TheRealNathan1399 karma

Okay guys, this was a treat! An okay first run for my first Reddit AMA. I'll do better next time, and it'll be posted in the right place. No offense to Denver.

recentpsychgrad1076 karma

I have no real questions for you, because you've probably heard every single question a person can ask. But I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your work, everything you have been in is fantastic. My boyfriend introduced me to you and since he moved to Michigan a few months ago we have 'date nights' by watching Firefly and Castle together. You're a great actor and from everything I've seen and read a really respectable, hilarious man. Thanks Captain!

TheRealNathan1299 karma

This is the kindest kind of comment I can think of getting. Sincere, well worded, and intelligent.

TheRealNathan1035 karma

Ready. Go.

beebrianna559 karma

You should do an episode of Psych!!!!

TheRealNathan831 karma

I love that man! James Roday is incredible.

Firelordbob274 karma

Hello Captain

TheRealNathan519 karma

Yo. Is this working? Can everyone track the whole thing? Forgive my idiocy.

tea_bird798 karma

What does Adam Baldwin smell like?

TheRealNathan1823 karma

Bravery and sausages.

Captiankirk03797 karma

Would you be up for playing Nathan Drake (the video game character) for an Uncharted movie? You are just like him, you would be spot on.

Also, go win the lottery and buy the rights to Firefly. Thanks!

TheRealNathan1094 karma

I'd be up.

ScarySpencer770 karma

Were you totally naked in that scene in Firefly or was it just your bottom?

TheRealNathan1911 karma

I was wearing a mitten of sorts. You know, to be dignified.

thebigdamnhero747 karma

What's it like to be a god?

TheRealNathan2163 karma

Ask Joss.

Cherylhe653 karma

You- Mance Raydor - Game of Thrones. You are who I pictured as I was reading those thick, wonderful books

TheRealNathan749 karma

Oooooooooo!. Cool.

I_Like_You_Too647 karma

Hiya Captain! What is the one show you wish you could do a cameo on?

TheRealNathan1658 karma


twcaiwh608 karma

Hello Mr. Fillion! I'm a definite fan of your work, and I thank you for taking the time to do this.

The real deal: What would you consider your favorite role to date? Most challenging?

Just for fun: Boxers or briefs? TP under or over? Coke or Pepsi?

TheRealNathan1623 karma

Mal, Mal, boxer briefs, over, Dr.Pepper.

Mastadge612 karma

You are like my twin. Except, you know, the whole acting bit...

TheRealNathan1979 karma

Then you sir, are a good-looking bastard.

blazingbazooka526 karma

By the way, not to be a huge nerd or anything, but there is no period in Dr Pepper.

TheRealNathan1635 karma


fr3nzical565 karma

What was your favorite area inside Serenity?

TheRealNathan1098 karma

The kitchen.

ohsnipsnap506 karma

Aw. I got here late to the party.

Would you consider working with Bruce Campbell on a project?

TheRealNathan1071 karma

I'd give my left nut.

basketball_curry412 karma

What's so special about the right one?

TheRealNathan1150 karma

It complements the left?

suavepie503 karma

it takes a certain kind of badass to get the moniker captain without a ship or a pilots license.... kudos sir kudos

TheRealNathan681 karma

Never thought of it like that. Cool.

austenw492 karma

Oh cap'n, my cap'n. Do you have any new and exciting new projects you're working on?

TheRealNathan971 karma

Just started back at Castle.

thedarklordkyp491 karma

My girlfriend wants you to marry her.

I disagree, you must marry me instead.


TheRealNathan926 karma

It's so hard to choose without knowing your souls.

windmilllane479 karma

Is this the Jason Bateman AMA?

TheRealNathan788 karma

Yep. Gimme $50.

_42_244 karma

I'd say it's worth 5 bucks.

TheRealNathan457 karma

You were there.

Robotekk459 karma

Did you and Alan Tudyk ever have handsome contests on the set of Firefly?

TheRealNathan859 karma

Right? Fr someone who makes a career out of goofy, he's fricking handsome as hell.

mypoorbrain413 karma

Is the hammer really your penis?

TheRealNathan895 karma

I get that a lot.

billtrammel402 karma

Whee! Hmm. Actually, I've always wondered, what's been your favorite product placement on Castle?

