My dad won The Price is Right last year. He's sitting here and will be answering your questions through me (he's not computer savvy). Ask him anything!


Official proof:

Screen shot of the show:

Some of our goodies:

EDIT:: Okay, the old man is going to sleep. I'll answer more questions in the morning. Thank you guys for asking questions! He loves seeing how many people are interested. :)

EDIT #2:: Alrighty, I've answered probably close to 1,000 questions! I'll try to answer some more throughout the day, but I might have to start passing on the questions that are being asked multiple times like "How much did you pay in taxes?" and "What were the interview questions?" Those answers are in the top comments, so please look through those before you ask. Thank you :)

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Justascienceteacher1501 karma

Do you spay and/or neuter your pets?

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Fluxmuster849 karma

Me too, and I hit a dollar on the wheel followed by a nickel! It was last years spring break episode. I got called up in the 1st 4 people and didn't get on stage till the very last chance!

Official Proof: Video Proof: Smug looking Proof:

Rocky_Whore502 karma

Congratulations! It's a great feeling hu? (Sorry I stole your karma. You could probably wait a few weeks and do another :P)

julietron668 karma

Is the wheel easier or harder to spin than it looks?

Rocky_Whore995 karma

Exactly what you would think. Heavy and slow.

Firmly_Grasp_It167 karma

How much did you get on the wheel?

Rocky_Whore325 karma

I spun last and got 75 cents. The guy before me for had 70.

OnlyHalfRetarded294 karma

On a scale from 1 to homeless orphan, how sad did the guy look when you beat his 70 spin?

Rocky_Whore233 karma

Honestly? I have no idea. I didn't think to look.

Munnimudy661 karma

Are you chosen to "come on dowwwnnn" through random draw? Or do you do something else?

Rocky_Whore1230 karma

It's not random. They interview each person before the show to see who would fit best on tv.

DwarfTheMike327 karma

but is it still a surprise?

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KingsMountain151 karma

Like an actual private interview?

Rocky_Whore277 karma

No not at all. Everyone is just in a big line and they go down asking questions.

bukojuice82 karma

but it's still a surprise who's getting picked right? like they don't tell you after the interview, ok, get ready, right?

Rocky_Whore129 karma

No, you don't know.

ordinaryrendition73 karma

But you aren't previously aware that you'll be going on, right? They're the only ones who do?

Rocky_Whore125 karma

I had a good idea because they seemed to like me, but I didn't know.

Janet_Coquette528 karma

Okay, I'll start. What are the taxes owed on the prizes?

Rocky_Whore710 karma

I won $57,069 worth of items. I had to pay around $17,000 or $20,000 in taxes, but I'm not 100% on that, I tried not to pay attention.

TheNerdWithNoName705 karma

Sucks that you guys in the US have to pay taxes on winnings. Kinda defeats the purpose of winning something. "Oooh, look. I just won a free car!". "Sorry you have to still pay the taxes on it". "But I have no money". "Sell the car, then". Fuck it.

Rocky_Whore1020 karma

Right? I'm more shocked Olympians have to pay taxes on their medals.

beasley81404 karma

Were you the rat bastard who went one dollar over the last persons guess?

Rocky_Whore681 karma

No, but I told the guy next to me "don't you do it!" and he didn't.

TheCenterOfEnnui689 karma

If you're the last guy and you don't bid either $1, or a dollar more than someone else, you're an idiot.

Rocky_Whore491 karma

Right? I know I would have.

wannabehipster379 karma

Was Drew chatty at all with you during commercial breaks?

Had you been on a game show before?

Rocky_Whore686 karma

There was an issue with prices and there was a 30 minute break while they fixed the problem. Drew Carey sat on the stairs with me during this time and just chatted about life and what not.

Edit: No he has never been to or on another game show before.

mflourishes319 karma

Did you ever make decisions based on what the audience was yelling at you, or did you stick with your own intuition?

Rocky_Whore687 karma

I pulled my wife's voice out of the audience and she helped me decide things. Other than her and my kids, I tired to tune everyone else out.

Iced_TeaFTW155 karma

That's right, listen to the wife! That's why you won! ; )

Rocky_Whore188 karma


ishyaboy242 karma

What kind behind the scenes stuff was there? A lot of paperwork I'm guessing? Any "catches" that the public doesn't hear about? How'd you get on and all the way through the showcase (sheer luck or did you study/watch a lot of the show)? I'm very jealous, looks awesome! Congrats!

