That was fun guys, thanks!! Sorry we didn't get to everyone, we'll try to come back later and finish up the questions we missed. Seriously, thank you guys so much, all your support has been amazing. Now everyone please go watch our videos 3 trillion times please.

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danielobrien780 karma

What's it like working with and being friends with those handsome guys over at

BriTANicK697 karma

Nick: Ehh okay, they're kinda needy. Especially Daniel O'Brien. WAIT A MINUTE YOU GUYS HAVE THE SAME NAME! Whoops. I should probably delete this.

Brian: We can still delete everything and start over.

Nick: Nah, too much work.

IllogicalMoodSwing518 karma

I find you both very attractive and would like to touch you in a slightly sexy way.

I have no question.

BriTANicK793 karma

Brian: Excellent question.

PleasantlyCranky326 karma

Did she actually take his ginger ale? It's been haunting me for some time. He was the only one who drank it, after all.

BriTANicK259 karma

Turns out she didn't...Mitch Borg had it the whole time.

RKozmoz262 karma

How is it you guys came to know Joss Whedon and end up in Much Ado? And how on earth did you get him to do your sketch? (Love the new on BTW).

BriTANicK392 karma

Nick: Joss was a fan of our videos and just emailed us out of the blue to see if we would play two small parts in the movie. We agreed before he could finish typing.

Brian: We didn't really get paid for much ado, so in a way that was our payment. It was kind of like a sub 4 sub.

The_Flabbergaster163 karma

Hey guys, this is awesome.

Your videos tend to have an awesome escalation from situational humor to absurdity which I love. When coming up with your ideas, do you like to start with the initial premise and work from there, or start with your ridiculous ending and then work backwards? Or just something else entirely?

P.S. Come back to Atlanta

BriTANicK332 karma

Nick: The way we write is as follows. Basically we spend every waking moment together and just TALK ABOUT BULLSHIT. Absolutely nonsense conversations. Eventually something will make us laugh and we'll see if that can be turned into a sketch or scene. If we think it has legs, we'll start exploring it, if not then back to the bullshit. At a certain point we'll ask ourselves, "What is the universal truth that this idea is tapping into?" for example, with "Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses" the universal truth is that people don't like having uncomfortable conversations and will go to extreme lengths to avoid them. Sometimes a sketch has no universal truth and is about a guy who doesn't know how to poop.

Brian: Yep. We LOVE absurdity, but have always found if you can root something insane in something true, the comedy skyrockets.

Kennen153 karma

I apologize for the essay, but I’m fanboying pretty hard right now.

First I just want to say that you guys have been a massive influence on my forays into improvised and sketch comedy, and I watch every new video as soon as you release it. Then, I fall into the rabbit hole that is your channel and re-watch everything. I’m not proud.

I have just a few questions.

  1. My buddy and I are seriously considering becoming a two piece sketch and improv team once we move out to LA. How should we prepare ourselves so that we don’t fail completely? What issues should we expect as a two piece team?

  2. I’ve heard you guys say in an interview that YouTube doesn’t pay you all that much. So, how do you make enough money as a sketch group to support yourselves?

  3. A friend on my college improv team insists that he drank with Brian and hung out with you guys at the Skidmore College Comedy Festival in 2012. Whether Brian found him annoying or flattering has been the subject of a lot of debate at improv practices. Some even say he’s lying about the whole thing. I was wondering if you could settle the dispute, once and for all? His name was Patrick.

BriTANicK180 karma

  1. Nick: Make yourselves laugh and have fun. Combine that with hard work and time, and you should be fine. Unless you aren't....then maybe know when to bow out.

Brian: Expect to argue. A LOT. But make sure you're doing this with somebody who you want to be around. A LOT. And know that any comedic disagreement you have is for the better of both of you.

  1. Brian: We are the voices of Cartoon Network and have been for three years. It gives us monetary freedom to only do stuff we're excited about and not have to eat peanut butter & jelly from the same jar all the time(2009 was rough). We won the job lottery.

