Hi, we're Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid from AMC's new series, Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, where we play Louis de Pointe du Lac and Lestat de Lioncourt. The season finale premieres Sunday at 10pm or you can binge the full season now on AMC+.

We're here to answer your questions about vampires, New Orleans, or whatever else you can think of, so ask us anything!

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Edit: that's it from us, thank you for asking such great questions. We'll see you Sunday for the season finale of IWTV!

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vampirepyre305 karma

Sam, what is your favorite weird Lestat fact? Mine is that he canonically loves Walmart.

AMC_TV214 karma

Mojo :)

dearlioncourt104 karma

Jacob, what Raleigh Ritchie song Louis would dedicate to lestat?

AMC_TV193 karma

The Last Romance or Bloodsport '15 - JA (hi!)

necrogardens100 karma

Were there ever any instances where you found playing these characters, especially in their darker moments, to be mentally taxing?

p.s. - We love you guys! Thank you for bringing such a beloved story to the screen again. The cast's dedication shines through in every episode, and I can't wait to see what more awaits! <3

AMC_TV251 karma

shooting at night for 6 months makes everyone go a little mad. SR

_Cozygirl87 karma

Hi Jacob and Sam ~ Many of the scenes in the show are very emotionally demanding for even just a viewer of the series - as the ones actually having to embody and present such heavy emotions what’s it like to decompress after scenes like that? Is it taxing on yourselves as people or is it something you can simply switch off?

Congrats on your success! - Makayla

AMC_TV260 karma

It really helped having Sam there. We just went and sat on a bench and checked on each other. Without Sam I think I might have found it a lot harder. I also have a 2 year old - she doesn't want Louis De Pointe Du Lac in her house, so you have to switch it off. - JA

MamaEngineer85 karma

Sam, how do you plan on beating the possessed by Lestat allegations?

AMC_TV136 karma

what would convince you? any tips? SR

phobos_terrorrem83 karma

For both Sam and Jacob: What's your favorite Vampire Chronicles book and why?

AMC_TV250 karma

The Vampire Lestat. It feels like the moment the vampire world really cracks open and you meet all of the ancients. QOTD feels like an extention of that book so I love it too. I had a really fun time with The Tale of the Body Thief though. So my answer is 3 answers. - JA

I really like Queen of The Damned with all the introduction of the vampire history and the origins of Amel, the way she redefined the vampire context - SR

dorian151483 karma


AMC_TV187 karma

Nope. I love him. Nope. - JA

Probably not. - SR

lestating81 karma

Hello Sam and Jacob!! First of all, I LOVED your performances as Lestat and Louis and I’m so excited for season 2!!
In the meantime, I try to entertain the fandom with my No Context Lestat de Lioncourt account (twitter, instagram and youtube) where I post my Lestat and Louis edits and memes. I would love to hear your thoughts on it :)
My question is, did either of you have a kind of 'ritual' to get into the character?
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

AMC_TV136 karma

Ive seen your page!! Thank you, I think we would get on.

no real ritual to be honest, the set, costumes and dialogue felt pretty transporting.


AMC_TV106 karma

I listened to music REALLY loudly in my trailer (sorry Sam) and it always helped. I have a Louis playlist. As the season went on and Louis goes into himself more, the song 'Scottie Pippen' by Mick Jenkins and serpentwithfeet could get me to a place. -JA

OGChocolateThunder78 karma

For Sam and Jacob: outside your respective roles as Lestat and Louis, which character(s) in the Vampire Chronicles do you consider to be your favorite and why?

AMC_TV236 karma

Gabrielle is my favourite. She does her own thing, she's doesn't really mess with coven life and I can relate. I feel like she's also one of the few vampires that sees Vampirism as an opportunity to be what she always wanted to be and kind of succeeds.

I used to like Marius when you first meet him (after reading TVL) - he seemed like this sort of eccentric adventurer, but that changed as I kept reading. You know why... - JA

AMC_TV265 karma

ALSO ALSO - Akasha. I love Akasha. She has a point. #AKASHAWASRIGHT - JA

AMC_TV178 karma

I also love Gabrielle, digging her own graves every night - sleeping in the earth. my other quiet favourite is Santino; The history of the children of satan SR

unionofthesnakes66 karma

Hello 🤗

Adored both of y'all's performances in the show!

