Hi. My name is Stony. I'm a 19 year old producer/drummer from Iceland. I make autotuned videos on youtube for a living.

Feel free to check out some of my work: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw8Fl-31ghUKsSgh95e5KM9Hm-mrwpZOR

My original stuff: http://www.youtube.com/user/theofficialstony

I also also make drumcovers: http://www.youtube.com/user/StonysWorld/videos

Have any questions about production, remixing, autotuning, drumming, youtube or whatever you can think of, feel free to AMA.

Proof: https://twitter.com/StonysWorld/status/323881601920557056

EDIT: Well, I gotta bounce. I'm overwhelmed. Never expected this many people to show up. Thank you guys so much!

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ImAmirBlumenfeld61 karma

Who do you think has a better singing voice -- Amir or Jake. Probably Amir, right?

MyNameIsStony51 karma

You have the voice of a diva. You got moxie, kid.

joethedaytrader14 karma

have you ever met jake and amir?

MyNameIsStony21 karma

Once. Nicest guys ever.

JeffRubinJeffRubin12 karma

Pretty clear there's one question everyone wants answered - how come you don't do any Bleep Bloop remixes?

MyNameIsStony7 karma

Was waiting for this one. Now that Bleep is back. It's getting done.

Rdw3218 karma

What song plays in the outro of "Bitch! (Jake and Amir) Trust Fall Remix?"

MyNameIsStony11 karma

LaLa - Will be on my EP coming out this summer. Hopefully!

EmeraldBar5 karma

Will you be releasing outros from older remixes as well?

MyNameIsStony8 karma

Most of them, yes!

Dalelol8 karma

How much milk can you chug in one sitting?

MyNameIsStony24 karma

Like a liter. I can only chug expired milk though.

OmegaTres6 karma

Will you ever finish sip o dat? Or at least re upload the preview? I would kill to hear it again, it was soooo good.

Also I love forever night and I think you should do more originals. Thanks for doing this ama btw.

MyNameIsStony7 karma

Haha that was one of my favorites! I put off uploading it cause I didn't know if it was something the people wanted to hear. It's very different. So I never finished it. Found it on my computer a few days ago though. Might just have to upload it.

FrostZombiex6 karma

Would you go dickless for Michael Chiklis? Also how do you know what parts of the videos are you gonna use for the songs?

MyNameIsStony13 karma

I did it so much ones that my dad moved. Try to find parts that already have a little melody to them!

parrotforpresident5 karma

What video do you think you put the most effort into?

MyNameIsStony21 karma

Milkman was a real pain.

monarch44419 karma

it payed off, might be one of your best!

MyNameIsStony11 karma

thank you!

hoppen15 karma


MyNameIsStony7 karma

Not really. But my parents sometimes sing the milkman song at home. It's disturbing.

monarch4445 karma

On average how long does it take to edit a video from start to upload?

MyNameIsStony6 karma

The video barely takes any time. Like 2 hours. Tops. With autotuned videos like this it's basically just a puzzle piece when it comes to arranging the clips. Music takes way more time. Mixing, mastering. It can be a bitch.

esemef4 karma

Do you like Doctor Who?

MyNameIsStony5 karma

I don't know, who? HAHA. Just kidding. Yes.

OmegaTres4 karma

What's your favorite Jake and amir video?

MyNameIsStony6 karma

Hmmm... Maybe "Braces". That beginning cracks me up literally every time. "Have a good one"

ValkyriaStar4 karma

Who's your favorite artist?

MyNameIsStony16 karma

I have so many. Hoodie Allen comes to mind. Tyler the Creator's new album is also really tight.

viggeriscool2 karma

What are your favorite tracks on WOLF? :)

MyNameIsStony3 karma

Hmmm maybe Cowboy. Or Answer. Not sure. Tamale is crazy in good speakers though.

daketrugs1 karma

any bizarre chance you like jonwayne, black dice, excepter, flying lotus, black moth super rainbow?

MyNameIsStony1 karma

Lotus is the shit! That dude is awesome.

Kuklikz3 karma

What song was playing during the message video?

MyNameIsStony9 karma

Forever Night Pt. 2: Hit The D's

aakash223 karma

How pumped are you for the new Daft Punk album?

MyNameIsStony5 karma

Dude. Get Lucky. Nearly cried when I heard the preview.

Silentknife3 karma

Are you really 19 and not just an ageless genius in desguise?

MyNameIsStony21 karma

Actually signed a contract with the illuminati when I was 6. Don't tell any one. They kill me if th

SoleileNoir3 karma

What's Amir like in real life?

MyNameIsStony2 karma

Only met him once. Nicest guy ever.

Happyshappy3 karma

Did you take a shit in the copier?

MyNameIsStony3 karma


Enigma873 karma

Which remix were you most happy with after uploading?