TheRealNathan1214 karma

Firefly. I hate pimping products- unless I use them.

turkletom386 karma

You've been playing a writer for 5 years now, but how are your real life writing skills?

TheRealNathan913 karma

I once wrote a buddy comedy show for Alan Tudyk and myself. I sold it, but it didn't go anywhere. I found it to be a stressful experience.

pulpfiction2925372 karma

What does Joss Whedon's scalp feel like?

TheRealNathan932 karma

Like Alexis Denisoff's butt.

BadVogonPoet358 karma

You're a geek like the rest of us, do you ever get overwhelmed when you think about your cult-like following re: Firefly/Serenity?

Also, you're dreamy.

TheRealNathan611 karma

Vindicating is a better word.

Xellos42354 karma

You, sir, are awesome.

  1. My wife and I went to an autograph session for one of the Castle books. She doesn't do much fangirling, but you called her "angel" and she was totally fangirling afterwards (it was adorable). She said "I will pretend he doesn't say that to all his female fans". Do you?

  2. Can you tell us anything interesting about the upcoming Castle season? Are Beckett and Castle actually going to be together without more unnecessary steps backwards?

TheRealNathan932 karma

I say it to every 5th fan, so surrounding fans get an original sounding response.

joyefulsong349 karma

I am a PROUD CANADIAN, like you! Would you ever consider moving back to the true north, strong and free?

TheRealNathan761 karma

For retirement, in the summers.

moon__pie347 karma

What's your favourite book? Also, I adore you.

TheRealNathan1181 karma

World War Z and Game of Thrones.

ramsrgood336 karma

when can we expect dr. horrible 2?

TheRealNathan795 karma

How long can you hold your breath?

semimetaphorical284 karma

When was the first time you realized you were a culture icon? How did it feel?

TheRealNathan643 karma

I don't know that I realize it yet...

Acaz281 karma

Why are you posting in r/Denver?

TheRealNathan784 karma

I'm not. Just allow this. Seriously though? This app is not intuitive.

opencasketmaterial270 karma

Is this the AMA then?

My question is...What are your memories of working on Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place? It's FINALLY came out on DVD over in the UK, super excited to re-watch it all again!

TheRealNathan458 karma

My second season was the strongest for me. I really loved how collaborative it was. "What's a funny way to answer the door?"

wainface264 karma

What where your main influences for Mal in firefly?

TheRealNathan559 karma

Joss. And, finding it within one's self. How would I feel if...

Nokarot263 karma

I saw on your twitter once that you play Mafia (the talking game, not the video game, if anyone is confused.) Any amazing stories of deceit that stand out?

Also, are you mafia?

TheRealNathan639 karma

James Gunn once murdered his entire mafia team so that he would not be suspected. It worked and he won.

WilkoJohnson240 karma

Nathan, I've been a huge fan of your work every since I picked up Serenity for a quid in a Glasgow poundland four years ago, and I've never been disappointed by your performances.

My question is, have you ever felt frustrated by being so inexorably linked not just to geek culture, but to one iconic role as Mal in Firefly? Or are you just happy to be so universally loved within your specific niche?

Keep flying mate.

TheRealNathan740 karma

For those who don't already know (how do you not know this?!) I am a geek. A nerd. Seriously, look this up. You can't miss it. It's my bread and butter and I'm living the dream.

hueg226 karma

Do you prefer playing good guys (i.e. firefly) or bad guys (i.e. buffy, dr horrible) and which role resonate more with your real life?

TheRealNathan550 karma

I prefer the middle.

Halefor274 karma

Actual Question: Do you consider Captain Hammer to be a bad guy, or just a very selfish one with superpowers who can't quite understand the world? Or does it matter in the end?

Quote about your previous answer:

"That gives you two enemies. I'm amazed that you can afford so many, on a sergeant's pay." -Madam, Night Watch.

I just quoted Terry Pratchett at Nathan Fillion, will this be the high point of my geekery in life?

TheRealNathan969 karma

I know this: bad guys don't think they're bad guys. They think what they are doing is right, it's the righteousness that makes them dangerous. I learned that from Joss.

maybe-me216 karma

S’up super hot super babe? Thanks for the AMA! What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you were first starting out as an actor?

