Carrie Brownstein

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is an American musician, writer, and actress, who first widely became known as a guitarist and vocalist in Sleater-Kinney.

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Or that somebody announces that before they start their period.

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I don't think they had dreams in the 1790s.

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We sat and watched it like porn.

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Fred and I both dated Colin for a bit.

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probably 45 really angry minutes.

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I think the 90s had this...monolithic quality to them. Because it was pre-9/11, and everybody thought we were veering towards the Millenium, with all of these institutions in place, and the notion of the future was that it was going to keep getting bigger and better. It seems like a pre-anxiety decade to me.

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or salad.

And we talked about how, on our deathbeds, we aren't going to say "I'm so glad I ate so many salads." And then we watched jealously while this hearty Australian couple at a giant bowl of pasta. And were really unhappy.

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My question is: Cheeks, crack or anus?

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All the time! All the time people do!

That's why he had to start wearing glasses, because it was distracting people. Imagine two unicorns walking around. That's what Fred's eyes are like.

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Is that true?