Anders Holm

American comedy writer and one of the stars and creators of the Comedy Central show Workaholics.

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We were talking about how arbitrary it is that people say TITS instead of COOL. So we were thinking, why don't people just say TIGHT BUTTHOLE. Then we put it in the show. And geographically, this happened in Los Angeles.

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No, it's not accurate. Blake and Kyle grew up together in the Bay Area and met Adam in Orange County at Orange Coast in an Improv class. Then I met Adam in LA at Second City LA. Then we all fucked each other's brains out and invented the show.

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of course they were real.

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fuck up at everything in life.

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trick question.

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we didn't drink. (buh dum,chish)

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We do. Shot out to our music dept for finding a lot of those songs though.

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Being on Arrested was unreal. Was waiting for Beiber to pop out and punk us. Can't wait to see it. Mitch Hurwitz is a human genius. Jason Bateman is effortlessly hilarious.

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they give us free reign. it's cool. they're cool.