TheRealNathan662 karma

That comedy and drama are the same thing. Trying to make people laugh is a losing battle. Allowing them to laugh at you is easy. Trying to be liked all the time, and having a character who is perfect is ridiculous.

AryaArgetlam205 karma

Oh my goodness I can't believe you're on reddit. First off thank you so very much for being you, and for being a part of something that has changed my life. Now my big question is do you feel that any of your roles show the real you or do you change yourself to better become the character subconsciously? Or is it all a persona you put on and take off at the end of the day? Again thank you for being you!

TheRealNathan524 karma

First, thank you for being so sweet. Second, my brother once told me that he couldn't believe I get paid to act, because all I'm doing is being myself. I take that as a compliment. You want to know how to act? Act naturally.

alan130196 karma

Who was the rude cast member Joss referenced at the Comic-Con panel?

TheRealNathan429 karma

Someone who has since become a friend.

clitler179 karma

My wheelchair-bound friend and I were waiting to try to get a picture with you outside the Iron Man 3 booth at Comic Con and struck up a conversation with another guy waiting. He handed my friend a card with your autograph on it and when we inquired as to how he got it he informed us he was your brother! We chatted for a bit and I asked him if you dress in costume to run around the con floor incognito, and he said you both do.

So I just wanted to ask who do you dress as? What's your favorite costume and has anyone ever recognized you (wardrobe malfunction or something)?

Thanks for doing the AMA and thanks to your brother for asking you for autographs for us and thank you for actually signing them!

TheRealNathan272 karma

I once dressed as Vigilante. Get it?

clayton646175 karma

Will you give my phone number to Beckett and ask her for her hand in marriage in my place?

TheRealNathan331 karma

Probably not, but good try..

blacklabel8829175 karma

Welcome Cap.

TheRealNathan310 karma


X-23170 karma

Who is your favorite doctor? And your favorite superhero?

TheRealNathan370 karma

Doggie and Spidey.

joeleyba164 karma

Have you ever run into somebody who played a Star Trek captain? How did that turn out?

TheRealNathan463 karma

Jonathan Frakes, who is now a friend and I still geek out.

mondojay137 karma

Do you ever miss Edmonton?

TheRealNathan257 karma

In the summer, yes. It's my home.

guilty_bystander132 karma

I, uh, wow. The time has come. You are here. And I have no idea what to ask. So, um, keep winning and being your awesome self. OH - What is your next movie project? Will you be singing, shooting, and/or punching your way to victory?

TheRealNathan318 karma

Verbalizing. Much Ado About Nothing comes out next for Nate.

Brotato_Pancake118 karma

Besides being a mega stud and all around the ideal man for all female nerds all around the globe, What do you like to do off set other than being awesome? Also, Firefly start up soon?

TheRealNathan281 karma

I love gizmos and gadgets. Nothing is better than it could be movie. Also love being outside in the sun. Recently, I got into scuba. You've got to try.

DrunkenGoats115 karma

I heard Much Ado About Nothing will be premiering at TIFF. Are you going to be there?

TheRealNathan190 karma

Trying to make those arrangements now.

slcgirl115 karma

I saw Waitress when it was at Sundance (so good!). Would you do another independent/Sundance film?

TheRealNathan171 karma


dahngrest93 karma

How have your on set experiences differed as far as TV series go? It seems like Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place would be a different experience than Firefly which would be a different experience than Castle.

TheRealNathan385 karma

It's all apples and oranges- but I'll say this: I compare even job, every aspect of every job, to Firefly. 'Nuff said.

Just_another_sith89 karma

we all love Castle, Firefly, & DR Horrible so is there anything you touch that doesn't turn to TV gold? has there ever been something (work wise) you aren't really proud of? or wish you didn't do?

TheRealNathan254 karma

Everything I've done so far has put me in the place I am now, so I regret nothing. As for everything I touch turning to gold? Check IMDb for a long list of failed television programs.

LoveLaniLove89 karma

Will you be coming to any European convention-like event ANY day soon? Soooo desperately wanting to meet you waitsforfellowEuropeansforsupport

TheRealNathan221 karma

I was just in Monte Carlo, but most of the year (10 months) I film for Castle. With my off time, I prefer not to work. I need the rest. It's really a time commitment.