Rocky_Whore409 karma

When you get in, they interview all of the people and decide who would fit good for tv. He doesn't want to get too into it because it's a lot of complicated stuff, but on "The Race Game", where you have to put the correct prices on the items in a certain amount of time and press a button to see if you got it right, he got it right the first time and the buzzer said he was wrong, so obviously he didn't want to try those prices again, they gave him 10 extra seconds at the end to get it right and they didn't show this on tv (they showed him play the game, they didn't show the mess up). The paper work took maybe 2 hours to fill out because I won the showcase and they made me stay last. During that 2 hours he was talking to a guy that worked there. The guy was saying how quite a few people give up their prize because of the crazy taxes. One guy won a $10,000 cash prize and didn't take it because he didn't want to pay half to his ex wife.

"I won out of pure dumb luck" He claims he knew he was going to get on and win because of a dream he had the night before.

SoFaKiNg42320 karma

The guy was saying how quite a few people give up their prize because of the crazy taxes.

That's sad

Rocky_Whore250 karma

Very sad :/

zmroth214 karma

Do you think you would have won more had Bob Barker still been the host? Did you whisper "Mimi" into Drew Carey's ear?

Rocky_Whore344 karma

No, Drew Carey was awesome. And no, but that would have been awesome.

Ender_OH_Wiggin171 karma

Do you have an option of taking a cash amount of equal or lesser value of the prizes, if say you don't like/need what you have won?

Rocky_Whore272 karma

Not really, but we won an apple computer and apple doesn't ship their items so we got the money for it (we used that for taxes though). We also had the option to take money for the poker table because it was going to take a long time to ship.

monkeysareeverywhere156 karma

Apple won't ship a prize? Wtf?

Maybe the show just buys the computer, and it has nothing to do with Apple?

Rocky_Whore172 karma

Possibly, it wasn't an issue though. It was nice to get some money to help with taxes.

hellomynameis__131 karma

I literally was sitting in traffic today, thinking this would make a great AMA! What are the odds!

How was Drew Carey? Does he talk to you off camera?

Rocky_Whore282 karma

He was awesome! He sat and talked with me during breaks about life and what not. His kids were there and came to talk with us after the show. He also heard about a girl who didn't win whose birthday it was and gave her tickets to his show in Vegas. Such a nice guy.

gilpdawg122 karma

Most of the audience is complete nerds and fat chicks, right? That's what it looks like on the tube.

Rocky_Whore617 karma

Most the audience if filled with blithering idiots. When I won the showcase my family ran up, that's normal, but there was another family that ran up too who I have never seen before in my life. It was weird.

Tacdeho89 karma

I have NEVER wanted Shitty_Watercolor to appear more than I do currently.

Rocky_Whore74 karma

I'd probably be more excited than I was the day he won ;]

Brenmains53 karma

What did they even do/say?? What did they do after all the hype??

Rocky_Whore123 karma

The people that ran up? I don't remember, it was just too much excitement. I had my family there and really didn't even know they were there until I watched the video.

thexica124108 karma

I am so jealous of you.

Was there a game that you had hoped to play? Like Plinko?

Rocky_Whore204 karma

I didn't really have a preference. I was just happy to be chosen. I was mostly excited to spin that wheel. It's always been a dream of mine.

Janet_Coquette100 karma

This is a very cool, fun and interesting AMA!

Rocky_Whore87 karma

Thanks! I'm glad people are interested.

Yuri15186 karma

what went through your mind as you were winning all of this stuff?

Rocky_Whore227 karma

Each time was another level of excitement. Excited I had good seats, then excited I got called, oh my god I won, oh my god I won the game!, oh my got I won the wheel spin!!, OH MY GOD I WON THE FREAKIN SHOWCASE!! I honestly wasn't thinking much....

Yuri15167 karma

Just more of a sense of shock and awe?

Rocky_Whore95 karma


TheCenterOfEnnui72 karma

Tell us about the models/babes on the show. If you have nothing to say, make something up.

How large is the studio?

Rocky_Whore134 karma

The studio is pretty small. Not as big as it looks on tv. I honestly didn't notice the models, I was too excited from winning.

Firmly_Grasp_It71 karma

Were you given any heads up that you would be picked to play?

Rocky_Whore115 karma

I had a good idea after they interviewed me. They seemed to really like me and asked me more questions than most the others. No heads up though.