Nick: Seriously. We won the job lottery.

  1. Nick: I guarantee you Brian doesn't remember.

Brian: I kissed a lot of girls that night. I don't even remember seeing a guy.

Domo91140 karma

Hey dudes! I just started watching your videos a few nights ago! Funny stuff!

How was it like working with Danny Pudi? And how many times did it take to record Monologue for Three perfectly?

BriTANicK177 karma

B: Hey, thanks!

Danny is amazing. The first live show we ever did in San Francisco we met him with his sketch group "Siblings of Doctors" and he was like the most encouraging, supportive dude.

He came to the first rehearsal for the sketch more off book than we were and didn't complain once that we had no food on set. I think we did about 23 takes and used the 19th.

patrickbx21x97 karma

Why were you banned from youtube, back around the time you released the "Award Winning Movie Trailer" sketch?

BriTANicK220 karma

Nick: We're not totally sure, but our best guess is because in the "Pillow Talk" outtake video, Chris Lowell talked about fucking children. They made us take down that video. Chris Lowell is a lunatic.

Brian: Chris once told a packed audience at UCB all of our most embarrassing secrets that all of our ex-girlfriends had e-mailed him. The dude is insane.

Adissidentglorifiedg86 karma

Hey guys, big fan here. Have been for years. Anyways, on a scale of one to ten, how much sexual tension is there between you two right now. Sharing a laptop is a wonderful, romantic thing.

BriTANicK230 karma

Brian: Interesting question. I've strapped Nick onto my lap with an old seatbelt I found. I'm only slightly aroused so he probably doesn't feel much, but I am enjoying smelling the small of his back. I'd say 2 or 3.

Nick: 10.

omakammar80 karma

Has creating your online work helped in getting hired to work in comedy writing?

BriTANicK161 karma

Nick: 1000% yes. There has not been a job (writing and acting-wise) we've gotten that hasn't been because of BriTANicK.

PoultreeGeist76 karma

Out of all of your YT vids which is your favourite and which is your least favourite? Why?

BriTANicK254 karma

Brian: We both love "On The House" but it got some of our fewest views. I can't stand watching "The Awkward Meltdown" anymore. It was my Freshman film school project and it just feels so long and cumbersome to me.

Nick: Yup, probably "On The House" for my favorite. Least favorite is probably "Sexy Pool Party." (mostly because we JUST finished editing it so we've watched it 7000 times)

rhcpflea869 karma

Who are your comedic influences?

BriTANicK141 karma

Brian: Monty Python, Jim Carrey, Dick Van Dyke, Coen Brothers, Mitch Borg, David Cross, Brian Regan, Pixar, Derrick Comedy, Jack Handey, Dave Barry, Simon Rich, Gervais so many others I'm sure...

Nick: Love all of those, and in addition...Dylan Moran, David Sedaris, Louis CK, everyone around me in high school that made me laugh.

thestamos59 karma

  1. Prior to "Boy's Night In", had you two ever been naked in the same room before/seen each other's junk?

  2. How awkward was that to shoot?

BriTANicK142 karma

  1. Nick: We've both been photographed nude by Chris Lowell but have never seen each other's junk. Still haven't. I was wearing a sock.

  2. Nick: VERY. For one of the scenes, I was actually standing naked with just the sock in my apartment building's hallway. Every time I heard a door open I had to sprint back inside the apartment.

sometrevorwade52 karma

For both of you, what are you most proud of about your partner?

BriTANicK161 karma

Excellent question.

Nick: The thing I probably admire most about Brian is how much he constantly says 'yes' to different situations. There's a lot of adventures we've had that, had I been left to my own devices, probably never would have happened. Also, Brian McElhaney is one of the best comedy editors in the game (I certainly am in the room and helping out, but he's doing a lot of the heavy lifting).