Mine's gotta be "I'm High"

MyNameIsStony4 karma

Yeah, probably I'm High or Milkman!

ILoveStonyNoHomo3 karma

Why don't you make drumming covers anymore?

MyNameIsStony6 karma

New one coming next month!

MerchantOfTruth3 karma

How long have you been doing this for?

Also, do you actually make enough just on YouTube to not need to have another job?

MyNameIsStony5 karma

I've been doing it for about 2 years. Been a partner for one. I actually make more money from iTunes sales then youtube. But neither pays super big bucks. All of it goes to paying for my music school.

webspacker3 karma

Can I just say you have gorgeous teeth? That is all.

MyNameIsStony6 karma

Thank you. Your font is beautiful.

lllumpy3 karma

Can you make an extended version of "I put my dick in your sprite" It would be great.

MyNameIsStony6 karma

HAH! Maybe.

ethancutler3 karma

First of all, I sing milk man all day every day. Second, are you ever gonna collaborate with jake and amir to make a video with ur work in it? Like a song within a video or something?

MyNameIsStony4 karma

They did a similar thing with "Autotune the news". But yeah, that would be awesome!

monarch4442 karma

What makes you choose the parts of the J&A episodes to put in your songs?

MyNameIsStony3 karma

Good one. I try to go for the ones that already have a little melody to them. Like if you listen to that milkman song, and then the actual episode. You kinda already hear the melody in Jake's voice.

Lazook2 karma

You're definitely among the best of the autotune video people.

How long does it take to make one video? It seems like it's a lot of work I would be way too lazy to do, even if I knew how.

Also, do you do anything else (like school or something) or is Youtube your full time job?

MyNameIsStony3 karma

Thank you so much. Yeah it can take a long time. I do most of these in between classes so it can get a little stressful at times. Youtube is my only job at the moment. I was a hot dog vender before that.

Samdudes2 karma

When did you first start watching jake and amir? How did you make the transition of watching it to making autotuned remixes of it? Also they're great by the way :)

MyNameIsStony3 karma

Found out about them like...2 or 3 years ago I think. Made the first remix minutes after watching it. That was "Ooh saya hey ya"

crickontour2 karma

Are you friends with any of the folks in Of Monsters and Men?
Will you be playing or have you played Iceland Airwaves festival?

MyNameIsStony3 karma

Played Airwaves last year! Mad fun. I actually went to music school with Nanna Bryndís for a little while. Super talented. So stoked about them going on SNL!

Skullyhoofd2 karma

How is your relationship with CollegeHumor? And with Jake and Amir themselves?

MyNameIsStony5 karma

They've been nothing but supportive. Helping me spread my work. Amir and Jake especially.

Ethanhekker1 karma

I love your videos! (I'm the guy who made the AMA Request on r/jakeandamir).

MyNameIsStony1 karma

Dude! Thank you! Great idea. That was so much fun.

Gamerhead1 karma

I dont have a question, but I love your work! :D

MyNameIsStony2 karma


emeralddude1 karma

milksteaks or cheese?

MyNameIsStony1 karma

I...I don't...what?

monarch4441 karma

What hardware/software do you use to edit your videos, and as you're a musician i assume you play all the music yourself?

MyNameIsStony2 karma

I usually use Logic and Cubase for the music and Final Cut for the videos. I've recorded drums/guitar on a few of them, yes!

mostinterestingtroll1 karma

Besides Jake and Amir, what CollegeHumor skit series do you most enjoy autotuning? Also, have you ever considered autotuning Troopers?

MyNameIsStony3 karma

Anything with Murph. Murph is crazy.

BarbalootSlew1 karma

Braingerous is awesome! The cuts on that video were superb, and the beat is dope! My friends and I quote this all the time

MyNameIsStony2 karma

That's awesome!!

hdizzydawg1 karma

Are you inspired by any professional musicians?

MyNameIsStony2 karma

Pharrell is one of my biggest idols.

hdizzydawg1 karma

Who is your favorite band/artist?

MyNameIsStony1 karma

Forgot to mention Macklemore earlier. Wish people would get off the Thrift Shop train and go check out some of his other stuff. The man is a genius. The Heist is amazing. And Ryan Lewis a dope producer.

freehugs425sense1 karma

Do you play any sports? If not, what do you do hen you're not making videos or drumming?

MyNameIsStony3 karma

Basketball, yes!

Thorveil1 karma

Are you living in America now? Your profile says United States. If so, when did you move to America and how do you like it?

MyNameIsStony2 karma

My mom actually lives in american and my dad in Iceland. I go to school in Iceland at the moment but i'm moving to California next year!

Archangel981 karma

How do you make money off of youtube? I have a couple of songs out right now, and I want to do something with them.