QuickestSilver86 karma

I won't act which character you most enjoyed playing, but I'm curious as to which character you most liked as a human being. So if you could just to just hang out with a carbon copy of one of your characters, which would it be? What would you like to do with him/yourself (all masturbation jokes aside)?

TheRealNathan282 karma

Pause! Have to go entertain America. Be right back.

NatalieWms83 karma

Hi. :o) What are a few songs on your iPhone/iPad/WhateverElectronicDeviceYou'reUsingRightNow?

TheRealNathan271 karma

Some nights. Moves like jagger. So nice.

PrimulaBlue70 karma

Nathan! Theoretical: If your acting opportunities ever dried up (God forbid!), what job do you think would be cool to try and why?

TheRealNathan195 karma

I trained to be a teacher. If acting ever dries up, I think I will teach acting for television and film. Nothing I did in school for acting prepared me for being on television and film.

onesidedsquare61 karma

Would you be willing to do my voicemail message?

TheRealNathan129 karma


scifispy56 karma

Hi Nathan. I keep trying to think of something witty to write, but I can't come up with anything. So this is all ya get, I guess. :D Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!

TheRealNathan147 karma

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

kujo-prime55 karma

Do you know any other languages? If so what are they. If not what would you like to learn?

TheRealNathan133 karma

A little french.

wilfork4foood54 karma

Castle fan here. Great show.

Do you expect the writing to get a little but better this season? It seemed so slow in comparison to last couple seasons.

Will we see more of 3xk this season? I really hope so.

TheRealNathan173 karma

I have noticed in the past that castle has lost a little bit of the fun that makes the show so great. Expect to see that again in season five.

Imriaylde53 karma

Thanks for doing this!

I know you're a big proponent of Kids Need to Read, and I saw you tweeting about the Geek Prom that's thrown with Phoenix Comic-Con every year. Will you ever come out to Phoenix and be part of it? That'd actually convince me to attend again, I sat out this year due to ticketing fiascos the year before.

TheRealNathan110 karma

Again, it's hard to predict my schedule due to work.

poka6452 karma

I loved your work as caleb on buffy. Those eyes when you fight buffy really creeps me out!

TheRealNathan155 karma

I got to keep those!

skylermichele51 karma

What accents can you do well?

TheRealNathan130 karma

English. Tenesse.

enderandrew50 karma

I met Jewel Staite and said spoke highly of you, but she also mentioned that since you started working on Castle that you are exceptionally busy all the time. Is there any regret landing a successful leading role? And in a hypothetical world where Joss Whedon used his Avengers money to secure the rights to a Serenity sequel, would you use what little downtime you have between Castle seasons (sacrificing sleep and sanity) to do it? Or is just not practical? Browncoats want to know if we should hold out hope.

TheRealNathan132 karma

For anything good in life there is a price. castle included. As for the second question, you are making a lot of assumptions about a very complex situation. You are understandably oversimplifying due to worldwide perceptions of the industry. But honestly, who would ever give up hope about anything?

namna47 karma

Do you play any musical instruments?

TheRealNathan159 karma

No, but I know enough guitar to pick one up and make you think that I can play.

Si_Crazy45 karma

Hi Captain! Thanks for doing this AMA.

What TV shows do you watch? (Not counting Castle lol)

TheRealNathan200 karma

Archer, GOT, how it's made

tomygun339 karma

What is your favorite thing at Taco Bell? Additionally, how did you get into the business?

TheRealNathan102 karma

It's been a while since I've been to Taco Bell, but I'm a fan of just small little soft tacos with meat in them. Nothing big with layers. As for acting, I fell ass backwards into it.

Qingy37 karma

Life soundtrack. One song. What's your pick?

TheRealNathan123 karma

Road to nowhere talking heads

corriek197535 karma

What is you biggest motivation for doing this AMA? What would you like to see accomplished? Tyvm

TheRealNathan93 karma

Mark from Arcimoto suggested I sign-on and try it. Blame him.

suomihobit33 karma

Who have you worked with that was your most "I can't believe I'm actually working with this person." moment?

TheRealNathan98 karma

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg Ted Danson Keri Russell Andy Griffith