Ok, guys, it's been great, but we're going to wrap this up and bid you fairwell. For those of you in New York, Boston, Philly, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Phoenix and Denver please go to the theater this weekend and watch BABYMAKERS (TRAILER HERE). It matters that the film do well as it will be fuel for us to be able to make SUPER TROOPERS 2.

Kevin, Paul Schneider and I will be at the theater Friday on 11th st. and 3rd Ave. for the 7:30 and 10 pm screenings for Q and A.

For those not in above cities, please download on iTunes or get it at home on On Demand.

We appreciate it.

Twitter: jaychandrasekha and Kevin Heffernan: [@lemmeheffernan](http://twitter.com/lemmeheffernan.

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redditshredit519 karma

So why ARE you guys called Broken Lizard? The truth meow.

kevinandjay1019 karma

Jay was in Mexico. Went to a whorehouse. Couldn't get it up. Whores laughed at his Roto Lagarto.

MrTravesty486 karma

Any plans for a sequel to Super Troopers?

kevinandjay1257 karma

We have to work out a legal issue with Fox on the first film, but assuming that goes well, we're ready. We wrote the script and they like the script. It will be a wild one. We cannot wait to grow mustaches again.

The_Lost_Day407 karma

What happened to pot fest?

kevinandjay1027 karma

We wrote an outline, but keep getting too high to write it.

Honestly, we're going to write it this Fall. I promise.

baw3187321 karma

So what is a zj?

kevinandjay1561 karma

I can tell from your font that you can't afford it.

thatErraticguy292 karma

I have no doubt that your new movie will be hilarious, but I really haven't heard anything about it. Could you give a quick run down on what it's all about?

Also, thanks for doing another AMA. You guys are awesome.

kevinandjay979 karma

Paul Schneider and Olivia Munn are trying to have a baby, but Paul is shooting blanks. But we find out that his sperm used to be good, because he used to donate sperm to a sperm bank years ago when he needed extra money for his wife's ring. When he goes back to get his last good sample, they've already sold it to another couple. So he puts together a team of his pals to stage a sperm bank heist. It's Oceans 11...with Sperm.

motown_missile284 karma

What's the name of that place you like to go to? The one with all the shit on the walls?

kevinandjay593 karma

You mean Shenanigans? You're talking about Shenanigans, right?

thedrinkmonster280 karma

What kind of Indian is Jay?

kevinandjay883 karma


schrute_buck249 karma

Do you guys feel that Reno! 911 borrowed a lot from Super Troopers? I remember seeing the first promo for the show and thinking "So they're making a super troopers show?".

kevinandjay452 karma

Reno 911 is funny. But I wish they had chosen different color uniforms. I feel like they were glamming onto our vibe by making the imagery so similar. That said, I'm over it.

bearsonsays243 karma

I met you at wrigley urinating next to you and I have to say it was awesome because I was quite intoxicated. My friend and I at least waited till you got out of the bathroom for a picture. With that in mind what is the weirdest experience / location you have had a fan encounter?

kevinandjay682 karma

When Club Dread was playing in Times Square, Heffernan went into the bathroom to take a shit. A fan asked me and Lemme where Farva was. So we took the fan into the bathroom and the fan started throwing Farva quotes at him while he was shitting. Heffernan was pissed...so to speak.

bloodpressures228 karma

Six words to explain why I should go see The Babymakers?

kevinandjay1060 karma

It will get you laid meow.

PhiladelphiaIrish204 karma

Jay, of the four Community episodes you directed (The First Chang Dynasty, Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts, Intro to Political Science, Mixology Certification), which was your favorite? Who were your favorite/ least favorite cast members to work with, and do you see yourself contributing to a season four without Dan Harmon?

kevinandjay339 karma

My favorite one was Intro to Political Science. I loved shooting the debate. I loved "Pop! Pop!" I love Alison Brie, but frankly I love the whole cast. They're sharp and funny and devoted. I'm going to do two more episodes in the fall, October I think.

[deleted]201 karma

Did you really chug the syrup?

kevinandjay828 karma

I drank 2 bottles and Eric drank 2 and a half. Afterwards, we went into a dark trailer and laid on the ground and shivered. Later on, I shat a sparrow.

Garlakarl196 karma

Did any hangovers occur during Beerfest?

kevinandjay468 karma

We were shithoused drunk every night, so yeah. Lots of hangover. We really tried to stay in character.

makanguru187 karma

Was Beerfest as fun to make as it was to watch?

kevinandjay340 karma

Beerfest was a blast to make. We went out every night, got hammered and wrote new drunk jokes. Most fun was going out with Lemme and his shaved bald head, which grew back on the weekends. It was gross and looked like a Chia Pet.

zombiejuliet169 karma


kevinandjay484 karma

She's awesomely dirty. Every day before we shot she would make J kiss her on the lips or she wouldn't act. And I'm talking deep wet brown kisses.