Q for Jacob - Was it difficult to switch back to natural after getting your hair conked in the show? I hope it didn't have any effect on your curl pattern!

Q for Sam - Is there any wild Lestat moment in the books you're hoping DOESN'T make it into the show? There's a certain scene in Memnoch where Lestat drinks blood out of...well...you know 👀 and that's one thing I'm hoping to never witness with my own two eyes lol.

Sending love and gratitude to both of you! Thanks for being our Louis and Lestat 💕

AMC_TV118 karma

That definitely a hectic moment. But to be fair that whole book is a hectic moment...SR

dorian151465 karma


AMC_TV155 karma

it was difficult to move in the Raj/queen costume to be honest,

my favourite costume was the villain all black from ep 5. Unfortunately ....SR

Miserable_Fan780457 karma

are there any chaotic or funny moments on set that you guys remember? <3

AMC_TV186 karma

Every moment was chaos and I wouldn't trade it for the world - JA

We swapped lenses once - that was pretty weird - SR

vampirepyre56 karma

Jacob, do you have a theory on why everyone in the vampire chronicles is head over heels for Louis?

AMC_TV166 karma

Ahem - JA

AmandaGearSolid56 karma

Hello y'all!

To say I love this show is an understatement. It completely took over my life. This is not me asking for it back. It's yours now. You all earned it. I followed this project as a longtime fan of Jacob and all his many, many talents, but I've come away a huge fan of every one in the cast. I'm excited to follow the careers of everyone beyond the show!

This question is for Jacob and Sam: What scene or moment from this season did you surprise yourself the most as an actor?

Also, Jacob, as a writer who has had a lot of trouble being vulnerable in my life and in my writing, your music has given me the courage to be more honest creatively. It's also allowed me to have hope for more good brain days than bad brain days. Eventually. I'm not okay but I know I'm going to be, right? Just being able to say that is huge for me so I thank you endlessly for that.

Salivating for season 2 and hoping for a southeastern U.S. con appearance by the cast,


AMC_TV146 karma

This is lovely and I'm so happy you're giving yourself that. Giving yourself permission is a very powerful thing. Keep on. I believe in you.

The Confession in Episode 1 was something I was scared of, and I think in lots of ways I was trying too hard to do something and then discovered that the only way it was going to work was if I locked in and just forced myself to be honest with myself and let go. Basically stop trying so hard to do a performance. I found that scene really cathartic in the end. - JA

vampirepyre55 karma

im a huge vampire nerd so i want to know about how you feel about vampires as a literary devise throughout history and how they relate to these stories. vampires have always represented the “other” as in someone you can tell is different but you are not quite sure why , and you are still drawn to them . they are freeing and terrifying . throughout most of their portrayals in literature they have represented queerness , xenophobia, female sexuality, racism, and classism . and so much more. and thats why i love them. as an autistic queer person i relate a lot with feeling like a monster and feeling like you are looking in on something you are not going to ever be a part of. is this history of vampires in literature something you are aware of on set? how do you bring the history of vampires into your modern interpretation of them?

AMC_TV142 karma

I totally agree. I think for Lestat, He echos what you’re saying in ep 5. In the sky with louis. He feels deep down unworthy of love - and therefor continues to sabotage all the opportunities he has for it. If only he could see that he is loved. The Vampire is the outsider and reflect our own desires to be accepted. We all feel like outsiders at times, I think thats what drew me to them in the first place. so yes - always aware of their metaphors. lovely question. SR

FreakFlagHigh51 karma

Sam, you really did a phenomenal job with helping us empathize with Lestat despite his awful and abusive behavior. How did you approach your performance to make sure that we saw all the nuances to Lestat's character and how his life shaped his actions during the show?

AMC_TV164 karma

I think AR does that, you empathise with these horrific monsters in the books. For me i just had to stick with him even when he was being the worst possible. which is not easy to be honest. He's a nightmare on legs. He gets a morbid satisfaction from being bad. somewhere deep down I do think he's operating from a place of love. obsessive psychotic love...but love none the less...its a challenge. SR

NotenoughMayo8550 karma

Sam, I must know, the hop into the train with the ticket guy's head, improvised or not? Jacob, what would Louis' favorite book be, seeing as he's read zillions.

