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ALSO ALSO - Akasha. I love Akasha. She has a point. #AKASHAWASRIGHT - JA

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It really helped having Sam there. We just went and sat on a bench and checked on each other. Without Sam I think I might have found it a lot harder. I also have a 2 year old - she doesn't want Louis De Pointe Du Lac in her house, so you have to switch it off. - JA

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shooting at night for 6 months makes everyone go a little mad. SR

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The Vampire Lestat. It feels like the moment the vampire world really cracks open and you meet all of the ancients. QOTD feels like an extention of that book so I love it too. I had a really fun time with The Tale of the Body Thief though. So my answer is 3 answers. - JA

I really like Queen of The Damned with all the introduction of the vampire history and the origins of Amel, the way she redefined the vampire context - SR

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Gabrielle is my favourite. She does her own thing, she's doesn't really mess with coven life and I can relate. I feel like she's also one of the few vampires that sees Vampirism as an opportunity to be what she always wanted to be and kind of succeeds.

I used to like Marius when you first meet him (after reading TVL) - he seemed like this sort of eccentric adventurer, but that changed as I kept reading. You know why... - JA