Synanon160 karma

Super Troopers 2, give us anything. What is the timeframe we're looking at for release. I know you must hate it that this movie overshadows your other work but god damn is it a masterpiece.

kevinandjay325 karma

Thanks. If everything goes well with Fox legal, we're hoping to shoot early next year. I need 6 weeks of mustache growing time.

By the way, the script is written. And we love it.

kevinandjay218 karma

Not only that. Beard rides too

josephgordonreddit142 karma

Loved Supertroopers. It's one of those movies that makes you appreciate the finer things in life, like maple syrup.

Anyway, have you guys ever considered starting up a Youtube channel for shorts? I'm sure you guys would be able to churn out a lot.

Keep on chugging!

kevinandjay186 karma

We have talked about doing a Youtube channel. But we're writing so many things, I don't think we'll ever get to it.

Scrubtanic135 karma

If you could fight any other group of actors (Brat Pack, Will Ferrel & co, etc) from any era, who would you guys fight and why? Who would win?

kevinandjay471 karma

We would fight the babies from LOOK WHO'S TALKING. We feel pretty good about getting a win there.

KCisTall123 karma

What happened with the release of Slammin Salmon? I was really excited about that movie, only for it to get jammed up in post production, and go limited release. Had to bust my ass to get tickets and travel because it wasn't playing near me. I fucking loved it, and still quote it to this day, but no one ever understands the "don't assume, you make an asshole out of yourself" line.

What happened that caused that movie such big problems?

kevinandjay231 karma

Got caught up in a lot of shit. Economy sucked, dvd market was tanking. Didnt get a good release. BUUUUUUTTT people are discovering it now. We love it and want everyone to see it so spread the word!

kevinandjay173 karma

Ran into a few problems. Shitty economy, tanking DVD market, crummy release. Buuuut, now people are discovering it which is awesome. We love it si spread the word!

MrTravesty122 karma

What's Olivia Munn like? She seems awesome.

kevinandjay226 karma

Olivia is a bright bulb. She's got one of the top comic minds in the business. She's quick, dark and really funny. She and I are working on another film together called SHOTGUN WEDDING.

johnnyfresno118 karma

Kevin, congratulations on being the guy who created the character who has officially overtaken "Einstein" as the preffered insult for a fuck up. I can't tell you how many Farva's I work with.

Jay, you have done a great deal of Directing now. Are you looking at hanging up the acting/writing boots anytime soon and moving on to full time direction? Also, which do you prefer?

kevinandjay195 karma

Kevin: Thanks, Einstein.

Jay: I always say that Acting and Directing ruins two perfectly great jobs. However, it's a great way to get good parts. I don't see myself stopping doing any of the jobs any time soon. I really do love my job (s)

MundaneHymn111 karma

Oh fucking A'! You guys are outstanding. Super Troopers is one of the most quotable movies I know.

What were your first writing or comedy jobs? Any small movies that didn't get released widely or community theater mishaps? Indy actor here who's only been in local stuff without distribution, so I'd enjoy hearing about any small or underwhelming projects you guys did.

Thanks for the AMA!

kevinandjay148 karma

We wrote for the Sid Caesar show with Mel Brooks back in the 60's. In all honesty, we made a film called PUDDLE CRUISER. We turned down to theatrical offers because we were going to Sundance and we were cocky. Stupid. It came out on video 2 years later.

MSteverson86111 karma

Out of all the movies Broken Lizard has done together which movie did you guys enjoy making the most?

kevinandjay408 karma

Club Dread. Mexican resort for three months. Lots of bikinis. Lots of grass.

ChromaticFades87 karma

Speaking as a resident of Vermont, I've found that Super Troopers is a sort of "great equalizer" for young people around here. Everybody's seen it and loves it. Conversations can be struck up with complete strangers over some joke or quote from that movie.

That said, it's funny to see peoples' reactions when they find out it wasn't actually filmed here and that Spurbury isn't a real place. Why didn't you choose to film Super Troopers in Vermont? Why set it in Vermont when it was filmed in upstate New York?

kevinandjay164 karma

Based on some road trips we had in VT. Ended up shooting outside NY bc it's cheaper to get crew from NYC. Also, we got dinged in VT. Kevin pitched it to some Colonel in the VT State Police for permission to shoot. He said no. Didn't want to be on the hook as the guy who gave us permission to make rated R comedy about them. That being said, we've hear VT St Troopers are the one force who don't like us bc they think we made fun of them. Anybody know if that's true? Hope not.

leibo187 karma

Any word on daniel von bargen after his suicide attempt? You guys worked with him in super troopers.

kevinandjay119 karma

We hope he's doing well, but honestly don't know.

selfabortion86 karma

Jay: I've noticed that you have directed some episodes of Arrested Development. Are you in any way going to be involved in the resurrected A.D. that's commencing production soon?