JustHere4TheDownVote65 karma

Don't tell me that giant house is yours ಠ_ಠ Envy level over 9000.

Rocky_Whore98 karma

This picture was actually taken the day we moved into this house. We got all of our stuff in and were called to pick up our truck. The next day they delivered the washer and dryer. It was very convenient.

Rock_Wallaby64 karma

How do you feel about your child's user name being Rocky_Whore?

Rocky_Whore112 karma

He knows I'm very into The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Him and my mom call me Rocky Whore all the time when I go to shows n stuff.

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Rocky_Whore82 karma

I won $57,069 worth of items. I had to pay around $17,000 or $20,000 in taxes, but I'm not 100% on that, I tried not to pay attention.

krazygamerhead52 karma

So the taxes that you had to pay on the winnings (the $17-20k) was that paid out of pocket? Did you essentially have to pay that to get your winnings? I guess I don't understand how that taxing works.

Rocky_Whore66 karma

Yeah, we pretty much paid out of pocket over some time. No we didn't have to wait to get out winnings.

[deleted]43 karma

What game did you play?

Rocky_Whore59 karma

The normal price guesses, "The Race Game", the wheel spin, and the showcase.

W3dn3sday41 karma

What is the wheel actually filled with?

niiickb113 karma


herpderpherpderp139 karma

the bodies of the previous shows' runner-ups.

Rocky_Whore123 karma


Rocky_Whore72 karma

"pfffttt I don't know"

LandisRF34 karma

Why Price Is Right? Why not Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune?

Rocky_Whore49 karma

My son and his friend wanted to go randomly, so my wife put our name in for tickets and got them about a week later. I never really thought about going before this, so it never really crossed my mind.

FiveLions30 karma

How did you end up paying off your taxes? Did you sell any of the stuff? For example, I think I might have sold the truck and just paid them off in one fell swoop. Did you get a financial adviser?

Rocky_Whore65 karma

We were going to buy a new car before this anyways, so it was perfect. We got cash instead of an apple computer and that went toward taxes, everything else was paid off during the year. We were lucky it didn't hurt us to pay them. Some people don't accept their winnings because of the taxes.

ThagaSa23 karma

How long did it take to get the prizes?

Rocky_Whore28 karma

It took about 4 months to get everything.

Foofsies20 karma

How practical are the prizes for you? Do you think you'll still be using the poker/cards table in the future?

Rocky_Whore59 karma

The washer and dryer were perfect. We got them the day after we moved into our new house. The car was perfect because I was looking for a new car for my wife anyways. I gave my son the 2 mountain bikes to keep or sell (he is a professional cyclist, so he likes his bikes) the diner table and poker table don't get used too much, but they are nice to have when we have a party or something. The trip to washington was great too, we have always wanted to go there.

Silence_Dobad19 karma

I always felt bad when someone would get a gender specific/crappy prize. Were you able to chose which prize package you could guess on/win? How much were you under?

Rocky_Whore38 karma

No you don't get a choice. The showcase, if you get closest to $1 of the wheel you get a choice to kept the first showcase, or see the 2nd one. I chose to see the second and it was better like I hoped. I thought I went too high on the showcase. I guessed $39,500 and the retail price was $46,000. so about $7,000 where the other contestant was about $19,000 under.

jack03239019 karma

Was the other person you went against during showcase nice to you afterwards? Or were they pretty hurt they lost?

Rocky_Whore48 karma

I don't even remember, I think they just went back to their seat.

TryingTheBestHeCan16 karma


Rocky_Whore49 karma

No one has every recognized me. The only issues we had (which weren't big issues) was my daughters good friend being jealous because we didn't "deserve to win" or didn't "do anything for it"

We just put our name in for tickets, and those are easy to get. Then before they seat you, they interview everyone and choose that way.

Ahzidahakah10 karma

This has been a really interesting one.

What was the showcase like? Did you and the other runner up chat about the prizes before the commercial break ended? Were you envious of their prize package?

Rocky_Whore8 karma

We didn't really talk. I was kind of freaking out because I thought I went too high. I chose to see the second showcase instead of taking the first, and I don't regret my decision at all.

Brenmains9 karma

What did you and everybody else do immediately after all the hugging ended on air?

Rocky_Whore18 karma

They took me and the other winners back to fill out paperwork while my family waited outside. I chatted with the people that worked for the show while I waited because I was the last to fill out papers.