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Could you elaborate some on this?

I was born in the early 80s so I am a frog in the slowly warming water here.

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Hej Kerstin. Vad tycker du har vart mest intressant med den nyupptäckta världen med internet för din egen del?

Hello, Kerstin. What in your opinion has been the most interesting part of this new world of the internet?

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How fast can you solve a Rubik's cube? If not, will you learn to do so and come back and tell me in your next IAmA (depending on the success of this one)?

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What points needs to be covered before considering signing a band?

How do you bankroll the operation, being such a small company?

What band would you love to sign?

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Haha amazing story, OP!

The best part is that she's walking around with the story from her point of view, thinking you told her of like a brain ninja.