MyNameIsStony1 karma

Put them up, sign up for an adsense account, put ads on your vids and build a following.

zaminizjammin1 karma

Plz do a doobs remix?! With an extended v of 'let's all go to the moooovies' ofc ;) love ya to bits btw bro

MyNameIsStony1 karma

Working on it! We'll see what happens.

vijrox1 karma

  1. What's the outro song in your Milkman video? (the first one, not the extended intro one)

  2. Do you work with collegehumor, or did you start making your videos and then they noticed?

  3. When and how did collegehumor first contact you about your videos, and how is your relationship with them now?

MyNameIsStony1 karma

-It's an original of mine. "Feel Nice" --Yeah, they kinda got in touch after seeing on of my videos. Now i'm basically partnered under them. Good people.

sinn1sl0ken1 karma

Wait, you're from Iceland? That's awesome! Okay but an actual question: How did you end up hearing about Jake and Amir? What made you decide to start remixing them?

MyNameIsStony1 karma

God, I can't even remember. Think I stumbled on to one on youtube.

Bachina1 karma

Vó, ég hef bara aldrei heyrt um þig. Goty stuff samt

MyNameIsStony1 karma

ay! takk.

kickster7771 karma

Do you plan on remixing things other than Collegehumor?

MyNameIsStony2 karma

Yes. I really wanna start branching out into other stuff. "Kapooya" was my first official non-Collegehumor related video.

Higuma121 karma

What do you like to do in your spare time, apart from chillin' at the Ds?

MyNameIsStony3 karma

Happy wheels and ping pong.

strangeasylum1 karma

When will "Doy" be coming back!!!! I've asked on your facebook and on your videos! It was such a favorite for me

MyNameIsStony2 karma

Ah DOY!, almost forgot about it. That one will have to go up again.

crickontour1 karma

What's the best place to stay in Reykjavik at a reasonable price?
Have you met or made out with the mayor of Reykjavik daughter?
What's the best time to visit Iceland?

MyNameIsStony2 karma

-The Viking Hotel -No, but damn she's fine. -June

AidanD961 karma

What software/hardware do you use to autotune CH videos?

MyNameIsStony1 karma

Logic, Cubase and Melodyne.

FoshJoster1 karma

Do you have any tips for bands that are trying to record?

MyNameIsStony1 karma

Get a few mics. Download a software. Make music that you love. And work your ass off trying to get it out. NOW!

Gchill11 karma

Whats your preferred kit set up for sampling?

MyNameIsStony1 karma

I have a 6pce Taye Studio Maple. Using it as a 4pce at the moment. Really wanna move on to Pearl. Maybe a Reference.

Gchill11 karma

If you are looking to move on to pearl I would also recommend checking out Mapex kits. I personally play a 6 piece Meridian maple and love it to death. By the way I love your stuff keep up the great work!

MyNameIsStony1 karma

Ah, gonna check that out. Thank you.

seanut_brittle1 karma

First of all I love your remixes great gob. Ok now the questions: What inspired you to do all of these remixes? Which of your remixes is your favourite? Thanks

MyNameIsStony2 karma

Thanks so much. Schmoyoho originally i'd say.

Zouski1 karma

How did you get into doing this? Are there any simple introductory tools you would recommend?

MyNameIsStony2 karma

Well, I got into remixing Jake and Amir after seeing one of their videos. Autotuning in general on the other hand. I remember seeing a Schmoyoho video and thinking, damn this is awesome. So I tried my hardest to copy their video just to see if I could do it. Think I remade like 4 of them. Including the Bed Intruder song.

I would suggest downloading melodyne!

Alonath1 karma

XY Demoið er ruglað, hvað ertu að nota ef eg ma spurja? Aðdaandi ur VMA.

MyNameIsStony1 karma

Takk! Notaði Logic í þetta.

MattyVoTF1 karma

Hey Stony. I'd just like to say that for the last few weeks your 'Milkman' song has been on repeat in my house. My housemates and I love it!!! Thanks for making the Jake and Amir experience even better!

Also, I never knew you were Icelandic, are you a fan of 'Of Monsters and Men'? And do you recommend any other Icelandic bands or artists?

MyNameIsStony2 karma

Haha that's awesome! -Yes huge fan. They're great. I would recomend Retro Stefson! Check them out.

tkookookachoo1 karma

What got you so into Jake and Amir? I'm a huge fan too! Also I would just like to say that you are one of my drumming inspirations.

MyNameIsStony3 karma

You know what. I found one of their video of them like 2 years ago. Laughed my ass off. Thought it might be fun to autotune Amir's voice. Uploaded it. Amir tweeted it. And that's how it all began.

And thank you! :)

hdizzydawg1 karma

What rapper/ hiphop group do you think makes the best beats?

MyNameIsStony1 karma

Anything Pharrell touches becomes gold.