AMC_TV149 karma

I thought it would be right for Lestat to make that entrance as theatrical as possible...SR

Miserable_Fan780449 karma

Bailey has mentioned she took Claudia's globe on set, how about you guys? did you take any souvenir from set? :)

AMC_TV145 karma

I have Louis' 1973 AMEX Card. I considered just keeping it in my wallet day to day - JA

winterelf8649 karma

Sam, you seem to have developed such an encyclopedic knowledge & DEEP understanding of the characterizations & themes of the source material. Have you been able to work with the writers at all in this capacity?

AMC_TV110 karma

We talk with Rolin at lot about the show and where it's going. SR

DracarysHijinks40 karma

If Sam isn’t involved with the writers yet, I hope he will be!!

AMC_TV152 karma

Oh, he's trying - JA

gorrei48 karma

Hello Sam and Jacob!! I love your show! Here is my question: Sam and/or Jacob, what’s another interesting relationship (any kind) from the Vampire Chronicles besides the one of Louis and Lestat that you look forward to possibly portray in the show one day?

AMC_TV149 karma

I love the Devil's Minion chapter. Huge fan of Daniel and Armand's delirious little Night Island adventure. It feels like a deeply fucked up 90s Tom Hanks movie with more blenders and less folksy charm - JA

qwibqwibs47 karma

Sam, is Lestat still considering becoming a rockstar vampire in the future? Or is he considering something else in this universe?

Jacob, how does it feel to be the most beautiful man on Earth playing the most beautiful vampire? The It Girl of the VC universe. The one everyone wants 😂

AMC_TV114 karma

Music / performing and Lestat are one and the same. He's going there... SR

luv4c46 karma

For you both: What has been the most difficult aspect (if there is any) about filming this season? What did you enjoy the most?

SAM: I just want to thank you for 2 of my favorite Lestat scenes. Episode 6 on the train you were hilariously terrifying and Episode 7 on the balcony at the ball you were absolutely heartbreaking. You were meant to be Lestat. I can't wait for season 2.

AMC_TV107 karma

thanks so much - I loved that balcony scene especially as it was all direct AR dialogue from the book but with the subtext of their relationship. It felt very special to do. SR

bluepuddings42 karma

Hi Sam, do you think Lestat would have gotten along with Freddie Mercury?

AMC_TV110 karma

💯 SR

Other_Lepidoptera52140 karma

Circa 1985, Lestat describes himself a "Rock Superstar." If you could pick any interpretation of that in 2022, what would it be? Would he sound like any specific artist, have a certain look, a different genre? Thank you both xx

AMC_TV71 karma

love to hear you suggestions on this - what do you think? SR

herxngraystairs39 karma

For Sam:

Do you agree that the 2022 version of rockstar Lestat would potentially be somewhere very close to the Måneskin frontman in terms both of musical style and aesthetics, or not?

AMC_TV80 karma

good idea SR

Miserable_Fan780431 karma

To Sam: your performance as Lestat is SO incredible. some people have been saying they see a resemblance to Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in 'Mommie Dearest', have you seen the film? <3 (if not i recommend hehe)

AMC_TV124 karma

Lestat as Faye Dunawy as Joan Crawford... hahah. Everything is a show for Lestat


lightfoot9031 karma

Jacob, how amazing was it to be in the TARDIS?

AMC_TV100 karma

It blew a fuse in my mind - JA

rosetinted4229 karma

Sam, are you aware of the theory that you have been possessed by Lestat? Is he forcing you to keep the hair?

AMC_TV85 karma

should I cut it and find out? SR

KendallRose_28 karma

Sam!! As you used to read the Vampire Chronicle books as a fan (BEFORE the amc show) did you ever picture yourself as Lestat as you were reading?? Because you fit his description perfectly and needless to say you were BORN to play him. Lestat is such a beloved character and it’s so obvious that you are literally him!!!😂❤️

AMC_TV103 karma

I think just reading a book you do that, in some way....put yourself in the mind of the fictional character. But it wasn't until I got the part that i started to try and work out how I was going to portray him. i was very nervous about doing him justice as i know he's very important to a lot of people... So to hear this is wonderful and I feel so grateful to you all. Thank you for the support of the show, we are making it for you. SR

cowbarn927 karma

Jacob, your music has inspired me and helped me greatly.

