Hello! Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld here. We're here today to answer ANY question you may have about our new shows, our old shows, or each other.

We're excited to be launching our new Patreon channel today - Patreon.com/JA - which already has two shows on it: A video version of our weekly podcast, and a new series we're calling "Jake and Amir watch Jake and Amir." Our goal is to grow the channel to add other shows as well, including a new narrative series like "Jake and Amir" or "Lonely and Horny."

We want to eliminate all middle men and make high quality ad-free shows delivered directly to our fans, for less than $5 a month. Wish us luck.

Proof: https://i.redd.it/8a2rcyb6vnr11.jpg

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HardRainsAGonnaFall862 karma

Amir: was this entire idea developed out of jealousy at how successful the Naddpod Patreon has been?

ImAmirBlumenfeld673 karma

Of course.

andydhpkp552 karma

Is there any possibility of us seeing some cut of the unaired jake and amir pilot? Maybe you guys reading some scenes or giving an overview?

ImAmirBlumenfeld607 karma

Oh wow. Yes.

Puggpu275 karma

How does it feel like?

iDirtyDianaX230 karma

I'm serious. How does it feel like?

ImAmirBlumenfeld522 karma

Ask better questions.

Nazuti6235 karma

Is there a good story or reason why it’s not Amir and Jake?

LegitJakeHurwitz590 karma

Amir suggested that! I told him the domain was taken.

ImAmirBlumenfeld261 karma

Fun fact: AmirAndJake.com is currently a Jake and Amir GIF Maker! And it works great.

pause-break235 karma

Amir! Big fan! You are truly a god of our people! Question. My cheek pouches lack the required elasticity for carrying enough seeds and nuts to my burrow for the winter! Any suggestions?

P.S. Please do not suggest a backpack like so many others on this website. My arms are at most 2 inches long. I am dwarfed even by baby backpacks and doubt I would have the strength to drag one from tree to tree.

ImAmirBlumenfeld217 karma

I'm actually not a chipmunk. Thanks, though.

Dionne94231 karma

Is there a possibility of new Jake and Amir videos coming out of this?

ImAmirBlumenfeld454 karma

Probably not new "Jake and Amir's" but our goal is have enough support to create a new web series like Jake and Amir but... newer.

chefr89415 karma


College Humor won't give you the rights, I bet. Those micey micey men!

ImAmirBlumenfeld504 karma

It’s also more exciting to create new stuff!

shivanman189 karma

Would you ever go on Hot Ones?

ImAmirBlumenfeld369 karma

I cannot handle spicy foods.


fortytwoanswers182 karma

As someone who has been a fan of you guys for almost a decade now - from CH vids to IIWY, HeadGum, L&H, NADDpod, Buckets, etc. - I want to know:

  • Which of these accomplishments/ventures mean the most to you and why?

  • Which do you think has defined your careers so far? Which do you think will end up defining your careers when all is said and done?

  • How is Jake's father preparing for October, the month of gourd-eating?

Bonus q: I know y'all get this question a lot, but Amir: when are you going on NADDpod?


ImAmirBlumenfeld178 karma

- "Lonely and Horny" is in the lead for me because I'm proud of how season 1 and 2 turned out.

- "Jake and Amir" has defined our career because of the sheer volume of episodes

- Jake's father is fearful this month, to be sure.

ChaoticScott139 karma

Who can fit more peanut M&M's in their mouth at once, Jake or Amir?

StreetSharkFTW191 karma

Clearly Amir, I mean he is a chipmunk

LegitJakeHurwitz274 karma

The fact that we've trained a chipmunk to fill his cute little mouth with Peanut M&Ms... it's just so neat. Ya know?

ImAmirBlumenfeld275 karma

I’m actually not a chipmunk. Clearly.

HungryHaitian126 karma

Amir, will you ever release a recording of your best man speech?

ImAmirBlumenfeld235 karma

We have a copy! Thanks to HeadGum Super Producer Mars Mel. Maybe we’ll do a JA watch A’s Speech episode

SensualStrawberry94 karma

Amir, do you think you’re ever going to make a guest appearance on NADDPOD and if so will you make sure your character has bigger quads than Hardwon?

