Alex Barron

is a British juggler best known for his numbers juggling accomplishments.

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Correct, this is a new record holder.

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Do you mean the McGuire Twins (pic)? They're deceased I'm afraid.

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New record holders are "discovered" and then recognised in a number of ways. Many apply via our website after a friend/family member comments e.g. "you've got a really long tongue!" or similar. Others we actively seek out (we have a full-time talent researcher).

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Jyoti - My sister is always taking my phone off me and replying to texts and making phone calls pretending to me as a prank, especially to boys - they are then very surprised when they see me (again)!

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Sharran is a sumo wrestler, the only female recognised by the British Sumo Federation.

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Alex - Sorry I’m a little boring in that respect – I only really juggle balls, rings and clubs so you might want to look up ‘The Space Cowboy’ who’s also in the book. I’m really only interested in pushing the technical and physical limits of ball juggling in particular and that requires quite light, small and under filled bean bags. The difficulty in my record lies in the speed and height you have to throw for 11 or 13 rather than the weight of the props.

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Wouter - There was no world record intention when I built the bike, it just turned out that way! I've always been fascinated by mechanics and building things. The bike was a part of my final exam exhibition for art school - I wanted to make something big, and this was it. A lot of artists start with a concept and then find the medium that will work to express it, I was offered a giant tire one day and thought, "what can I make out of this?"

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Coming on Thursday. :)

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Jyoti - I never travel alone, there is always someone else with me, usually my sister. I can't walk very far or fast and get tired quickly, so she carries me.

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Alex (most objects juggled) - I’m a student at the moment and I hope to study the physical sciences and mathematics at university next year. I never perform as my style of juggling (dropping on almost every attempt) doesn’t really suit it very well but I did earn some money filming an advert for Virgin Media earlier in the year. That was great fun and it’s always nice to have your juggling filmed professionally as opposed to my normal approach of propping the camera up with a bean bag or two.