Brian: I really like his sunglasses.

No seriously, if it were for Nick I would be an emotional piece-of-shit mess, which I still am a lot of the time. Nick's got a pretty stellar level head that's gotten me through a lot of stuff, namely in the last year.

Also, he can carry a scene like nobody's business so I don't have to do it.

sometrevorwade49 karma

Why so many capital letters?

BriTANicK164 karma

Nick: We thought it would help people pronounce it correctly (BRY-tanick, rhymes with Titanic). It didn't.

sometrevorwade48 karma

For the folks at home, how would you describe actor Chris Lowell?

BriTANicK146 karma

Nick: Handsome, charming, asshole, bipolar, tan.

Brian: Asshole.

gregphipps3744 karma


Also will you be making a threequel to your monologue series?

Can't wait for the BriTANick movie, been a fan for a few years, keep up the good stuff guys

BriTANicK83 karma

Nick: We'd love to do one but haven't thought much about it other than that it would be called "A Monologue FOUR thee". Re: the movie, we can't wait either.

Guee41 karma

Guys: long-time fan, first-time caller.

You listed a bunch of your comedic influences a few minutes ago, but as a film student /slash/ enthusiastorwhatever, I'm curious what some of your favorite films are. Comedic or otherwise.

Additionally, I wonder if either of you have any plan or desire to ever do any more dramatic film work. You guys are about the smartest contemporary sketch comics I'm currently aware of, so I'm in no way recommending you dial down the funny. But, I wonder is all.

... Also I love you and where do you live and what do you smell like and do you think you could ever love me back or at least send me some of your hair ... ?

BriTANicK66 karma

Brian: So many favorite films.

Mostly I get into directors. ANYTHING done by the Coen Brothers, especially Hudsucker, O Brother, Man Who Wasn't There, and Lebowski. Kubrick is a huge inspiration, especially Clockwork Orange and The Shining. Inglorious Basterds, Magnolia, Dunston Checks In...

But I think maybe the best film ever made is Annie Hall.

Nick: I've got a long list of favorites that's ever changing. Right now, Cool Hand Luke, Forrest Gump, Warrior, O Brother Where Art Thou, Cabin in the Woods, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Looper are movies that I really enjoy. I also get really into movies that I don't quite understand, movies that I interpret differently each time I watch them. Often these are movies with obvious flaws but they are still some of my favorites. Those include Bamboozled, The second and third Matrix movies, Pi, and Primer.

Brian: Primer is insane.

We would love to do something dramatic, or at least more poignant. Don't expect it from our first TV show or movie or whatever bigger thing we do, but it's definitely something we would love to explore.

mcgrillin2536 karma

Wow, I can't believe you guys might actually read this. I've been a huge fan since a few years back when my cousin showed me a monologue for thee and I proceeded to watch all the other skits you guys had out, then watching all the other videos as they came out. I eventually performed a monologue for thee in my senior year of high school with my best friend and Then bought a copy of SuckerPunch, which I can't even tell ya how many times I've watched. Anywhozelpants, now that I'm done fan girling, I guess my question is what are your favorite bands? I really liked ska-ish music when I first started watching the videos you guys did, and really dug that five iron frenzy song at the end of the early stuff.

BriTANicK55 karma

Brian: The Beatles. Weird Al.

Nick: I like a very wide spectrum of music from One Direction to Bon Iver to Tom Waits. My favorite band is constantly changing. Currently I really like Alabama Shakes.

Riffster35 karma

How tall are you?

BriTANicK134 karma

We're both 6'1. Nobody ever expects this.

dssk8330 karma

Can we get the formal rules to 'Running Charades Flip Cup Go Mega Dega?' I'd also love to see it incorporated into a video.

BriTANicK44 karma

YES. We are planning a video about it. It's the best game of all time.

mrm122126 karma

Hey guys! I love your videos, really funny. A couple years ago, my friend gave me a bottle of glue labeled "Dad" that he got you to sign at one of your live shows in NY if you remember that.

