'll get approved and we'll pay him to write it. We don't care if he's 16- Ideas are king.

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Cracked.com's David Wong, everybody!

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Nope! Writing it from the safety of my free country, which I love. America is best. America is life. Government is love. Flags for everyone!

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I have to be a jag and go with the standard, obvious answer right now and say Louis CK. It's the same answer that everyone else is giving, but in my defense, Louis CK is fucking great. I also love and will always love Eddie Izzard, Mike Birbiglia and Bob Newhart.

God I love Bob Newhart.

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As long as they let me. Right up until the minute someone realizes "Holy shit, we've been PAYING you to write dick jokes for the internet? No, no, I'm afraid this won't do at all, you're fired forever."