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Do you like sharing the name "Thor" with the Viking god of thunder?

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I recently showed my girlfriend Aliens (she'd never seen it before), so it's on my mind right now.

Every time I see it, you really impress me; Burke is SUCH a slimy bastard. Did you know someone in real life that inspired the way you played him? Because I think you played him brilliantly, and that made his demise so very satisfying.

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I have never seen Japanese porn like you're describing, only the kind with the women acting like they're in pain and trying to make their voices as childlike as possible. Where can I find the good stuff?

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Mr. Klepacki, let me just say that Hell March 2 is probably the single piece of VG music that I play most often when I wanna get pumped up/energized for something, so thanks for that!

Do you have a single favorite piece that you've done?

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It's because she's dead, isn't it?