I know this isn’t about the show, but any chance you could give some news on possible new music?

Much love,

AMC_TV124 karma

I'm glad it helped. Thank you. I'll most likely start something over the Winter. Prime sadboi season - JA

Miserable_Fan780426 karma

To Jacob: can you share one song from your Louis playlist? <3

AMC_TV107 karma

I'll share the playlist, I can't pick ONE - JA

Theodoraraphael26 karma

I am really enjoying listening to the IWTV soundtrack. Especially
the song ‘Come to me.’ Sam, how were you given this opportunity to sing? Was it
part of the role auditioning or something offered to you ad hoc?

AMC_TV91 karma

it wasn't part of the auditioning - but Rolin and i talked very early on about the importance of Lestat singing - he's got to sing... SR

MadenMad25 karma

Hello 👋 Jacob, I would like to know, if you could meet Louis, what would you like to tell him?

AMC_TV202 karma


AdSubstantial73925 karma

Oh! And for both of you:

How you do think your characters would have reacted to The Wizard of Oz film, since it came out in 1939!?

  • Heather

AMC_TV118 karma

probably found a kindred spirit in the wicked witch. SR

bluepuddings24 karma

Hi guys! Sam, who would be your dream cast for Lestat’s mother (Gabrielle De Lioncourt)? If you could pick anyone? Thanks, love you!

AMC_TV103 karma

I'm jumping in here - Monica Belucci - JA

AMC_TV76 karma


inhannahland23 karma

For Sam: You were a part of two my absolute favorite shows of the year (I'm in the US so The Newsreader came out this year for me) and I love Dale and Lestat in equal measure. Do you think those two roles have any similarities that drew you to them? Or is part of the attraction how different they are?

AMC_TV69 karma

Thanks! I don't think there are very similar at all, which is part of the attraction for me - but I do like to think Dale read the vampire chronicles. SR

kirbystargayallies23 karma

Hello guys! I've finished watching the season this week and it's living in my mind rent free since. I don't think I've ever seen a pilot as good, congrats to all of the team!
My question for Jacob: did you find your experience as Louis (and all his iterations considering human, Lestat-era, 80s and present) inspiring for you in terms of songwriting, or were you able to take some of your songs as inspiration somehow to build his character? I say this bc some of your tunes legit feel like they're talking to the character somehow, which is funny when you consider you wrote them before playing the part.
My question for Sam: how, as an actor and a fan of the books, do you react to people asking if you're possessed by Lestat? Do you laugh or do you think "well, it's an issue considering I'm human and Lestat is a blood thirsty immortal"?
And, at last, a request for the kind souls of AMC: Please, drop Antoinette's version of Come To Me. We all want to hear in full what made Louis swim the Mississippi. Thanks!

AMC_TV85 karma

I think Lestat lives in a lot of peoples minds, and thats a credit to AR and her beautifully insane books. I hope that the show sends people back to the books and he can continue to do so. its a credit to her work that people feel that he's real. which is a terrifying thought TBH. SR

AMC_TV81 karma

I think it's the other way around for me. My songs are me. I only write about what i'm feeling when I write them. I think because of who I am and how I express who I am, I felt like I really understood what this story was/these characters are. I felt very connected to Louis instantly and it was initially a little confronting, it felt someone jammed a mirror into my face - JA

bluepuddings23 karma

For me, Lestat was one of my first Bisexual icons, I discovered him around 12 years ago, and I have to ask how important is it to you (Sam) that you portray this aspect of Lestat correctly?

AMC_TV77 karma

It's very important. It wouldn't be Lestat otherwise. SR

sofingdeep22 karma

what was it like working with Eric bogosian??

AMC_TV105 karma

I love that man so much. He's one of the greatest storytellers of all time and very dry and very funny but also just a fun person to spend time with. Best person to have at a dinner party no doubt - JA

Miserable_Fan780421 karma

To Jacob and/or Sam: where were you or what were you doing when you received the news that you got the part? <3

AMC_TV117 karma

I was waking up. I got a text from Rolin that just said "Mr. De Pointe Du Lac?" - JA

sainja21 karma

For Jacob and Sam. What's your favorite thing about working with Bailey Bass?

