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I'm a writers' PA on another show and I need lunch ideas to impress my showrunner. We're at Sunset Bronson so right by the 101. Any help would be great. (He loves Healthyca and hates Indian food)

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Alright, Issa, I know you've seen this. Your one good work on SOPA doesn't stop your consistent stigmatization of gay people like myself. You treat me like a second class citizen. I am a resident of your state, and yet constantly have voted a bigoted party line that flies in the face of any research and common sense.

I suppose you won't respond to this. I suppose you'll say something about protecting religious liberties or traditions, even though none of the provisions that you voted against could curtail religious liberties - especially since there are potential "religious liberties" that are "curtailed" in regards to someone's religious beliefs on race or people of other religions.

We are stigmatized, stereotyped, demonized, and you side with these lies. But as a Congressman who has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to protect the rights of LGBT Californians like myself, I'd love to hear you explain this.

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Would you do a Happy Endings reunion ala Arrested Development if asked?

The Benched pilot was really good, also. Looking forward to it.

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*Kerkovich-Williams, she was a woman of the 2014s.

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I'll only tell Janet. She has a Nielsen box. Fucking Janet.