ImAmirBlumenfeld168 karma

My character will have at least 3 quads.

LegitJakeHurwitz140 karma

No one has bigger quads than Hardwon.

ImAmirBlumenfeld161 karma

I’ll have MORE.

ktcsteph0485 karma

Do you still eat chicken nuggets? Or in these harrowing times we live in, do you ever consider meatless Mondays?

ImAmirBlumenfeld122 karma

I actually stopped eating chicken nuggets as a child. That's why my character loved them.

HungryHaitian80 karma

Would you ever release vlogs? A day in the life of Jake and Amir would be awesome.

ImAmirBlumenfeld92 karma

That’s a good idea!

RazaReact64 karma

Most overrated Laker ever?

ImAmirBlumenfeld135 karma

There are no overrated Lakers. Only underrated Lakers. Like Cedric Ceballos. And Derek Fisher.

Donjewxote63 karma

Is there a certain amount of subscriptions you need to hit to continue this or will it push on regardless? Also, any thoughts of making merch discounts for subscription holders?

ImAmirBlumenfeld87 karma

Were locked into at least these two shows forever. If we can get more patrons we will make more content.

Timtombomb36 karma

Love this idea! Any chance Lonely and Horny will be available to patrons? Or is it a Dropout exclusive?

ImAmirBlumenfeld43 karma

DropOut exclusive. Season 2 at least.

HungryHaitian35 karma

What's the best advice for my sister who wants to be a comedy writer? Shes a freshman in college.

ImAmirBlumenfeld108 karma

Write comedy.

the_ezra28 karma

Mazel tov jake!

Whats the best/favorite/most memorable thing thats happened on an If I Were You live show?

LegitJakeHurwitz41 karma

Probably when we did the shoey in Australia, thought I believe I blacked out shortly thereafter.

ImAmirBlumenfeld41 karma

That was gross. A shoey is beer out of a sneaker. You drank whiskey.

gianeena18 karma

Just wanted to let you guys know I've been a fan since 9 and I'm now 22. You guys have made up so much of my personality haha.

Anyway, do you ever get sick of each other?

ImAmirBlumenfeld16 karma

Hahha holy shit. More than half your life! I never get sick of Jake. But he’s really annoyed with me. Nearly constantly!

PennywiseEsquire14 karma

Amir: How often do you start conversations with, “Alright, Bitch. Let’s take it down to Chinatown?” I do it way too often and I fear that no one gets the reference.

ImAmirBlumenfeld19 karma

It's time to beat down encyclopedia brown.

Cutoffjeanshortz3713 karma

/u/ImAmirBlumefeld Do you still talk with Streeter?

ImAmirBlumenfeld24 karma

I do! He's a busy successful man, but not too busy for me! Right, Street? *dialtone*

saucysaucesaucysauce13 karma

what's the key to a good friendship?

ImAmirBlumenfeld39 karma

Never listen.

Weazlebee10 karma

Not really a question but I'd love to see more Rosenbergs on the pod. Make one of your video podcasts with the twins and I'm all in! I think Jeff has only been on the pod once with Rose. Is he not a fan ?

ImAmirBlumenfeld14 karma

Working on it. They live in NYC and we're in LA. but it will happen.

SakuOtaku3 karma

I saw you guys on Misfits and Monsters- how'd that feel compared to making web content, and what were some of the pros and cons of being on TV for you guys?

ImAmirBlumenfeld3 karma

TV is fun. Bobcat was the man. But we will always prefer writing our own comedy.

Lattch3 karma

Is the competition for a new cover art for the podcast still going and if so, how long do I have to submit before it ends?

ImAmirBlumenfeld3 karma

It is still going. Get your design in soonly!

the_ezra3 karma

Hey Amir Jewmenfeld, whats the minimum pay youd shoot a porn for? What would it feature?

ImAmirBlumenfeld7 karma

$20 and a ham sandwich. It would feature me. Eating the sandwich. Naked style.

Mattimation3 karma

Love you guys. What is your advice for creating and maintaining a series, and creating content with friends?

ImAmirBlumenfeld4 karma

Make sure you have similar senses of humor. Ideally Exactly forever.