AMC_TV87 karma

her enthusiasm and dedication. she's a sweetheart. SR

Positive_Cherry_30620 karma

Sam: What was the hardest scene for you to do either physically or emotionally?

AMC_TV106 karma

dragging louis in ep 5. I struggled that day. SR

Lipepan20 karma

The blood that you guys drink... what is it? 👀

AMC_TV89 karma

there are lots of different types. if you have to drink a lot they make it taste better by adding flavours, but its mostly corn syrup and food colouring. very sugary. SR

phobos_terrorrem20 karma

Sam and Jacob, wich character from The Vampire Chronicles are you most excited to enter the AMC Immortal Universe?

AMC_TV77 karma

Gabrielle SR

AdSubstantial73917 karma

Much love to the both of you!

Jacob: If you had the power to control where Louis ends up at the end of the series, what would be his ideal ending for you? What does your wife think of the show?

Sam: We all saw that during the finale you were crying in the um....cutting of the cord scene....how much of that was Lestat and how much of it was it just you being in the moment?


  • Heather

AMC_TV75 karma

I would love Louis to get his little house and his garden in NOLA, sitting in his musty chair with a book. Also, THERAPY. - JA

AMC_TV53 karma

mix of the two I'd say! SR

Minghaolegs16 karma

What was the first scene you filmed together?

AMC_TV94 karma

Lestat confiding that loneliness is his biggest fear. Everything in the Opera House was the first day - JA

AMC_TV55 karma

when they first meet at the fairplay SR

AMC_TV57 karma

Jacob was right... it was the opera. my bad... SR

kaibasmom16 karma

Hello love the show and you both are my favorite Louis and Lestat. My question is to Sam how would you describe Lestat’s and Antoinette’s relationship, what does she represent to him?

AMC_TV87 karma

she is Lestats answer to feeling threatened by louis' disgust in him. Its awful but I think he needs her to feel wanted. SR

MyLadySansa10 karma

Well, that’s sad. :( I was thinking it was to have someone “on his side” vs Louis & Claudia. But, that makes sense.

AMC_TV33 karma

it's definitely that too. SR

SMPerAl16 karma

Hello guys. I've enjoyed watching the show so so much. And your interviews are always fun to watch.

Here are a few questions about the show:

What's your favorite costume?

What's your favorite scene (either to shoot or to watch)?

Did any of you ever got your fingers caught in the coffins?

...and in general:

Any book or show recommendations (besides the Vampire Chronicles)?

I wish you all the best of luck in season 2 :)

AMC_TV127 karma

Sam got locked in his coffin once. Everyone except me and one of our boom operators, Connor stayed with him. It was actually pretty funny hearing him saying "guys? ... guys?" from inside. - JA

Woman_on_the_hill14 karma

Which was more fun to wear: the contacts, the fangs or the nails?

AMC_TV74 karma

fangs SR

Prior-Mention-809014 karma

Hello Jacob and Sam!!! A question for the both of you. If you had the chance to talk to Louis and Lestat, what's one piece of advice you would give them (both separately and as a couple)? And what character would you like to play if you weren't playing Louis and Lestat?

AMC_TV91 karma

Therapy, Louis. And playing Lestat in Raglan James' body bumping into things would be quite fun - JA

AMC_TV90 karma

people will like you more if you listen to them SR

Kingstatts12 karma

What was the hardest scene to film ?

AMC_TV46 karma

The church scene was definitely the hardest scene for me. It just has everything in it - It's like a perfect microcosm of everything that is yet to come. It felt like a real trial by fire - JA

AnxiousArtHoe12 karma

hey guys! my question is, how well do you think lestat would do on drag race? love you both

AMC_TV86 karma

he would probably kill all the competition and force a win SR

vampirepyre11 karma

if you were the therapist or close friend of your character, what is the 1st piece of advice you would give them?

AMC_TV85 karma

"Firstly, I'm SO glad you're here..." - JA

Miserable_Fan780411 karma

To Jacob and/or Sam: do you have another favorite vampire character (not in iwtv) from any film or show?