Kevin: Have you ever dowsed yourself in powdered sugar outside of movies?

kevinandjay132 karma

Would love to be involved. Haven't heard anything yet.

When we shot Club Dread, the blood we used was made out of sugar. When we got in the jungle the skeeters FEASTED on us. Bad idea.

InformedIgnorance86 karma

Any bloopers or funny set stories that may not have made it out to the public yet?

kevinandjay213 karma

When making the Dukes of Hazzard, Seann William Scott went into a porta-potty and Knoxville locked him in and start rocking the shit out of the shitter. Seann came out terrified.

levinsong83 karma

Kevin, saw you at Stress Factory in New Brunswick, NJ. You (and Steve) signed our posters (MMM Ham) and talked to my brother and me for like 15 minutes. You fucking rule.

I asked this to you then, but I wanted the reddit community to see it as well: Doing the P90x routine, it is revealed that Erik has a fake leg; how has this never been used in a scene?!

kevinandjay148 karma

It's true. We've written many scenes in which he uses his fake leg as a sex device. Never makes it thru the censors.

lannister8078 karma

Just wanted to say you guys are hysterical and I greatly enjoy your work. And Club Dread is a masterpiece.

kevinandjay118 karma

Thanks! Love that more people are discovering the Dread!

MrTravesty73 karma

What are your favorite comedies/comedians to watch?

kevinandjay267 karma

Louis CK, Ricky Gervais, Kristin Wiig, Olivia Munn, Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, John McCain, Daniel Day Lewis.

DanFugate63 karma

Just watched a trailer for Babymakers. Looks hilarious, of course. I think I'm gonna dig the characters Jay and Hef are playing, plus Olivia Munn is a win. Will it be in theatres across the country, or are those of us in little towns like Pensacola stuck with iTunes?

kevinandjay156 karma

If you're in Pensacola, it's gonna be iTunes or On Demand. Sorry about that. But if you download and watch this weekend and the numbers are good, then Super Troopers 2 will have a much better chance of being made.

pfelon61 karma

Any run-ins with real police or troopers? If so, did they like Super Troopers? Awkward moments?

kevinandjay206 karma

Real cops always let us go, now. It's amazing.

Ramoramopo60 karma

What is the best meal that comes to mind for the both of you?

kevinandjay287 karma

Heffernan: I like Dimpus Burger and a liter-a-cola.

Jay- I like to eat baby anything. Baby back ribs, piglet, human baby.

Shirkaholic58 karma


kevinandjay157 karma

I dont want a large Farva. I want a goddamn litre a' cola.

tyzorflybyAGAIN57 karma

I watched Club Dread for the 6th time yesterday on TV. It seems like the one out of the big four (Beerfest, Super Troopers, Slammin [sorry I was tired] Salmon, Club Dread) that gets overlooked. Why do you think this is?

kevinandjay178 karma

People dont like Heffernan with long flowing blond locks. They want him in short hair covered in powdered sugar

Thedarkfallenone53 karma


kevinandjay179 karma

Guys: William Murray, Eugene Hackman and Bradley Pitt.

Girls: Olivia Munn, Olivia Munn, Olivia Munn.

cydnay51 karma

Was Bill Paxton fun to work with? Did anyone make him say "Game over, man?"

kevinandjay81 karma

One of the greatest. Trivia: He loves pancakes. Had them every morning.

Tacdeho50 karma

I won't ask about Super Troopers 2, since I'm sure every freaking other question will be about that.

My question, as an aspiring television/movie script writer is about your process. Do you guys just get really hammered one night and start shouting shit at each other and that's how scripts get written?

That's how I imagine it anyway.

kevinandjay116 karma

Definitely. Then we have an Indian Leg Wrestle to see whose idea wins. For some reason J always wins the Indian Leg Wrestle. I thought he was Mexican...

kevinandjay62 karma

We do that and then we Indian leg wrestle to see whose ideas win out. Chandrasekhar always wins the Indian leg wrestle... for some reason... dont know why?

Crotchfirefly50 karma

What's your favorite hangover food?

kevinandjay214 karma

Heffernan: Duck.

Jay: Chilled elephant penis.

patarbutler48 karma

thanks to super troopers, all i drink now is a liter a cola. and i'm pretty okay with that. anyway, is potfest going to happen? because that would be hilarious

kevinandjay147 karma

Yes to Potfest. We've been writing an outline but we keep getting sidetracked by ordering pizzas. We promise we'll get it done. ST2 first!

