Verified and unbanned by the moderators. First timer, I realized I should have written AMAA, sorry in advance if I don't fulfill the question. I have been with the company for 10+ years, done 2 resident shows! Base in gymnastics,tumbling and trampoline.

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EDIT: Please read karmanaut's reply below.

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Thank you very much!

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Have you given up on sex with non-acrobats?

Liv2000214 karma

Absolutely..I married an acrobat! ;)

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I've seen several Cirque shows and I absolutely love every single one. What you all do is incredible - really shows the potential of the human body. I've always wondered if a lot of the acrobats are sleeping together?

Liv2000107 karma

Lol I wish I could say no.... I almost can.... Because its not quite everyone together, there are a lot of families and senior artists who are not interested... But when you work that closely with people especially young new artists there are definately plenty of stories! ;)

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According to this article the cirque de soliel early years were all sex and drugs and the leader of the cirque used to throw crazy parties. Does he still?

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It's been many years since the crazy parties for the entire company.... I can't speak for the inner circle though! ;)

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Best fan story?

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A young autistic boy comes back annually and dresses up as a different character each time! His parents are forever grateful as he didn't speak until he saw a show, and now his is constantly improving!

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What's the pay like?

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Very good, plus great health care!

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A billion dollars.

With a B

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yes definately B

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Another question, was there anything that you were told to do that just seemed too extreme or that you were worried could possibly be too risky to perform safely?

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Hmmmm....we work with a lot of crazy ideas! I've heard things asked of me that I think 'you're out of your mind' lol but often we take baby steps and at some point on the way to a new crazy idea we figure out altogether whether it's really feasible or decisions, never pressured!

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What is the best part about your job?

Liv2000109 karma

Taking people away from their problems for 90 mins! Making people grin who don't smile often! It's a great role!

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Thanks for your hard work. My wife convinced me to see Totem two nights ago. I was a bit reluctant as Cirquie de Solei is not exactly my usual type of entertainment. I was blown away by the showmanship and athletic feats. I couldn't stop smiling.

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thank you, that's very kind!

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What's the most shocking thing you can do?

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Hmmm....shocking I can run 9 miles on the treadmill then 2 shows back to back immediately afterwards....that shocked me! Lol I can do a somersault in 5inch heels! :)

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How many hours a day do you train for all the stunts you do, and along with that, is there some "seniority" chain that depends on how good you are/how long you've been in the show?

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Training varies depending on your role...but I think on average I can say you are looking at twice a week 1 1/2 hours stage training, plus daily specific conditioning workouts and maintenance 1 hour! Plus warm ups and cool downs! Their is absolutely a hierarchy I'm 10 years plus... Seniority counts especially if you are still just as good or better!

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How did you train? What skills did you need to start?

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Many years of gymnastics....dedication 6 days a week.... No parties, no sleep overs. School and training! It was my education! It led my to a great job....that I didn't train specifically for, I just had the strong base required, and then I had to tap into the flare of a performer, that was the hardest part!

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What would you recommend to somebody trying to train to be an acrobat who isn't starting at a young age?

Not as a profession, but y'know, a hobby.

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Find a good gym and Good coach and the sky is the's all in the safety of practice!

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Do bring proof, even if I do belive you in what you say.

Pictures of yourself In working gear or such infront of a logo of the show - paired with a picture of you holding a note saying "Reddit AMA Unicycles have one wheel to many!" could do the trick. :)

Just put yourself at the place you claim you work in working gear and another one showing you with something we are saying here right now, and I'd take it as proof.

I am assuming you are not shy about who you are since you are a performer. If you rather not, we'll think of something else.
Could this work for you?

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Thank you I certainly will as soon as I figure out how! :)

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I know you can learn to do amazing feats like those without some slip ups. What's the worst accident or injury you've ever had?

Liv200047 karma

I smashed a bone into 5 pieces during a show! I had pins and wires for a long time...lots of rehab and the show goes on!

da_man_made_of_bread19 karma

How did you manage to do that? It sounds horrible.

