I'm here in the middle of Mali, visiting villages that are struggling with an oncoming food crysis as a result of drought and am making use of Save The Children's satellite uplink to give a child here the ability to do an AMA on Reddit. Save The Children's goal is to raise $100,000 today through their stream and website, link: http://www.SaveTheChildren.org/fastathon

proof: a few seconds of the footage we just recorded while answering your questions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwyPgjOnkog (couldn't upload more, bandwidth is extremely limited) - note: while I got Save The Children employees to help, this event is in no way 'sponsored' by them.

edit2: answering has been slow after the initial half hour or so due to connectivity and situational issues (clouds screw with the uplink, battery power etc), I'm back online now and doing what I can!

edit3: did the post get removed? Perhaps because proof came a bit late? (hard to respond fast under circumstances here) Hope it can get reinstated!

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Elysi1146 karma

What do you dream of becoming when you grow up?

reese0151759 karma

I am in the first grade, but when I grow up, I want to be a teacher.

Apokalyps1136 karma

Are you happy?

reese0151658 karma

I don't know. I think a doll would make me happy.

itspulsus1075 karma

What do you guys do for fun?

reese0151637 karma

We don't have time for a lot fun, we have to take care of our younger brothers and sisters.

reese0151773 karma

But once in a while, I go outside, in front of my house, and sing and dance with my friends.

JustForCancer1704 karma

I live in Malawi... and having worked with many 3rd world children... I can't help but feel these answers are made up by someone wanting the kid to sound helpless and sad.

Even starving kids here say their favorite game is football... or for the girls it's jump rope... or playing with tires... or something. Never have I heard a child be asked what they like to do for fun and they say "We don't have time for fun."

Taking care of younger brothers and sisters? If they are babies they are being breast fed and strapped to the back of the moms. If they are toddlers they are off walking around while the other kids play.

But once in a while, I go outside, in front of my house, and sing and dance with my friends.

Again... what? the kids are never inside! They are always outside! Playing!

Edit: Here is a photo album from last Friday. This is Mfura village. SaveTheChildren was asked to help and they agreed. What did they do? They spent a couple hours telling the moms how to better care for their children and then left. The kids were severely protein deficient. My Husband and I donated enough food to last the kids until February which was only $800. Note the kids are still running around and playing despite being poor and hungry because that is all they know.

Edit2: Did they just pull the AMA? If this really was sponsored by Save The Children... that was a super douche move on their part

reese015193 karma

Not sponsored by Save at all, 100% our (Athene and myself) initiative to come visit and we came up with the idea to do this AMA today and had the Save The Children people help us for translation and using the satellite uplink.

cajj961 karma

Hi there! Thanks for doing this :)

What is your favorite memory so far? What is the happiest you have ever been, and what were you doing?

reese0151822 karma

my happiest memory is when I met my best friend.

purple_crow816 karma

How do you see the western world?

reese0151582 karma

I don't know the Western world.

LingLangLongy687 karma

Favourite sport or game to play??

reese0151137 karma

My favorite game is "maclo" which is when we jump around and sing.

AdVanc3d610 karma

How is the living conditions there with water/housing etc

reese015932 karma

We get the water from the well that we have to walk a long way to. My grandmother, dad, mom, 3 older brothers, 3 younger sisters and myself all live in 2 rooms.

MRogue605 karma

What is your average day like?

reese015973 karma

I wake up and do the house chores all day and help my mom. Sometimes I go to school.

DawnWolf542 karma

A word of caution on Save The Children. A while ago I set up a recurring monthly donation to their organization. A few months later I decided to cancel, and I remember the website had no option to do that and tells you to contact the webmaster if wanting to cancel. So I did that and I got a reply back saying it was cancelled. Then I noticed my card is still being charged, so I contacted the webmaster again who reassured me this time the recurring donation has been really cancelled.

Except it wasn't, and I was still being charged for the next few months until I actually cancelled my credit card. When contacting their webmaster again with a more serious tone, I got no replies.

Just wanted to share my experience with them and warn to proceed with caution when dealing with Save The Children.

reese015365 karma

Quick reply here from reese015 (not the child): that sounds terrible and I will notify their social media director about it asap. For context though, Save The Children fares dramatically better than most other respected and well-known charities if you look em up on sites like Charity Navigator etc. This is the main reason why Athene and I chose to work with them and visit them in Mali (btw we are not employed or 'sponsored' in any way by them, flight tickets etc are paid by us personally).

ThatGuyWhoWanks228 karma

Have you ever seen a movie/videogame?

reese015509 karma

I like karate movies and cartoons. There is someone in our village with a tv and we all go watch there.

sgpao227 karma

What do you think the world outside your village looks like?

reese015469 karma

I like my village more than anywhere else, I used to go to Bamako but I would cry all the time and wanted to go back home. I do not know what the rest of the world looks like because I have never been there.

MehGamingTV197 karma

What was it like to see a computer for the first time?

reese015298 karma

I really don't know how to use a computer but I saw it the first time at my sister's house who lives in Bamako.

Thoughtberries121 karma

Where do you sleep? :)

Also, what do you think about being asked all these questions?

reese015166 karma

I appreciate and like that you are asking all these questions.