Anyway, my question is about writing comedy. Is it always really fucking difficult or is that just me? How much can comedy be learned and honed and how much is just innate? And, lastly, how can you be sure that your work is funny to others and not just to you?

BriTANicK41 karma

Nick: Ha! I totally remember that! With writing, I find that the initial inspiration should be really fun, then the writing phase is frustrating with moments of fun, and then editing is the worst goddamn thing in the world. I'd say trust that you have good taste and that if you really find it funny, so will at least one other person. But make sure you really find it funny.

Brian: It's usually really fucking difficult. Comedy can be learned and honed to an extent, but you have to have that INSANE desire(read: chemical imbalance) to do it. That's an innate need.

And normally if it made you laugh initially, hang onto it. It's funny... Or at least something about it is. It just may take a while to chip away the marble and find it.

jasons987925 karma

Hi Brian and Nick! Thanks for doing this AMA!

I'm curious how you guys started doing what you're doing. Did you leave NYU and immediately start making videos, or did you try some other ventures first?

You guys make some of my all-time favorite sketch comedy. I would like to ask if there are any rules you have during writing, filming, and editing to get the pace so perfect and all the beats to hit?

Thanks again!

BriTANicK54 karma

Brian: Loaded question!

We started making videos for the internet at the tail-end of college knowing that it was going to be our first "Career stepping stone", so we just jumped right into it. Before that, we had been making weird videos for fun for years.

The most important thing about the pacing of writing/editing sketch in our opinion is that less is normally WAY MORE. We always end up cutting out like 1/3 of what we write and filmed in the editing process.

Nick: The rule of thumb we kinda live by, is that we both need to be enthusiastic about any decision before we move forward about it. We have no problem telling the other one they've had a fucking stupid idea and that helps keep us honest.

MopChurnOverturn23 karma

William William William William?

BriTANicK46 karma


athlon_721 karma

Hey guys I'm a huge fan, you guys really inspired my decision to take writing seriously; just wanted to say thanks. Oh also I'll be seeing you really soon Nick, and your little soul too!! HAHAHAHAHAAA!

-Paper Nick

BriTANicK31 karma

Nick: Still very nervous about Paper Nick.

mcbeasten19 karma

Do you guys plan on continuing YouTube videos or moving on to something bigger?

BriTANicK57 karma


IllogicalMoodSwing19 karma

Question: Can you explain the history of your group name? I assume that it's mostly a combination of 'Brian' and 'Nick', but are the capital letters there for emphasis? Is the 'T' so it rhymes with 'Titanic'? The world deserves answers!

BriTANicK51 karma

Nick: Yup. That's about as much thought as we put into it.

Brian: If we were boat-themed in any way, the name would make more sense. But we're not so it doesn't. Go 20-year-old us!

bradleyjax17 karma

Have you guys done any features or been on any tV shows?

BriTANicK64 karma


Brian was in Young Adult and an episode of "Mercy", Nick was in the MTV show "I Just Want My Pants Back" and an episode of "Louie"

We both star in "Searching For Sonny" and appear in Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing" coming out in June

WorldForgot15 karma

What was your experience like at NYU Tisch, what benefited you most from it?

BriTANicK31 karma

Nick: I really enjoyed it. There was a great sense of community in the drama program and I loved that we were able to go see some of the best live theater in the world. I also loved that it had a good film school and I was constantly able to act in student films and get that experience. That's what was great about NYU, they made it so I was constantly up on my feet acting and creating work, that's really the only way to learn.

Brian: I loved NYU but very few teachers knew me or seemed to take interest in the work I was doing. Became best friends with some of the most talented people in the universe though and New York City was our quad, so there's very little to complain about.

JonTwomey9113 karma

Hey guys, I've been a fan ever since your very first video. Would you ever think of doing a show abroad, in Ireland for instance?

