Hello Reddit! This is THE MINDY PROJECT's Mindy Kaling, Ike Barinholtz and special guest star Anders Holm (from Workaholics). We thought it would be fun to do a Reddit IAmA about our all-new episode, airing TONIGHT at 9:30/8:30c on FOX. So, let's get this thing started! Ask away!

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About the episode titled, "My Cool Christian Boyfriend": Mindy Lahiri goes on a date with a minister (Anders Holm), and feels compelled to attend his church to show him that she’s a good person.

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EDIT: This was awesome. Thank you so much for so many great questions!

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mri3iguns904 karma

Hey Mindy..black guy here. We never really ever get a good view of your butt. We get some close calls but never a full shot. Is this something u asked for during the shooting of the Mindy project? Oh and your dresses fit ur form very well. Are this specially designed just for you or can i get those somewhere? Not for me to where but for my gf. If not then u should come out with your own line.

themindyproject1009 karma

Best comment ever. Thanks man. We'll make sure to get some butt shots in next season. Right, Ike? - MK

themindyproject367 karma

I'm here now. This is Mindy Kaling. - MK

TinkerBot364 karma

Hi Ders I wanted to know "what's up wit all deez books"?

themindyproject275 karma

This line is my writers room favorite Workaholics line! We quoted it all the time before we even started working with Anders! - MK

annieg129341 karma

Mindy, would you ever consider going on Parks and Rec and perhaps playing Leslie's gyno/some kind of arranged marriage situation with Tom? If you would, please contact Amy Poehler or something because I know I can't be the only person who wants to see this.

monalisas-madhats89 karma

Or she could contact her friend and former coworker, Mike Schur, who is the showrunner. I feel like that might be a better way to weasel into the show. (That said, I support Mindy on Parks and also Mike playing a love interest on Mindy.)

TomCollinsEsq38 karma

Ken Tremendous is truly tremendous.

themindyproject134 karma

Eh, Mike isn't so great. Did you read his eulogy of me from my book? - MK

fresh925319 karma

Mindy: Is Microwave Cooking for One a real book? If so, where can I buy it? I'm asking for a friend.

themindyproject375 karma

yes, this is a real book our props department found after the joke was written :( IKE

Ottoelpiloto308 karma

Which writer came up with the idea that Morgan would pretend to be a restroom attendant for money? That was one of the funniest TV comedy bits I've ever seen.

WorkaholicsAnders171 karma

yes that was great.

themindyproject219 karma

David Stassen wrote that. He's Ike's writing partner and a likable Midwestern guy. - MK

Krazynuts13228 karma

Mindy, why did you choose "Go to bed" to be said for the kaling international badge at the end of an episode? It's adorable with the little girl. Also, I almost always go to bed when I hear it. Hypnosis? I'm onto you.

themindyproject686 karma

I used to stay up really late reading under the covers and my Dad would always somehow know that and tell me to go to bed from down the hall. My ulterior motive is to get Americans to go to sleep earlier so I can rob them. - MK

faultinourstars209 karma

I am a big fan of subtle sexuality, will they be making a comeback any time soon?

themindyproject306 karma

Every day I wake up hoping that we will go on tour - MK

loveontop69149 karma

Mindy, what's your favorite way to get weird with Ike and Ders?

A side note: Your inclusion of Beyonce's 'Love on Top' in the birthday episode made my life, as should be evident from my username. You are awesome and your show is awesome. Thanks!

themindyproject382 karma

Sometimes I would lick Anders arm the tiniest bit like a garden snake. - MK

david6591149 karma

Mindy- what's your favorite episode of Workaholics?