Liv200038 karma

I landed with my knee cap on the frame of a trampoline! It was not my best moment! :)

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what do you do to get started in circuses like that i am an acrobat ( i have trained in it for 10 years)

Liv200027 karma

Put a resume and a video together that showcases your talent versatility and personality and send it in or got to an audition! They like individuality!

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Has it hindered your social life?

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As a child I sacrificed some regular childhood options. But that's anyone who chooses to be a young athlete! As for my career within is actually he opposite....the 'social' part of the job is overwhelming!

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Not to be crude but a professional ballerina friend of mine told me that ballet companies are basically "incestuous fuckfests." Is it similar in Cirque? Lots of intra-company boning?

Edit: nevermind, you already answered that question.

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I've heard that about ballet too :)) I don't think we are on their level! Lol

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What's the best way to get back in shape for circus? I had an accident doing hammock/silks a few years ago and I'm thinking of getting back into aerial again soon.

Liv200021 karma

Sorry about the accident.... Rehab and come backs are scary and tough! I hope you follow will surprise yourself with determination! I believe strongly in core strength for a solid frame. My advice is to build up your core with Pilates.... And then make us your small muscles are firing for straps and tissue make sure rotator cuffs are ready!

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When did you learn you could do it?

Liv200036 karma

I had a mini tramp when I was three.... The one one with the handle in front.... My first time on it... I flipped over the handle.... And I was sent to the gym ;)

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What kind of training do, and when have you started. Not related but I really admire acrobats. and was one of those kids who wanted to runnaway to the circus

Liv200013 karma

Well we did start from childhood in most cases I was 6 when I started competing.... But we are driven by passion and that is ageless! Training is varied, but we train in the things we love and go from their! That's the whole run away with the circus the things you love to do!

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What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Liv200027 karma

I'm a veggie lover! :)

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What is the most enjoyable part of your performance?

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I think if you look earlier I wrote it..... It's the ability to transport people out of their world for 90's therapy for us too!

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Have you ever been injured and didn't think you'd recover?

Liv20002 karma

I smashed my patella, dr said I'd never do it again....I was back 6 months later.

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I saw "KA" a while ago and thought it was great! How and when were you able to become a part of Cirque du Soleil? Do you have another job?

Liv20002 karma

No it is my only job. I was an acrobat all my life, so I fell right into it after I decided my competitive life was over.

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Are you a wizard?

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No but that would be cool.

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Do you have an exact number on how many shows are touring worldwide? Does CdS even work that way (several shows touring at the same time in different locations)? If so, and if you don't mind answering, which one are you in?

Where do you think the audience mind blew up the loudest?

I was at the Varekai presentation last month in Brazil, and god dammit, I don't think I've ever applauded something that much in my entire life, ever.

Please, keep up the awesome show.

Liv20002 karma

Thank you, I have never toured, I have only done resident shows. I'm not sure where or what city....but premieres are usually the best! Yes I don't know the exact number but between tent tours and arena tours the is plus 10 on the road at one time, all over the world.

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What goes through your head when you or other acrobats mess up on stage?

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They have many more to get it right.

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How did you get into the cirque du soleil? I am a gymnast myself, so what are the requirements to get in?

Liv20002 karma

Truthfully, it's 13 years since I checked requirements, so I would check with casting. But personally with whatever your skill level, if you ever present yourself be versatile with a fun personality, don't be afraid to be silly or stupid.

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Favourite place you've preformed in?

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I've never done a touring show, only Las Vegas and Florida, borh good.

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Did you perform at that Microsoft E3 event?

Liv20002 karma


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What shows have you worked on? What is the scariest stunt you've been asked to do? Have you ever seen anything go horribly wrong? What was it? How did you begin in Cirque Du Soleil?

How is the pay and what is the tempo like for your normal week like? Most importantly, take away the pay, is it worth it?

Thanks in advance! I love all the shows I've seen so far.

Liv20002 karma

First it's the best job decision I ever made. I love it. I've worked on 2 resident shows, Teeter board was the most risky for me, I did double pike to the shoulders with no harness, but I had a great team that I put 100% trust in. Pay is good and per show based, 10 shows a week, 5 days. Accidents happen, seen quite a few, not too many horrific, most make it back to perform....I saw someone fall from very high when they weren't supposed to. I began as a gymnast/tumbler.