BriTANicK28 karma

Would love to. E-mail us and let's make it happen. [email protected]

That goes for you other countries too.

Smackmaster12 karma

Oh why do you folks keep moving between New York and LA? Job shit? Brief honest critiques of both cities: go.

BriTANicK44 karma

Brian: NY - A mix of beautiful, inspiring, honest, angry, loud, difficult, and Godly.

LA - A mix of kale smoothies and homeless people that still think they're going to be famous.

Nick: There's a ton of lovely people in LA and we've had some very fun times there, but I will always love New York more. You don't have to drive, people are less attractive (that's a good thing), and in my opinion the art world in New York is more focused on the process than the product. In LA, people talk about who booked what, or how much something sold for, whereas in New York people talk about HOW a actor played a role, or what inspired a work of art.

asafetybuzz12 karma

Hey guys, big fan. 2 questions: 1) Who should I be angry at for canceling I Just Want My Pants Back? I thought the show was absolutely great, especially Nick's character. 2) What's the one person you would like to collaborate with the most on future youtube videos? I thought your stuff with Nathan, Danny, and Joss was absolutely hilarious. Oh and one more question, is Minka Kelly as gorgeous and incredible in real life as she seems on screen?

BriTANicK42 karma

  1. Nick: Thank you. You should be mad at the vast majority of America who didn't watch.
  2. Brian: So many people. TREY PARKER AND MATT STONE... If for some reason you're reading this... Hi. Let's collaborate. Also, we'd love to be in a Key & Peele sketch. Nick: Yup all of those, also John Cleese. In fact look at our list of comedy influences. All of those.
  3. Nick: MORE gorgeous. Also, way sillier. Brian: And way more attracted to us than she portrays in interviews

FortuneCookieOfDoom12 karma

any chance of a northern california live show?

BriTANicK22 karma

N: Absolutely! We'll do a show pretty much anywhere that will let us. ESPECIALLY if you pay us.

sometrevorwade10 karma


BriTANicK16 karma

Ask Mitch Borg.

sirdanm8 karma

You guys are my heroes in terms of comedy writing. Perfect timing, funny acting. I wanna be just like you when i grow up. Question(s): Is it just you guys writing? Also, how involved are you in other aspects of production?

BriTANicK14 karma


Brian: Just us writing. Being a duo is a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because more of our personal vision gets into our sketches.

A curse because there's no "majority rules", so we have to agree on EVERY MOMENT before we move on when we write a sketch. It takes forever.

Nick: We control every aspect of the production. Usually we get one of our talented friends to DP (director of photography) for us, but it's still us directing the sketch. Ultimately we will lose some control when we (hopefully) start making stuff with a bigger budget, but we're willing to sacrifice as much as we can to keep as much control as possible.

zeppelinx28 karma

Whatsup guys? I also live in New York. Can we hangout?

BriTANicK22 karma

N: Probably not, but come to Beauty Bar after 2am and we're probably there dancing in the back.

darkaiser137 karma

Nick, you resently "sublet" your room in NYC, did you got a lot of answers from fans? And if so, what was the weirdest one?

BriTANicK24 karma

Nick: I got a few. Mostly just to say they were fans and not to actually sublet the room. It was frustrating.

rhcpflea87 karma

What's Jeff Ward like in real life?

BriTANicK27 karma

Who's Jeff Ward?

Bam_Kapowski6 karma

What famous guest star were you most excited to work with in your videos?

BriTANicK12 karma

Nick: Sunkrish Bala.

Brian: Mitch Borg.

davincichode6 karma

Who is better at flipdick?

BriTANicK16 karma

Nick: Well, I once stuck a flipdick on the goddamn ceiling while the cast of 'The Help' watched in who do you think?

jtolochko6 karma

When are you coming to Colombia?

BriTANicK6 karma

Once flies us there on their private jet