Ders- what's your favorite episode of The Office?

themindyproject370 karma

I liked the episode of Workaholics that was in real time and they all tried to stay drunk. - MK

themindyproject143 karma

This ike barinholtz

themindyproject134 karma

Guys I am sick of scrolling. Ask me questions on this and I will respond. -MK

eztarget896128 karma

Mindy: Adam, Blake, Anders you had to fuck, marry, kill. GO!

themindyproject279 karma

Can I marry, f and kill all three of them? IKE

themindyproject146 karma

I don't want to kill any of them, I love those guys. where is the smooch option? MK

SASS_MOUTH119 karma

Morgan is one of my favorite characters on The Mindy Project. Is that role a case of having a fully formed idea of who he'd be, or does Ike Barinholtz's personality help shape the character? Actually, that goes for all of the actors involved: how much of themselves inform how you write the characters, if at all?

themindyproject147 karma

I think Mindy created the character of Morgan after she spent some time with me. And for the rest of the characters, she had an idea of who they are but it's natural to start reshaping them once you know the actors better. Ike

themindyproject111 karma

That's if for us guys! Back to work. Love you all and thank you for great questions. Except for Anders, he was way outta line. Ike

fayzin11109 karma

Can Blake be on the show sometime? Ders being on it on it just made my day!

WorkaholicsAnders210 karma

i'm working on him.

themindyproject220 karma

I love Blake. Can he be a friend of Morgans? Or, like, my trainer? - MK

themindyproject125 karma

Blake as your trainer would be amazing. Ike

CleanSock94 karma

What kind of snacks are available on The Mindy Project set?

WorkaholicsAnders379 karma

Capri Suns, but drinking them with no shirt on is frowned upon. trust.

themindyproject220 karma

Anders and I had a traumatizing fight about this one, and then had to do a kissing scene. So, no more Capri Suns on set! - MK

themindyproject186 karma

Caviar(beluga), sashimi, and chili cheese fritos. Ike

littleelaine79 karma


Of all the dates you have had (real or fictional) who was the best kisser... and will you give them my number?

Will you promise me you will try your hardest to get Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks to guest star before the show is done?

WorkaholicsAnders233 karma

yeah mindy, who...?

themindyproject235 karma

I liked kissing Duplass for the emotional connection, but for straight hardcore turn-on feelings? DERS - MK

scalliwag70 karma

Will a George Foreman Grill ever make a special guest appearance in the Mindy Project?

themindyproject187 karma

I try to work in a Foreman Grill reference in every thing I write. - MK

tornadomh56 karma

Mindy! I was surprised to see you see you say in your recent Vulture interview that Mindy and Danny will be taking a very non-traditional relationship route...As a self-declared rom-com lover, what leads you away from the traditional tv/movie romantic tension? Do you imagine a traditional romantic comedy ending for Mindy at the end of the series—or will it be something "messier"?

themindyproject123 karma

In a movie you have the luxury of wrapping things up in 90 minutes. But in a show, you want more twists and turns, and interesting complications. Also, the show is so young so we want to see who else is out there. Like, I want the Mindy character to make some really terrible and funny decisions in series, and Danny, too. - MK

eztarget89655 karma

Mindy, what was it like being on set of "This is the End" with all those awesome kickass actors/actresses? This movie looks awesome!

themindyproject95 karma

Thanks, I love Seth and Evan and those guys. I was sad I didn't get to work with Danny McBride. Man do I swear a lot in that trailer, huh? MK

bluechoochoo52 karma

Mindy + Ike: My friends and I laugh especially hard at the way texting happens/gets visually represented on The Mindy Project. Would love to hear about how that gets created. Do the writers sketch that all the way out? Or do you have a super hilarious graphics department?

themindyproject93 karma

I think that was inspired by the way they express texts on Sherlock. We liked that and wanted to do a funny version! Ike

themindyproject66 karma

We write those into scripts and it is a really fun assignment. I especially like picking the photos for the avatars. - MK

nuccbko49 karma

I'm a writers' PA on another show and I need lunch ideas to impress my showrunner. We're at Sunset Bronson so right by the 101. Any help would be great. (He loves Healthyca and hates Indian food)

WorkaholicsAnders120 karma

as a former writers' pa... Shamrock Shakes.