MrTravesty45 karma

Hey guys! You're awesome! Who can drink the most beer without passing out? What happened to Potfest?

kevinandjay181 karma

Cloris Leachman can drink the most beer without passing out. When we pass out, she dick faces us.

[deleted]42 karma

Did you completely lose your shit when Bill Paxton hit the clock with the coconut in Club Dread?

kevinandjay62 karma

Awesome accident. We laughed our asses off and knew it had to go in the movie.

ihatecats1842 karma

Did Olivia Munn "have" to get naked for this film?

kevinandjay96 karma

Yes, when she changed into her wardrobe.

cydnay35 karma

How did the group start? Which of your movies did you guys enjoy doing most?

kevinandjay72 karma

I started the group at Colgate University, when we were juniors in college. We wrote sketch shows with short films inbetween. The group was called CHARRED GOOSEBEAK and it's still going on today.

I loved shooting SUPER TROOPERS, because it's fun as shit to have a mustache.


Did anything awesome/funny/cool happen during the making of Beerfest? Tell us some of the finer points from one of the finer films of eternity. My friend and I made a short tribute film called Root Beerfest for a Film class in high school. It sucks and we love you guys.

kevinandjay130 karma

Love you too. Lemme did real strike outs for the movie. We got it on the first take, but J didnt tell him that and made him do 4 more. We found Lemme wandering around in the parking lot trying to find Katmandu. He doesn't remember shooting the scene.

kevinandjay43 karma

Thanks! Lemme did real strike out in the movie. We got it on first take, but J didn't tell him that and had him do 4 more takes. We found Lemme dazed wandering around in the parking lot looking for Katmandu

twopacuafina30 karma

What has been your favorite movie to direct/act in so far?

Funnest to watch was obviously Beerfest.

kevinandjay75 karma

My favorite film to direct was CLUB DREAD because we were on a resort for 3 months. When the sun went down, we all swam in the ocean, every day.

BABYMAKERS was awesome to shoot, too, because it was in LA and the actors were all great.

Accel46930 karma

If you guys can write and direct a superhero movie, who would it be?

kevinandjay85 karma

Heffernan: The Incredible Bulk, Bottled Water Man, Mitt Romenyman, Mr. Sleepy, the Unicorn killer, Larva Boy.

grego31429 karma

Have you ever tried doing the Long Pour in real life? Tis a messy affair.

kevinandjay56 karma

Had a lot of fun on the set doing it.

kevinandjay49 karma

Did it on set. Mucho funo!

LeVuS8723 karma

New movie looks great. Have you ever had sex with a midget?

kevinandjay71 karma

We really are midgets. Movie magic is awesome

youtwo21 karma

Jay, any chance you'll direct any of the new Arrested Development episodes?

kevinandjay43 karma

Would love to if they ask

kevinandjay27 karma

If they ask, I'm in!

SaladBaron20 karma

Among the Broken Lizard crew in an all-out, battle royale in a ring of KY who would win? Why?

kevinandjay54 karma

Heffernan. Go see Babymakers and you will see why. He's very mobile in KY like substances.

btw Kevin and J will be in NYC opening night doing Q & A at 7 and 10 screenings. 11 st and 3rd Ave!

kevinandjay44 karma

Heffernan. See Babymakers and you see how nimble he is in Jizz.

kevinandjay34 karma

See Babymakers. Heffernan is awesome with KY

Monty15118 karma

Hi guys! I saw Babymakers at sxsw! Fun movie btw! I just wanted to let you know that I was the one that suggested chugging those beers.

kevinandjay31 karma

THAT was you? Still hungover. Never actually chugged a beer before...

LeMadnessofKingHippo13 karma

Have you guys ever returned to Colgate and spoken or done any kind of workshops with the current students? PS: I saw on the DVD extras for Puddle Cruiser you opened your college tour at Oneonta (my alma mater), how stoned did you get there??

kevinandjay34 karma

Hells yeah. Love to go back to the Gate. Love talking to students. Did an NYU class yesterday and when I say "did" I mean "did." Oneonta was awesome. We had no where to stay. Did the school radio station and asked if anyone could put us up. Awesome student called in and let us crash at his place! That's low budge!

TrueLibertyorDeath6 karma

You generally work with a specific group of actors in your films, however there are often others outside your group who fill supporting roles. What has your experience been with other actors meshing with your group?

kevinandjay19 karma

People who work with us get our vibe. Olivia Munn really falls in nicely with our vibe. So did Brian Cox.

kevinandjay13 karma

Whats not to like? We have fun, drink beer and tell jokes.