AMC_TV53 karma

Dracula SR

TheVampPrincex9 karma

Which version? Have you watched Castlevania? It has another iconic blonde bi poly vampire king in it. (Alucard) I recommend it!

AMC_TV39 karma

Gary Oldman SR

a-depressed-vampire10 karma

Hey again, besties! -Jacob: If the Devil's minion chapter has been your favourite so far, does that mean your favourite ship/couple is Daniel and Armand?

-Both: Did Louis say the whole truth this time or was his story altered again... perhaps manipulated by someone else?

AMC_TV71 karma

My favourite ship in the books is Louis and Lestat. I love when they meet up at the end and are just like "Wanna hang out?" "Sure. I hate you by the way" " I love you too". Daniel and Armand are just very enjoyable, because it's an entire mess. - JA

HekatesNight10 karma

To Jacob and Sam - what is the single most human element of your characters that you have been able to embrace and develop? P.S. Love the series SO very much. It's such an exciting convergence of talent, brilliance and admiration for the source material. Can't wait for Season 2!

AMC_TV59 karma

Louis' constant questioning of his own existence is very human. I can relate to it a lot. Nothing is just what it is. It's messy, it's occasionally torturous, mostly beautiful. I think it's actually helped me to embrace that about myself and have some compassion for my own over-thinking and anxiety. - JA

a-depressed-vampire9 karma

Hey you guys!! -Jacob: Did you finished Merrick and if so, did you like the book? -Sam: What's your favourite thing about Lestat?

AMC_TV50 karma

I have complicated feelings about Merrick. I love a lot of the ideas in it. David Talbot is not my favourite character though. Merrick Mayfair is pretty awesome. I love my boy Louis, as always he needs a lot of therapy. I have complicated feelings about the book. It's always a good time with Ms. Rice though. - JA

Creepy_Definition7819 karma

Jacob, which song of yours do you think Louis would love and listen to more often?

AMC_TV55 karma

I wish he would listen to Time In a Tree or Big and Scared, but I think he's more likely to listen to Pressure - JA

princessegrenouille9 karma

First of all I want to thank you both for your gorgeous portrayal of these beloved character and your devotion to the story.

Then, I’d like to ask you both what drew you to the Anne Rice universe, especially Mr Reid who’s been a fan for so long.

And finally, Sam, are you as much of a dog person as Lestat is? :) Thank you!!

AMC_TV43 karma

I think Anne Rice just gets the human condition. I think on a personal level, she tapped into something about my particular neurosis that I found really comforting. There's a sense of hope and possibility and acceptance in the way these characters endure a lifetime and find ways to entertain or placate themselves. They don't always do the 'right' thing, but they pontificate on why they are the way they are and I think it's thrilling to read - JA

AMC_TV36 karma

yes I am - I have a blue heeler and she is my world.


Babybearbear9 karma

How much creative sway do you have over your characters / storyline / dialogue etc on the show? Do you collaborate with the show-runners or writers at all?

AMC_TV33 karma

Rolin is very open to discussing things. He's very transparent about what he's thinking and always opens the floor to you, but he (and the other writers) are so on top of their game, you don't really need to do much - JA

bluepuddings8 karma

Hi Sam and Jacob! I adore you both. What scene was the most fun to film in IWTV? Thanks

AMC_TV69 karma

As heavy as the scene was, I really enjoyed doing the falling stuff from the end of Episode 5. Spinning around on a sideways rig suspended 15 feet in the air. All my teenage moviemaking dreams came to life that day. - JA

ObjectiveDelicious918 karma

Hi Jacob! I've been your fan since GoT so when I saw that you were going to play Louis i felt so happy, i really love your music so my question is: Have you thought about making songs inspired by Louis and Lestat's relationship?

Sending you love from Argentina 💖

AMC_TV52 karma

If I did, it wouldn't be a Raleigh Ritchie record. I kind of love the idea of it though. But it would be very much in secret - JA

vampirepyre5 karma

what is your favorite vampire media other than the vampire chronicles?

AMC_TV26 karma

I have a soft spot for Vampire In Brooklyn. I think it's a lot of fun. There's also a film called Ganja and Hess that I would strongly recommend to anyone here - It's brilliant and thoughtful and kind of heartbreaking but also alluring and completely unique. - JA