themindyproject83 karma

People loved Umami. It gave me food poisoning though and I was so sick I asked BJ to euthanize me. Still love it though. - MK

themindyproject97 karma

Cafe 101, the Oaks and Go Burger are a good start. 45% of what we do as writers is try to figure out what to eat for lunch. Ike

Lifebox0246 karma

Ike - My boyfriend loves you. That's it.

themindyproject210 karma

I love him. We're going to runaway together. Ike

Patbenn44 karma

Mindy - what does BJ Novak smell like?

themindyproject126 karma

BJ Novak smells like fabric softener and comedy. Ike

themindyproject205 karma

When he is nice, blackberries. When he's being terrible, like nothing at all, like his invisible and I never even knew him. - MK

themindyproject41 karma


themindyproject64 karma


annieg12938 karma

Anders, when did your friendship with Mindy develop? The day I realized you guys were all buddies was one of sheer joy.

WorkaholicsAnders70 karma

we have a mutual friend who works on mindy's show as a writer (oh and i knew ike, who almost wrote on workaholics with his partner dave stassen) and i went to the launch party and that's when we met.

themindyproject64 karma

Who is our mutual friend? - MK

imnotcreative137 karma

Hi, Mindy, Ike and Ders, I am here with my two good friends (non-redditors) who share my totally healthy and absolutely not weird at all obsession with the Mindy Project. In fact we have been group texting for the past twelve hours debating what we should ask y’all and even though we haven’t fully compromised, we narrowed the list down. 1. Who has proven to be the best kisser on any of your shows? 2. What script has each of you written that you are most proud of and why? 3. And Mindy, if you ever come to Austin, will you be willing to take three poor college girls out for a dinner and drinks? We are pretty sure that you would be in our top tier of best friendship.

themindyproject67 karma

  1. I am the best kisser. 2. My favorite script I wrote was "Teen Patient." 3. My in-laws live in Austin, it's the best! Ike

TheRanchoChupacabraj35 karma

Ike, loved you on Eastbound and Down. Will you be returning for Season 4?

Anders, when are we getting Season 2 of Workaholics on Netflix?

themindyproject41 karma

I hope so! I have photos of Danny McB doing unspeakable things to a goose. Hope I don't have to break those out, but I will. Ike

tatertat34 karma

Hey guys, you're all super awesome and cool!

Mindy: Who is your favorite character on Game of Thrones? Also would you ever date Aziz Ansari?

Ike: I go to school in Rogers Park (Loyola), what is one of your favorite places to grab a bite in the area?

Ders: Did you ever get to swim against Michael Phelps in college? What was he like?

WorkaholicsAnders94 karma

phelps didn't swim for his college, but we swam at the same jr nats when he was like 14 and i was cough18cough.

themindyproject130 karma

People can ask me swimming questions too - MK

tatertat44 karma

Mindy, where would you buy a cute swim suit from? edit: gold?! thank you!!

themindyproject130 karma

modcloth.com or Marc by Marc Jacobs! - MK

anne_sophie32 karma

Hi Mindy, thanks for doing this!

Question about your character. Will Mindy Lahari ever have a relationship with a man of color?

themindyproject74 karma

Definitely! I am psyched for that. We try to fit in a bunch of boyfriends but then it looks like Mindy has a revolving door of dudes. Next season! -MK

themindyproject67 karma

Anders is actually one quarter Eskimo. Ike

pc1428 karma

How big are your nipples? In diameter. Open question to all three.

themindyproject79 karma

1/2 inch. Ike

IlliniXC26 karma

Ike, as you're from the Chicago area, any recs for an off the grid bar or restaurant?

themindyproject74 karma

Yes. Go to Pizano's, it's an off shoot of Lou Malnati's. Also I highly recommend Avec for fancy food, Mr. Beef for Italian Beef and Bojonos on the North Side for (thin) pizza. Can't beat the Old Town Ale House to drink to excess. Ike

themindyproject74 karma

enough about pizza from Chicago. Go back to work - MK

themindyproject79 karma

How dare you. Ike

c00lins25 karma

Also, how related was the release of McDonald's fish mcbites and the birthday episode? Random coincidence -- OR -- did the episode draw inspiration from that? Thanks. I love you all.

