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How do you see the western world?

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I've heard that FAS syndrome can lead to some behavioral problems and impulse control issues during adolescence due to an undeveloped and damaged prefrontal cortex. When you were growing up, around 13 or so, did you find like it was harder to control your urges to act out in class or around friends and family? Did you ever feel like you had ADD type symptoms where it was difficult to concentrate on tasks?

Thanks for doing this AMA, and kudos to YOU for fighting against your genetics and bettering yourself.


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make time for yourself! You deserve it. Good luck! :)

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This is really interesting to me that you mentioned the hot showers. A few years ago I was in and out of hospitals for a few months due to constant nausea. I tried so many prescriptions but the only thing that seemed to work were hot baths.

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I don't have any pre-existing issues either and I've always found it quite difficult to concentrate in math as well :p

It seems to me that you have overcome a lot of your genetics and have taught yourself new ways of dealing, good for you.

Do you think your adoptive parents played a huge part in helping you overcome some of this? At what age did you realize or know for a fact you were different?

Thanks again for doing this, its awesome that you don't have much remorse for your biological mother.