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I really hope it's over... I'm next.

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Jake. Unless you're talking about Chess boxing. THen it's also Jake.

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Jake got locked out for commenting too much. Anybody know how to prevent that?

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I am now.

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Let's say $50,000, I'd go to Burning Man, and I would wear like a Trump t-shirt and a Wal-Mart hat, and walk around and Live Stream the whole thing, from a Mi-Fi hotspot that's stapled to the inside of my asshole.

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I think I've seen Jake naked. At the very least his butt.

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This is gonna shock some people, but I think two. For a while it was one, but then I realized that you could double your excitement with two, and I think that's the maximum amount. I mean three, I just thought three would be better than two.

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I got involved with CollegeHumor when I was 19. The only job I had before that as working as a tutor.