themindyproject49 karma

Fish McBites are EVERYTHING. Ike

themindyproject257 karma

Heres the deal. I love Filet o Fishes and hate Fish McBites. I find them revolting which even I find weird. I guess I'm unpredictable and sexy and mysterious. - MK

SoberPotential24 karma

This question is for all three of you, who is the most famous person you've had sex with?

themindyproject127 karma


themindyproject126 karma


Roguedrummer1019 karma

Hey Ders, what was it like working with Mindy and Ike rather than the usual Adam and Blake? I'm sure the atmosphere was different than what you are used to!


themindyproject28 karma

I actually look like a tall Adam and Blake has pretty hair like Mindy so it's the same. Ike

themindyproject16 karma

Ask me anything!

lauren94413 karma

Mindy and Ike... What is it like to work with Chris Messina? and What can we expect in the season finale of the Mindy Project?

themindyproject40 karma

Messina is the best. So funny, so nice, so passionate. If I was a woman I would try to marry him. And the finale is ALL about Danny and Mindy. Ike

themindyproject34 karma

Messina loves Anders and Ike a lot. He says I love you to them like ten times a day

buttercup11812 karma

Mindy, I finally found and read your play Matt & Ben (it was damn hard!) I absolutely adore it. What are some things that you think have changed about you as a writer from those days to your work now? What advice would you have given to the Matt & Ben-writing-Mindy that you have learned as a seasoned TV writing veteran? Thanks & love the show!

themindyproject26 karma

Hey, thanks! I love that play, Bren and I had so much fun writing it. For one, we didn't use final draft or anything, we just wrote it on a word document, or maybe even like that notepad program that comes free with any computer. - MK

slo198710 karma

Mindy: I need some gymspiration. What is your current exercise revenge fantasy?

themindyproject54 karma

My go-to is someone murdered my gorgeous, perfect, sweetheart husband, who looks like Michael Fassbender, and I then have to get in shape to murder him/her with my bear hands. Sometimes the murderer is hot too, and I have to sleep with them before I kill them. Like Tom Hardy or something. Use it! - MK

Charlotte_A_Cavatica7 karma

Mindy + Ike : I'm guessing the majority of the show is scripted but has there been any ad-libbing that just too great to cut?

Love the show!

themindyproject23 karma

Yes! We have to cut out a lot of the ad libs, if we kept them all in it would be a four hour show each week! Ike

Frajer5 karma

Will we ever get to hear Morgan's Dane Cook impression?

themindyproject14 karma

Mogan is a fan of Dane Cook. Ike

CrunchyLumpia3 karma

Mindy: Your writing and your acting are fantastic. I wish I could get in a catfight with Kelly Kapoor then bitch about it afterwards with Mindy Lahiri. From one brown girl (Filipina) to another: how does it feel being one of the first female leads on network TV who isn't one of the "mainstream" ethnicities like Caucasian, Latina, or African-American, not to mention has a figure "black guys love"?

Ike: I had the hugest crush on you when I was sixteen and you were on MadTV. After so many years of sketch comedy and improv, was it difficult to transition to playing one character?

Anders: I don't watch Workaholics, so I'm not familiar with your work, but.... um... hello.

themindyproject13 karma

I had a crush on you too!! Please don't tell me you were 16, that makes me old!! To answer your question it was amazing to get to play one character constantly, I love it. Ike

alc27072 karma

mindy: have you and BJ ever kissed?

themindyproject5 karma

yeah of course silly - MK

dieorupvote2 karma

@ders808 I love workaholics (and you) so I just wanna see if you will say somthing back to me. Will you?

themindyproject4 karma

no way dude, this isnt a workaholics reddit. NEXT